Read the interview record of Ren Zhengfeis tens of thousands of words. These 17 sentences make people deaf and deaf.

 Read the interview record of Ren Zhengfeis tens of thousands of words. These 17 sentences make people deaf and deaf.

Today, Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei, frequently interviewed Chinese and foreign journalists and answered many questions with a great deal of information. Here, Intelligent Bacteria excerpted Ren Zhengfeis recent interview questions and answers, and found that Huawei Company is the key point for future development. Who is Huaweis successor? Where is the future? From these 17 sentences, we can know one or two.

On Huaweis successor

1. Who is the successor? I dont know. It will come into being naturally in the process of cyclical replacement, not as I have made it.

2. Huaweis governance charter is to achieve decentralization, progress, checks and balances, to close the cycle of power, and to scientifically replace it in the cycle.

3. The fate of a company cannot depend on the individual.

About Company Equity Rights and Ideas

4. Huawei owns 96,768 shareholders. These employees are either Huawei employees or retired employees who have worked in Huawei for many years. None of the non-Huawei employees owns one cent of stock, none of the external institutions owns one cent of stock, and none of the government departments owns one cent of stock.

5. Over the past 30 years, Huawei has served more than 3 billion people in more than 170 countries and maintained a good safety record.

6. Huawei is an independent business company. We stand firmly on the side of customers in terms of network security and privacy protection. We will never harm any country or anyone.

7. When we are faced with infringing on the interests of our customers, we would rather close the company than be driven by the interests and do what we should not do.

8. Its very difficult to be a century-old shop. The most important thing is to get rid of laziness.

About the United States does not purchase Huawei equipment

9. Ultimately, we have a lot of things in European and American countries. They have to buy them. But I will sell it to them. We dont care if they ever rejected us. We are a market economy. We are customer-centered. I will sell it to them when they want to buy it.

10. From President Trumps personal point of view, I still think that he is a great president who dares to cut taxes substantially, which is conducive to the development of American industry.

About boycotting apples

11. When the big event of the sudden failure of the United States to purchase Huawei mobile phones came about, some Chinese people proposed to boycott Apple mobile phones. Our attitude is not to sacrifice the national interests of our company and the national open reform policy.

12. Nobody restricts our scientific research. We should be open-minded and connect all the excellent resources in the world.

13. Learn from the Google Corps, jump on it and kill it.

Development in 2019

14. In 2019, we may encounter many setbacks in the international environment, so I just said that our growth will not exceed 20%, estimated at about $125 billion.

15. Huawei will not take advantage of others to seize Ericsson and Nokias market.

16. There are only a few factories in the world that make 5G, and not many factories that make microwave. Only Huawei can combine 5G base station with the most advanced microwave technology.

About retirement

17. My retirement depends on when Google invented a new drug to immortalize people. Im waiting for it.

(The source of this article is Huawei Xinsheng Community)

Source: Netease Intelligent Responsible Editor: Wang Chao_NT4133