Dad who has been calling for 17 years is the murderer of his parents. 19-year-old boy: I dont want to talk about him.

 Dad who has been calling for 17 years is the murderer of his parents. 19-year-old boy: I dont want to talk about him.

Xiaoshan Village couple were murdered and their son, aged 1 and 8 months, disappeared with a visiting doctor.

On May 26, 2001, a murder case occurred in Shangfeng Mountain Village, Shangcheng County, Xinyang City, Henan Province. The villagers Chen Xubing and his wife were killed. After the incident, the Shangcheng County Public Security Bureau found that Chen Xubing, naked on his upper body, was lying on his back in bed with no signs of resistance and was suspected of being killed when he was stabbing a silver needle. His wife, Cai Jinmei, was beaten on the head by a blunt weapon and died in another room next door. Silver needles, bricks and hoes were left at the scene. Their son Xiaofeng, who was only one year old and eight months old, and a village doctor who lived at home disappeared strangely.

According to the villagers who had received treatment, the doctor met Chen Xubing because of seeing a doctor. Later, he stayed in Chens house temporarily and often gave people silver needles to treat rheumatism. Chen Xubing paid him 5 yuan for each person he introduced to see a doctor.

The police made a roundabout visit and never found a clue to the visiting doctor. Chen Xubing is the eldest in the family, and there are two younger brothers below. In May 2018, the policemen handled the ideological work of Chen Xuyou, Chen Xubings second brother. They extracted the victims biological samples by opening the coffin and sent them for examination and appraisal in order to determine the location of the abducted child. More than a month later, after screening and comparison, the police screened nearly 100 people, and finally confirmed that the biological samples of a boy surnamed Qixian in Kaifeng City, Henan Province, were highly similar to those of the deceased.

Civilian police rushed to Qixian County to carry out a periphery survey and found that the boy lived with his grandmother, who could not tell the true origin of the boy, while the boys father was away for a long time, and no one had seen or could tell who the boys mother was. The police managed to extract the biological samples of the boy. The results of the inspection showed that the boy was the biological son of the deceased Chen Xubing and Cai Jinmei. Further investigation by the police found that the physical features and livelihood experience of the boys father Zhang Kaiqin were consistent with the characteristics of the missing doctor in Shangfeng Mountain Village. Zhang Kaiqin, 55, was sentenced to life imprisonment in Bengbu Prison, Anhui Province in July 2005 for abducting and trafficking women. In August 2018, Zhang Kaiqin was escorted back to Henan Mall for retrial by the Mall Police. Zhang Kaiqin confessed to the crime of killing and robbing babies.

According to Zhang Kaiqins confession, in March 2001, when he was staying at Chen Xubings house temporarily, he found that his son was cute and cute and had evil thoughts. On the evening of May 25, the same year, Chen Xubing sought Zhang Kaiqin for back pain. Zhang Kaiqin let Chen Xubing lie on his stomach and prick needles in his temporary bedroom. After that, Zhang Kaiqin picked up a red brick from under the square table of the hall and hit Chen Xubing in the back of his brain, killing him on the spot. Then he fled to the next room and woke Cai Jinmei up when he took the baby boy away. They immediately fought and beat Cai to death with bricks and hoes. They hurried to take Xiaofeng, who was less than two years old.

Police uncovered coffins, autopsy and captured murderers to clarify gossip

On January 21, 2019, Chen Congjun, vice-captain of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Shangcheng County Public Security Bureau, said in an interview with reporters of the Chinese Business Daily that he led the investigation of the case. In May 2018, he tried to persuade Chen Xuyou to open his coffin for autopsy. Chens familys concern is to go to earth to make peace, open a coffin is not in harmony with the custom, proposed that if open a coffin autopsy also can not solve the case how? But I still insist on persuading them to...

Chen Congjun introduced that at that time he advised Chen Xuyou that his brother and sister-in-law had already left. If we could find his nephew, it would also be a comfort to the deceased. At that time, there was a rumor in the village that Chen Xubing and his wife had no children since they gave birth to their eldest daughter. After the visiting doctor came, Chen Xubings wife had an affair with the visiting doctor who lived at home. If the missing nephew is found by autopsy, some gossip can also be clarified. In fact, according to the police investigation, Cai Jinmei had undergone the upper ring contraception operation, so she could not get pregnant for a long time. Then she got pregnant and gave birth after taking the ring. From the time, the police concluded that the child was not born by her and the doctor, but also a innocent person.

Chen Congjun said that when Zhang Kaiqin was drunk, he inadvertently told Chen Xubing and his wife that his home was in Kaifeng Qixian, so after robbing babies, Zhang Kaiqin was afraid of losing his mouth. Chen Congjun said that the murder case was solved and Xiaofeng was reunited with his relatives. Considering the family difficulties and the future life of his children, the police not only actively donated more than 1,000 yuan, but also made special arrangements to coordinate the County Education Bureau to find the best high school for Xiaofeng, and coordinated the civil affairs department to handle the minimum living allowance for Xiaofeng. Some enterprises are willing to provide Xiaofeng with 8,000 yuan of love money every year until the graduation of children from university. Social charitable organizations in the county also donated 50,000 yuan. The Dream Foundation of CCTVs Waiting for Me also offered 30,000 yuan to help Xiaofeng complete his studies. At present, these loving funds are managed by the County Public Security Bureau and will be used for childrens study and life.

The suspect had planned to sell his child and his mother warned him to sell it and report it.

Im sorry for Xiaofeng, but Im sorry for Mr. and Mrs. Chen. Im all guilty. Recently, Zhang Kaiqin, who was detained in Shangcheng County Detention Center, looked regretful.

According to Zhang Kaiqins confession, he had an illegitimate daughter who stole babies for his uncle in Qixians hometown. Because his cousin had two daughters and no sons, he asked him to bring a boy back to the old age. After he took the child home, his cousins daughter did not want his father to raise the child again, but Zhang Kaiqin gave Xiaofeng to his mother to raise, and said it was a child born to him and a woman outside. Since then, Zhang Kaiqin left Xiaofeng at his home in Qixian County, Kaifeng, and went to Changsha, Hunan to earn a living.

Later, Zhang Kaiqin abducted five mentally handicapped women near Changsha Railway Station and sold them in the countryside of Funan County, Anhui Province, for a profit of more than 20,000 yuan. In July 2005, he was sentenced to life imprisonment by Fuyang Intermediate Court of Anhui Province for the crime of abducting and selling women, and has been serving his sentence in Bengbu Prison of Anhui Province. In 2008, Zhang Kaiqin was sentenced to 18 yearsimprisonment, and after three commutations, he was expected to be released around 2020.

Ive had nightmares for so many years. When the police of Shangcheng County Public Security Bureau found me, I was not particularly surprised. I knew that this day would come sooner or later. Zhang Kaiqin said that during the Spring Festival of 2002, he had returned to Qixian to buy clothes and toys for Xiaofeng, and never returned to his hometown. In 2012, when Xiaofeng came to visit him while serving his prison sentence, he asked him, Dad, when is my birthday. At that time, Zhang Kaiqin was full of regret and regret. He realized that what he had done in that year was a loss of conscience. He cried bitterly and could not help himself.

According to the reporter of China Business Daily, Zhang Kaiqin once confessed that when he lived in Chen Xubings house, he lost 2,800 yuan accumulated for medical treatment. He suspected that he had been taken away by Chens husband and wife and had a quarrel with them. But whether this statement is the fuse of his murder has not been confirmed by Henan police.

Chen Congjun told China Business News that Zhang Kaiqins intention was to rob and sell infants. According to police investigation, in March 2001, Zhang Kaiqin paid special attention to other boys when he went to Shangfengshan Village in Shangcheng County to practice medicine. Around 2004, Zhang Kaiqin contacted the buyer to sell Xiaofeng, but his mother warned him that if he dared to sell, he would report the abduction of children, so Xiaofeng lived with his grandmother at last. Grandma raised him and provided him with school. Xiaofeng and Grandma were very emotional.

Children strive for a good university, a good job and filial piety to their grandmothers in the future

On January 20, Chen Jingju, Chen Xuyous daughter, told China Business News that the death of Aunt Aunt changed the fate of the two families. Hearing the news, parents working in Hebei rushed back home. Father often sat alone at the door of his uncles house and watched the chestnut trees planted by his uncle weep secretly. In order to take care of the elderly grandmother and recover the missing cousin, the parents were forced to give up working outside. Because of his poor family, Chen Jingju dropped out of junior high school. In my impression, my father often takes pictures of my cousin Xiaofeng, rides a bicycle, and looks for them everywhere in the distant neighbourhood. Sometimes when he goes out, he never returns for a few days. At that time, as long as they heard who had adopted their children, their father would go to see them. If they refused to let them see, their father would squat at the door and peek at them secretly.

Actually, I was reluctant to open the coffin at that time, but we agreed to find Xiaofeng. Chen Xuyou talked about his inner depression. The elder brother Chen Xubing is a kind-hearted man. He has a child in his 40s. He looks like a pearl in his palm, and the child is really cute. Whether he can find his relatives and nephews has always been his heart disease.

I dont want to see him or talk about him. Xiao Feng, 19, was full of hatred for his 17-year-old father. He never imagined that he had lived in Kaifeng Qixian for 17 years and had a home in Xinyang Shangcheng County. What made him unacceptable was that the murderer of his biological parents was his father from screaming to shouting.

Xiaofeng is shy and does not speak much. With the help of the mall police, Xiaofeng has changed his household registration from Zhang to Chen. Xiaofeng had never doubted his own life before. His adoptive grandmother told him that his parents divorced when he was young and his father was in prison for committing a crime. He admits that he has two homes now. Sometimes he thinks of Kaifengs foster grandmother. What will she do in the future when she once depended on her? He will also be associated with Nanyangs sister (Zhang Kaiqins eldest daughter), who has many family ties that are hard to give up, but if he chooses, he will still choose the mall, because this is his real home.

Now I want to go to school well, try to get into a good university, find a good job, filial piety to my family and grandmother who raised me. Xiaofeng said that he will take the college entrance examination in June this year. Now he is studying science in the key high schools in the mall.

We will certainly pursue his (Zhang Kaiqin) legal liability, whether to propose criminal incidental civil liability investigation, the family has not yet determined, will be formally proposed after agreement. Chen Jingju said that his cousin had lived with his fathers family. This New Years Day, his father would take Xiaofeng to worship his parents and gradually get better. He hoped that the media would stop disturbing him and make him feel at ease to read and live a good life.

Interpretation of the original penalty and continued execution of the new judgment will be jointly executed

Guangdong lawyer Zeng Jie told China Business Daily on the 21st that the suspects in the case were suspected of intentional homicide and child abduction (or abduction of children), and were punished for several crimes. The maximum penalty for intentional homicide is death penalty, the maximum penalty for child abduction is life, and the maximum penalty for child abduction is five years.

Zeng Jie said that although 17 years have passed since the case was committed, there is no statute of limitation for prosecution in criminal proceedings. Because in criminal cases, as long as the public security organs file a case for investigation, the case is not subject to limitation of prosecution. In this case, the victim is Xiaofeng, the abducted boy and his parents, Xiaofeng and his close relatives. He can file a criminal incidental civil lawsuit and ask the defendant to pay the relevant funeral expenses. However, in the criminal incidental civil action, according to the existing provisions, only the actual material losses are compensated, and death compensation and spiritual damage compensation are not compulsory, unless the defendant is willing to compensate actively in order to obtain understanding.

Zeng Jie believed that the suspect had been sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime of abducting and selling women, and that the act of killing two people and abducting children was quite bad, and that the suspect was most likely to be sentenced to death. The original penalty will continue to be executed and will be combined after the new judgment is made. The term of imprisonment that has been executed shall be counted within the term of imprisonment decided by the new judgment. This method of calculating the term of imprisonment is called reduction first and then.

Source: Chinese Business Network - author of Chinese Business Daily: Yan Ran, responsible editor: Dai Lili_NN4994