Russia says Syrian troops have made meritorious efforts to intercept more than 30 Israeli missile bombs armoured S1

 Russia says Syrian troops have made meritorious efforts to intercept more than 30 Israeli missile bombs armoured S1

An Armored S1 Artillery Integrated Air Defense System Developed by Russia

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] Early Monday morning local time, explosions were heard again near Damascus, Syria. The Israeli military has made no secret of its air strikes on targets in Syria, while Syria claims to shoot down most of the incoming missiles. The analysis points out that this may be the largest air strike launched by Israel against Syria after Russia delivered S-300 to Syria. So, who is the winner of this action on both sides of Syria and Israel? What role does the S-300 play?

Syria claimed to shoot down most of its targets in response to Israeli air strikes. Russian Satellite Network reported on January 21 that Syrian military sources said that Israel launched intensive air and ground attacks from Damascus early on January 21 using missiles, and Syrian air defense forces successfully shot down most of the targets. Violent explosions could be heard in Damascus from 1:10 to 2:00 am local time on the 21st. According to the source, most of the missiles were shot down before reaching their targets. Reported that Syrian state television quoted reporters as saying that air defense forces shot down dozens of Israeli targets. The television station pointed out that various types of weapons were used in the attack. According to the television correspondent, the missile was launched from Lebanese airspace, northern Galilee and Lake Taibale.

According to Reuters, the Russian Interfax news agency quoted data from the Russian Air Defense Control Center as saying that the Syrian militarys air defense system shot down more than 30 cruise missiles and guided bombs. Reported also that the previous Israeli air strikes on the southeastern airport of Damascus, resulting in four Syrian soldiers killed and six injured.

Russias beech and armor air defense systems provided by Russia to Syria played a leading role in the fight against Israel, the Russian free media reported Monday. Russia has provided Syria with about 40 sets of armoured ammunition and artillery integrated air defense systems. The armor-S1 system mainly intercepts low-altitude targets, and it can effectively hit targets within 20 kilometers. Beech air defense system was provided in the Soviet era, but later Russia upgraded the missile system to a more advanced Beech-M2E air defense system, which is equipped with air defense missiles that can attack targets at altitudes of 15 to 25 kilometers with a range of 45 kilometers. In this operation, there was no news that the Syrian army used the S-300 air defense system. At present, three battalions of S-300 air defense systems are deployed in Syria, each battalion equipped with eight launchers. Syrian army also equipped with Soviet S-125, S-200, wasp and other air defense systems. Russian troops also deployed two battalions of S-400 air defense systems in Syria, mainly for the protection of Russian military bases in Syria.

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