A ghost town suddenly appeared after the country was equipped with F-35 fighter planes.

 A ghost town suddenly appeared after the country was equipped with F-35 fighter planes.

[Global Network Military Report] While the Norwegian Air Force was busy driving the newly arrived F-35 stealth fighter for training, a disturbing incident occurred near the Orlando military base where the aircraft was deployed, and a ghost city suddenly appeared around the base.

According to local DR television in Norway, residents near the Orlando base where the F-35 fighter plane is deployed are suffering from the enormous noise of the fighter, and the Norwegian military has to pay 1 billion Danish kronor (about 1.03 billion yuan) to invite residents near the Orlando base to move.

Norways newest F-35 fighter

Reported that the Orlando base before the deployment of F-16 fighter aircraft, residents have been adapted to the noise impact of such fighter aircraft for nearly 40 years. And when the F-35 stealth fighter with greater engine thrust was deployed after that, the huge noise problem was unbearable to the public. When the F-35 fighter flies by, loud noise can even be transmitted to the stomach, causing the chandeliers in the room to shake and the glass to shake. A local resident interviewed by a television station described the noise difference between the F-35 and F-16 fighter jets with a motorcycle. He explained that the noise of the F-16 fighter jets was like that of Honda or Suzuki motorcycles, while the F-35 was a Harley motorcycle with a louder, rougher and more violent voice.

Local houses are undergoing sound insulation renovation

The Norwegian Air Force divides the houses near the base into red and yellow areas.

About 6,000 people currently live in Orlando, where the Norwegian military divides red and yellow areas near the Orlando Air Force Base. Red areas represent a dangerous place to live, while yellow areas represent the need for sound insulation. For this reason, the Norwegian Air Force plans to spend 1 billion Danish kronor to buy 176 houses in the red area and to improve the noise resistance of more than 800 houses in the Yellow area, including the use of sound-proof gypsum boards and new sound-proof windows.

The swing that falls on the grass gives people a sense of fear.

At present, the relocation of local residents has begun. When the TV host arrived at the nearest residential area to the base, he saw that it was empty, as if there were a group of fast-moving residents living here yesterday, and it became a dead ghost city overnight.

Many houses have been abandoned.

Up to now, the Norwegian Air Force has installed 16 F-35 fighters, and this number will continue to increase in the future, the noise problems caused by the fighter will continue to expand in the future and possibly. According to the latest statistics, as of January 2019, there are 352 F-35 fighters in service worldwide, but many countries have unexpected situations when they are equipped with this advanced stealth fighter.

F-35A fighter aircraft delivered by the Australian Air Force

For example, after receiving the first two F-35 fighters, Australia found that the stealth coatings of the aircraft may not last long in Australias extremely dry and hot climate and need to be replaced. Reported that because the paint wear situation is higher than expected, in the most extreme case, it may have to be repainted every flight. The F-35s stealth paint is so sophisticated that a slight scratch may be enough for radar to detect the fighters whereabouts. A spokesman for the manufacturer Lockheed Martin admitted that technical bottlenecks in this area still need to be overcome.

In response to media queries in 2017, then Australian Prime Minister John Turnbull said that Australia should give young men and women the best weapons when they are sent to the battlefield to defend the country.

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