Cameron Anthonys 25-year-old: It was common at the time.

 Cameron Anthonys 25-year-old: It was common at the time.

In the series swept by the Lakers in the first round of the 2008 playoffs, Anthonys shooting and three-point shooting rates were only 36.4% and 25%, respectively, and he was defeated against his predecessor Kobe Bryant. SLAM magazine ranked it 13th in October, and LeBron, who was called Shuangjiao with him, ranked 2nd, becoming a superstar next only to Kobe Bryant. It can be predicted that LeBron and he are moving towards the direction of North Qiao Peak and South Murong.

The author of SLAM magazine did not directly degrade Anthony as a cancer. In his opinion, all this is the Nuggetsfault, because when they have a scorer like Anthony, they do not build a team around his characteristics. It is a joke to let Iverson be his partner: What Muskmelon really needs is a team that can help comb the offense and defend well. Hard players.

On November 3, 2008, the day after Anthony finished Game 3 of the season (they lost 97-104 to the Lakers), the Nuggets announced that Iverson had replaced Billups as the teams point guard. The latter was not as famous as the former, but was the core member of the bloody piston that tripped the LakersF4. The 2004 Finals MVP. More importantly, his defense is much better than that of his predecessors.

Billupsdebut in his hometown was not surprising. He could even be described as bad, scoring 15 points out of 17, but he made up for it with his own defense. There were three steals and the team won 108-105. The homecoming admired Anthony and other teammates after the game: The melon is absolutely unstoppable and the other players are very good. If we can stay in good shape and unite, it will be a threat to all teams.

Anthonys performance deserves all praise. When Mavericks kept chasing points in the last minute, especially Terrys three-point shot narrowed the gap to 105-106, he hit all four free throws in a row to lock the team in. He also issued a pass to Billups after the game: I think as a point guard, he brought us leadership.

The cooperation between Anthony and Billups is becoming more and more tacit. It seems that the two sides are getting better without running in. In an age when the West won 50 games to reach the playoffs, the Nuggets were firmly in the first half with successive wins. Shortly afterwards, a day of great significance for Anthony appeared in this slightly long season.

In the home game against Timberwolves on Dec. 11, Anthony scored 33 points in the third quarter, 8 out of 10 points, 5 out of 3, 4 out of 6 out of 5 free throws, which equalled the historical record of single-quarter scoring (SpursIceman Green also scored 33 points in a single quarter, then was overtaken by Clays 37 points and Luffs 34 points). In the end, he scored 45 points and the team successfully reversed the victory.

Im playing alongside a great player, Billups got 16 points in the first half to help the team withstand the pressure. We were 12 points behind in the first half and his excellent performance led us to reverse the game. Great players in history have done that.

Billups knows how to comfort and motivate the younger brother. When Anthonys final score was set at 45, he kept putting melon on the field for 50 points, because the latter had a career high of 49.

Changxi has been saying to me:Up! Come on! Anthony said after the game.

Unfortunately, just when people thought he and the Nuggets would go down so smoothly, it happened that on January 6, 2009, Anthony broke his right finger in a match with the pedestrians and was forced to truce. He refused to undergo surgery in order to return to the team as soon as possible, but chose conservative treatment and eventually returned to the team at the end of the month.

However, all this did not impress the judges responsible for voting on the All-Star Substitute Lineup. After Anthony made his first appearance as an All-Star last year, he was oddly defeated when the Nuggets scored their best record in nearly 30 years. If Nowitzki and Gasols selection is reasonable, then David West (please remember the name!) will replace melon, it is somewhat inexplicable.

After the final list came out, Melon expressed his dissatisfaction with his defeat through the Denver Post: Who is the best small forward in the West? Im the only answer. Can you name another one? However, his remarks were mocked by the Oklahoma media, where Durant, a sophomore, was just emerging as a small forward in the West.

The authors of the ESPN Thunder Community directly cited a series of data from shooting percentage, offensive efficiency to PER/WS to prove that Durant in the second grade is a better player than Anthony. At the end of the article, the example of Namabri satirizes Anthony: What about Mabri calling himselfthe first guard? But where will others go in a few years? Oh, yeah, Im looking forward to Knicks buying out his big cancer contract.

Anthony didnt argue anymore. With a wave of five consecutive wins and eight consecutive wins in the final sprint, the Nuggets tied the best 54-28 losses in team history, and won the second place in the West through a win-loss advantage. This is the first time in 21 years that they have a home-court advantage in the playoffs. The average score of melon was 3 points less than that of last year, but the percentage of three-point shooting reached 37.1%, a career-high.

Evolution is on the court, where the data cant be seen. Ravin, Anthonys personal trainer, explained, Hes beginning to understand the importance of passing, calculating his touching time before each shot, and willing to participate in some tactics around the cover to catch the ball. Hes one of the most efficient wingside scorers in the league. He knows how to control his dribbling time, and basically he cant hit the ball three times a time (he shoots or passes the ball). Now you know where hes progressing?

In the first round against the Hornets led by Paul and David West (he, he, thats him), 4 of the melons scored 13 points in their first 12 games, but the Nuggets still scored 36 points with eight points from Billups. This does not satisfy his fans, because Anthony has to prove himself capable of breaking the first-round spell.

Five years in a row fell in the first round, so this year is crucial for him, he is very motivated, very excited on the court. What were seeing now is an evolutionary version of him. Private trainer Ravin said before Game 2, Its going to be tough for the Hornets tonight.

Sure enough, Anthony declared his return with 22 points in 10 out of 20 and 2 out of 5 out of 3, and sent out nine assists. Coupled with Billups31 points, the team had another big win.

I didnt think we would win 58 points. I never thought any team would win 58 points in the playoffs. Anthony was a little shocked after the game because his off-court friend Paul was right across the street. But its hard to tell whether hes psychologically cool or not. After all, its someone opposite who pushed him out of his All-Star position that year.

The 58-point Hornets lost their energy. In Game 5, Melon won his highest 34-point playoff assistant team to defeat their opponents 107-86. Finally, in the sixth year of his career, the Nuggets won the first series victory since the Black Eight Miracle in 1994.

Yes, at last... It took me five years to finally throw the monkey off my back. It felt great. Anthony said excitedly after the game.

Ive scored a lot of key goals in my career, but no one is more important than that. The mentality of 2-1 and 3-0 is totally different. Said the melon.

We have persevered and overcome adversity, and all our efforts have been rewarded. Anthony said after the game, of course, he did not forget Billups, who scored 28 points in the game. He is the leader. My arrival has brought a pragmatic spirit to the team and set an example for everyone on the defensive side.

Anthony won the approval of everyone, including his opponents. Mavericks coach Carlisle called it the key to a breakthrough in the Nuggets, while the opposite leader Nowitzki bluntly said melon is a killer. Big Brother Billups also praised Melon: Hes not just a great player, you can put him in the winners line now.

In the first game, Melon scored 39 points against Kobe Bryant by 40 points. Although the team was disappointed to lose because of Arizas magical stealing, everyone saw his determination. Kobe even said after the game, I cant stand defending his weight. So in the second game, Anthony beat Kobe by 34 points and Bryant by 32 points. The team also won by 3 points and won home advantage.

Its always hard to play away. Now weve got what we lost in the first game back. Anthonys post-match speech had some meaning of Brother Marco.

The G6 match day was Anthonys 25th birthday, but Kobe Bryant, who returned to Pepsi Center, did not give him any chance to lead the team by 27 points with 35 points and 10 assists, which overshadowed Melons 25 points on Sunday and Night. The Nuggets regrettably collapsed in the Western Conference finals, but compared with last years series with the Lakers, Anthonys performance in this series has improved significantly, 27.5 points, 4.8 rebounds, 3.7 assists, and the leagues first-Man stadium, which impressed fans.

But what does it matter? Anthony was really sad on the evening of his 25th birthday, but he said in an interview after the game: Its a terrible birthday gift, but thats OK. Ill get used to it on the court.

Anthonys birthday is May 29, local time in the United States, when the NBA has often entered the zoning finals.

Only Tao was common at that time.