The woman has been detained for alleging that she fraudulently compensated several express companies for missing parcels.

 The woman has been detained for alleging that she fraudulently compensated several express companies for missing parcels.

Lost parcels seized by the police

Express parcels to the community, first let the courier put the door guard to collect, and then complain to the merchant parcels are not received, in order to obtain compensation from the merchant or express company... Luo Mou, 26, of Dujiangyan, not only got the goods he liked, but also got compensation for the corresponding value. However, such free online shopping has been exposed.

Recently, a number of express delivery company couriers found that these parcels were sent and lost, although the addresses and addresses are different, but the phone numbers left behind are from the same person, and this person is Luomou. After the police investigation, Luomou falsely claimed that the package was lost and not received many times after receiving the package, defrauding compensation, involving the amount of nearly 2,000 yuan. She is currently in administrative detention.

Claim / claim

Several express companies have been sued for lost parcels

Recently, a number of express companies in one block of Dujiangyan have been claiming compensation for the loss of parcels delivered. One block Yunda Express store Ms. Chen introduced that the loss of parcels first appeared in early December last year, when two parcels were sent to the guards in the community, complaints were received later, saying that the recipient did not receive the parcels, and then the recipient was compensated for more than 100 yuan. Recently, the loss of parcels has reappeared.

Originally the first time was double eleven. It was normal to lose one or two of the packages. We all delivered them one by one. It was impossible to lose them again. Ms. Chen introduced. Later, several express company couriers in the area also mentioned the loss of parcels in the process of meeting and chatting, and the situation is surprisingly consistent. After all, they were sent to the doorman. Later, some businessmen said that the package was not received by the buyer, and they had to compensate for the re-delivery.

We have three here. Mr. Wang of Zhongtong Express introduced that, like Ms. Chens experience, the package delivered also appeared lost situation. According to the order price, the value of the three packages is about 1,000 yuan. In addition to Yunda, Zhongtong, Yuantong, Shentong, Baishihuitong and other express companies have all experienced this situation and suffered claims, a total of more than 10 pieces.

/ queer /

The addressee and address are different

But the phone number is the same person.

Several express companies were surprised to find that the addresses and addresses of the missing packages were different, but the phone numbers of the recipients remained the same. This means that the recipient intentionally received it, but said not to the merchant, and then asked the merchant to refund or re-deliver the goods, and then the merchant found the express company to claim compensation. Ms. Chen said.

After comparing the information of various express companies, the lost parcels are all some womens shoes, socks and clothing, and the receiving areas are all non-monitoring and express cabinet areas. At the time of delivery, the courier sent a text message to the courier or obtained the consent of the recipient, and then placed it in the guards office. Without surveillance, she received it or did not receive it. Ms. Chen said.

Another news made the express company more convinced of its speculation. The recipient is a young girl in her twenties who worked in our company before because she received the package and said she didnt receive it. Then she came to claim and was fired after she was found out. Mr. Wang of Zhongtong Express said.

According to reports, express companies try to contact the recipient himself for information, but the other side does not answer the phone. In view of this, the express company reported the case to the police.

/ detention

The missing package was found

Luomou has been detained by the police

According to Fan Qiang, a 26-year-old woman, Luomou, the suspect was quickly identified by the police after investigation. From November last year to January this year, she checked out a total of 78 cases, of which more than 600 were successful and more than 1,000 were under way, but not yet fully successful. Fan Qiang introduced that Luo Mous main means is to reflect to the merchants that the package has not been received after receiving the express delivery and ask for a refund. At this time, the merchants either re-deliver the package or directly refund the money, then complain to the express company for compensation. She was familiar with the process because she had worked in the express company before.

According to the police, the express companies involved include Yunda, Zhongtong, Shentong and other five or six express companies. During the process of the polices house search, the lost parcels were also found. A lot of Express items and some express orders were found, which were falsely confiscated by comparison. At present, Luomous previous successful amount of fraud has been returned, while the ongoing amount has been requested to cancel the refund. Her main idea is to buy something she likes without spending money.

At present, the amount of money involved in Luomou has not reached the standard of criminal fraud, and has been sentenced to administrative detention by the police. Knowing that Luomou was punished, the express company also made Jinqi to express its thanks to the police.

Source: Author of Chengdu Business Daily: Du Yu Full Responsible Editor: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331