Mourinho: A player told me not to criticize him publicly or he would be very humiliated.

 Mourinho: A player told me not to criticize him publicly or he would be very humiliated.

The Qatar World Cup will be held in November and December to avoid the hot summer weather. Mourinho said: In 2022, I hope I will be a manager of the club, and then I may not be happy to see my players leave the team to participate in the World Cup halfway through the season. But I have to admit that everything in this competition is amazing.

Mourinho then compared it with last summers World Cup in Russia. Its also a great thing for the fans who watch the World Cup. In Russia, for example, you live in Moscow, and then in order to watch other games, you have to go to Rostov, or St. Petersburg, and you have to travel constantly. And here, you can stay in one place and watch all the games you want to see.

Mourinho explained to Bain Sports last weekend about the Premier League between Arsenal and Chelsea. He talked about Drogba, his Chelsea admirer. When I coach, I want to be free to criticize anyone in the team. Drogba is the kind of player that the more pressure a coach puts on him, the better he performs. He is very mature, not spoiled, he will strive for everything in life. But some players grow up differently and they get everything easily. A player once said to me,Can you criticize me in private? I asked him why, and he said,Its about my position in other teammates. When you criticize me, I feel uncomfortable.

Since Qatar won the bid to host the 2022 World Cup, it has been questioned. Mourinho stressed, I have seen a lot of positive things this time. To be honest, these are things I didnt know before I came. I believe there are many people in Europe - players, coaches, clubs - who have doubts, but when you come here, the doubts will disappear. The weather here is not so difficult... So I think its going to be a great race.