Basketball Associations Visit to the Selection of Spark Guide. Prospects for Small Basketball: Youth is Strong, China is Strong

 Basketball Associations Visit to the Selection of Spark Guide. Prospects for Small Basketball: Youth is Strong, China is Strong

Gong Bin first elaborated the essence of the game of basketball: Youth is strong, China is strong. Junior basketball is strong, while Chinese basketball is strong. Finally, from big basketball to small basketball, from sports to education.

According to Miyazaki, todays small Basketball League has its own promotion system. Firstly, the small Basketball League is the leader, secondly, the rules of small basketball and the hierarchy of Chinese small basketball players are the two driving forces. Thirdly, the training bases of basketball associations at all levels, primary schools and social youth basketball training institutions are the three pillars. Fourthly, the four systems are coachestraining, technical standards, weekend training camps and big data. Fifthly, the four systems are video. Live broadcasting, official website, official Weixin, official Weibo and basketball promotion media matrix are five means of communication. At the same time, the small Basketball League established unique brand symbols, honor image, derivative theme souvenirs and other peripheral products, and standardized the image of the stadium.

Gong Bin also shared the research and training achievements of basketball. In scientific research, the theoretical system of Little Basketball Rules, Little Basketball Sports Illustration, Little Basketball CoachesGuidance Manual and Chinese Little Basketball Players Grade System has been used in league matches. In terms of training, the league has trained nearly 500 small basketball coaches, taking the rules and concepts of small basketball as training content, and professional organizations have participated in the training of our Olympic basketball-data recording system. In addition, playerscode of conduct, coaches code of conduct, parentscode of conduct, the three codes of conduct will be used to purify the atmosphere of the game. Miyagi Bin said that how to demonstrate the right role model to children is the core of the three codes of conduct.

According to Miyagi Bin, the league has built a small basketball big data system, and showed the first league data report. The data report of China Little Basketball League shows the registration data, team data, personal data (score/rebound/assists/block/steal/efficiency), height and weight comparison, male/female ratio, live broadcasts, online viewers, etc. In terms of live video broadcasting, more than one million people watched 14272 matches, and online viewing reached 1.27 million. In the offline activities, the players of the small Basketball League will have the opportunity to participate in high-level matches and leagues such as the Chinese womens basketball team and wcba.