The Football Association has made a huge budget for the Asian Cup and the National Football Association has to exceed its target.

 The Football Association has made a huge budget for the Asian Cup and the National Football Association has to exceed its target.

Double market competition

As in the first round of the group match against Kyrgyzstan, China repeated the slow tempo in its battle with Thailand for the top 8 tickets in the Asian Cup. The 15-minute break at half-time was once again Lippis chance to help the team reverse its decline. It is understood that Lippi did not rush as in the first match, but seriously reminded the three strikers in the attack line that they should not be retreated in the second half.

In the second half, Xiao Zhi and Jin Jingdao replaced Yu Dabao, who was overdrawn by physical strength, and Liu Yang, who did not perform well. Lippi reminded the players to keep the pressure on their opponents so as to gain time to adapt to the formation. Xiao Zhis equalization three minutes later proved Lippis quick change, and the Chinese team also regained control of the game, coupled with the playerscourage to put it to death, there was nothing unexpected in reversing the game.

But it has to be said that the promotion process of the Chinese team is breathtaking. Lippi and his team leader Liu Dianqiu remained calm when the assistants and players on the bench were disappointed that the players wasted their chances of scoring again and again. After Jin Jingdao got the yellow card irrationally, Lippi rushed up and pushed him away. The Chinese team does not need to fight with their opponents, Lippi hopes that the team can go further after achieving its basic goals.

In the last 10 minutes, the Thai team made a mad rebound, and the Chinese journalists in the media stands were all nervous to stand up and watch until the final whistle sounded, their nervous mood was calmed.

Back to Abu Dhabi to squeeze in time for war

Du Zhaocai went to the dressing room of the National Football Team after the match to congratulate the whole team on the evening when China eliminated Thailand from the top 8 of the Asian Cup 2-1. He also paid special tribute to Li Lin, the striker who scored the penalty kick. Looking at all the international players, Du Zhaocai did not mention striking into the top four.

The Chinese chef who arrived with the team in Ain prepared promotion celebration dishes during the match between China and Thailand. But just after the team finally won the game and reached the top 8 of the Asian Cup, the teams coaching team and management temporarily changed their minds and decided to arrange for the whole team to return to Abu Dhabis base camp overnight.

Lippis two assistants watched the Iranian match

When the National Football Team arrived at the Abu Dhabi Resident Hotel, it was about 0.40 a.m. local time on the 21st (4.40 a.m. Beijing time on the 21st), and some of the tired team members returned to their rooms to rest without even having meals. At that time, three members of Lippis coaching team had been waiting for him in the hotel. Just as the National Football Team started from Ain, Lippis right assistants Pezoti and Droso were watching another 1/8 final between Iran and Oman in Abu Dhabis Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium. The Iranian team who won the promotion was the opponent of Chinas next match. Unlike previous intelligence collection work, FIFA also sent a translator to accompany the two assistants to do a good job of information collation, which shows the importance of the coaching team to the next opponent.

In addition to the coaching team, the Chinese Football Association and the National Football Logistics Support Team are also doing their best to further the team. One of the details worth noting is that the local hotel regulations of the host country of the Asian Cup, the United Arab Emirates, stipulate that all guests stay after 2 or 3 p.m. The Chinese team left Abu Dhabi early on the 19th and arrived at the hotel before 12 noon. In terms of preparation, it was lunchtime. Although the Radison Hotel where the team stays is also the hosting Hotel designated by the Organizing Committee of the Asian Cup, the hotel is reluctant to accommodate the arrival time. In this case, the Football Association and the management team immediately decided to pay an extra day for the teams room fees. During the trip to Ain, the teams base room in Abu Dhabi was also preserved. It is understood that the Chinese Football Association has made an unprecedented large expenditure budget for the National Football Associations trip to the Asian Cup.

From this it is not difficult to see that the association and team management in order to make the players feel at ease and comfortable to prepare for war, logistical support is meticulous.

There may be a winner if you let go.

In the last two matches with Iran (the 12 finals of the Russian World Championship), China lost only one goal, although it failed to win 1-1. Judging from the fact that Iran has not lost a goal so far in this Cup, the teams defence is really difficult to overcome. However, any team is not impeccable at the technical and tactical level. From the fact that Lippi team members have visited Iran on more than one occasion, the coaching team knows the situation of this opponent very well. For the Chinese team that has completed the main task, let go may also find some chances to win.

On the morning of 21 local time, the Chinese team did not choose to train in the morning of the second day after the match as before, but arranged the training at 5 p.m., which is more in line with the schedule of the next match. In the morning, the internationals mostly catch up in their rooms, while others walk around the hotel and let their mood soar. According to people familiar with the situation, the internationals are fully prepared for the hardship of the upcoming match with Iran, but the chance of exceeding the target is in front of them. Everyone of them does not want to miss it. They hope to surprise the fans when they leave the old year and welcome the new year.

Overall planning/Wang Haozhou