Official Strength Rank Bucks Return to First Warrior, Rise to 2nd Rocket, 6th Lakers, 17th

 Official Strength Rank Bucks Return to First Warrior, Rise to 2nd Rocket, 6th Lakers, 17th

The teams with the highest increase: Hornets (+5), Celtics (+3), Nets and Warriors (+2)

1. The Bucks are 33-12 (2) ranked last week in brackets, the same as below.

2. Warriors 32-14 (4)

Cosinsdebut was a success. Although he fought six offences in only 15 minutes, he ran well and looked like he was the third member of the Waterflower Brothers. In the 7.4 minutes of the five All-Star starterscooperation, they scored 10 points, and all nine shots came from assists. More importantly, the defending champions are at their best defensive time, scoring 94 points in 104 rounds for the top 10 Clippers in the offensive league. Before that, they had their best offense of the season, scoring 142 points in 98 rounds in Denver. The Warriors have won seven consecutive victories and Green has made 67 assists and only 10 Mistakes in these matches.

Under Yorkicks leadership, the Nuggets took the Bulls and Cavaliers lightly, but their defense showed no signs of recovery. The defeat to the defending champion dropped them out of the top 10 defensive efficiencies. In the past five weeks, they have ranked 29th in lowering opponents shooting percentage and opponents failure rate. The Nuggetsdefensive decline was not just due to injuries to Harris and Milsap, but they lost 101.5 points per 100 rounds in 531 minutes of their presence with Yorkich, compared with 41 minutes since early December.

Harden scored 30 + points in 19 consecutive games. The Rocketsoffensive efficiency is much higher than that of the first 26 games of the season. The teams offensive efficiency in Hardens presence is much higher than that in his absence. In these 19 games, the Rockets only Tucker and Green played more than 17 games, the teams latest wounded soldier is Capella, he will be absent for 4-6 weeks. Harden gave Capella 147 assists, the maximum number of assists a player gave to a teammate this season, and when Capella was absent, Hardens assists dropped a lot.

8. Walkers 31-15 (7)

The Pacers beat the Suns, the Rangers and the Hornets last week, 24-3 against 15 teams that currently have a winning rate of less than 50 per cent. But they lost 24 points at home to the 76ers on Friday against four other teams in the top five in the Eastern Conference. They have lost four consecutive games. Evans has only 48% shooting percentage in the restricted area, but his recent recovery has become the teams most reliable substitute scoring point. On Thursday they will play another important game at home against the Raptors.

The Blazers won six consecutive victories at home, scoring 125 points per 100 rounds. They shot well, but they made fewer than 10 Mistakes in four of the six matches, and scored no less than 20 points in three of the six matches. Substitute Lehmann has been in hot hands recently, averaging 16 points in the past four games, with 68% shooting percentage. In the West, the Blazers have only 4 wins and 10 losses. They will have an important three-man team. In the next 10 days, they will have two matches with the Jazz. They lost two matches before the season, with a net loss of 51 points.

10. Thunder 27-18 (8)

In the past seven games, the Thunder team has lost nearly 119 points every 100 rounds, and their defense is terrible. Worse still, they allowed the League to attack the 29th Hawks with a 62% shooting percentage. In the past seven games, the Thunder team has won 2 games and lost 5 games. One of the reasons is that the substitutes did not perform well. In 209 minutes when at least one substitute was present, the team lost nearly 132 points per 100 rounds. Ferguson has brought firepower to the team in the past two weeks, scoring 22 of 40 three-point shots. George scored the key goal very well, and in the next three home games in a row, their opponents all ranked in the top 10 offensives in the league.

17. The Lakers are 25-22 (18)

In the first 10 games LeBron missed, the Lakers scored less than one point per round, and their offense recovered last week. Kuzma scored 64 points in two overtime games. Zubats was the best performer in his career when he beat the Thunder. The Lakers scored 115.5 points per 100 rounds in the past three games. As the offense progressed, the Lakersdefense retreated. Bauer had a very good performance in extra time in Russia City. Ingram scored a lot of key goals for the team in Houston. Unfortunately, Pops three-pronged attitude affected the team. Losing to the Rockets not only dropped the Lakers out of the top eight, but also lost Bauer, which was a bigger blow.