The man was unsupported in suing his girlfriend for breaking up the lottery when he returned home for the Spring Festival.

 The man was unsupported in suing his girlfriend for breaking up the lottery when he returned home for the Spring Festival.

Recently, a 33-year-old Yiyang man, Liu Mou, came to the Yuelu District Court of Changsha to sue his cohabiting girlfriend Sui Mou.

Liu Mou said that his girlfriend Sui Mou was from Shandong Province. At the end of 2017, he and his girlfriend began to separate because of the disagreement about returning home for the Spring Festival. When he returned to his house in Yuelu District, Changsha, one year later, he found that no one had left the building. Although there is no license, Liu and his girlfriend had a drink, his mother also gave a change of mouth fee, reluctant Liu asked his girlfriend to return the lottery money he paid a total of more than 400,000 yuan.

In Liu Mous narration, Sui Mou, his girlfriend, is from Shandong Province. At the end of 2017, the disagreement about returning home for the New Year brought his relationship with his girlfriend to a freezing point. She didnt want to go back to Yuanjiang with me for New Years Day, so I had to go home alone for New Years Day, and then we began to separate. Liu said, however, in April 2018, when he returned to Changsha again, he found that Sui Mou had emptied his home, and Sui Mou himself had returned to Shandong, and then lost contact.

At the end of 2015, a 30-year-old Yiyang man, Liu Mou, and a 29-year-old Shandong woman, Sui Mou, who were widowed and single, met in Changsha after contacting each other through mobile phone dating software. A couple of days later, they decided to fall in love. They lived together in a Yuelu District of Sui Dynasty. By April 2016, Liu Mou and Sui Mou decided to get married and discussed marriage matters. Liu Mous family gave Sui Mou 100,000 yuan of lottery money.

On February 2, 2017, Liu Mou and Sui Mou returned to Yuanjiang, Liu Mous hometown, and held a wedding. Liu Mous uncle paid Sui Mou more than 10,000 yuan for the transportation expenses of his parents and sisters from Shandongs hometown to attend the wedding. On the wedding day, Lius parents handed over to Sui Mou 10,000 yuan of mouth change fee and more than 10,000 yuan worth of gold articles (rings, bracelets) according to local customs. At the wedding ceremony, Sui Mou received two pieces of gold jewelry from Uncle Liu.

However, the wedding procedure has gone, and the two peoples certificates have not been put on the agenda. Originally, several months before the wedding, on December 30, 2016, at the request of Sui Mou, Liu once wrote a guarantee: to make money, buy a house, buy a car and then get a marriage license.

Liu Mou said that after the wedding, Sui Mou used the lottery money and the income from the wedding gift and the income from the two peoples joint operation of the credit card business to repay her mortgage and parking loans. Both parents have been asking them to register for marriage since they met, but Sui Mou did not agree with them, so they often quarreled.

The 100,000 yuan lottery gift has been taken away and used up by Liu Mou. The road fare was given by his uncle voluntarily. Half of the alteration fee and red envelope were taken away by Liu Mou and bought a car. The other half paid off the debt owed to his uncle. The diamond ring is one by one... Faced with Liu Mous lawsuit, Sui Dynasty listed one by one. She emphasized that the real estate used during her cohabitation with Liu Mou was originally registered under her ex-husbands name. More than 200,000 yuan of bank loans owed by the real estate had been repaid by Liu Mou in February 2017, and the bank loans of her other real estate had also been repaid on June 20, 2017. Pay off the mortgage with your own money. During my cohabitation with him, he had no formal job and regular income sources, and had a bad habit of gambling.

Etiquette Gifts and No Return

Yuelu District Court held that Liu Mou and Sui Mou lived together and held a wedding without marriage registration, which was the mutual consent of both parties. During Liu Mou and Sui Mous cohabitation and wedding, Liu Mou and his relatives and friends purchased and presented jewelry for Sui Mou as well as expenditures such as mouth change fee, road fee and red envelope, which belonged to courtesy gifts between the two parties. The court refused to support the suit requests for the return of jewelry discount and red envelopes, gifts and road fees in the Sui Dynasty.

In addition, although Liu and Sui married under the witness of their relatives and friends, they have not yet registered for marriage, and their property acquired during their cohabitation should be owned by each other. Liu Mou advocated dividing the sum of Sui Mous house loan repayment during their cohabitation, but Liu Mou failed to submit valid evidence to prove that the sum used to repay the house loan in Sui Mou was acquired jointly during their cohabitation. Liu Mou asked Sui Mou to return half of the house loan. The evidence was insufficient and the court did not support it.

Source: Zhao Yaping_NN9005, Responsible Editor of Xiaoxiang Morning News