Five college students who fell to the ground after a mans sudden illness in the street took photographs and took evidence to save lives

 Five college students who fell to the ground after a mans sudden illness in the street took photographs and took evidence to save lives

An Anhui man was walking in the streets of Wuhan at night when he fell down on the road with a serious illness and could not stand up by his own strength. Five passing college students saw each other, and after taking video and leaving evidence, they went forward and lifted them up. Five college students also dialed 110 and 120 to call the police and emergency personnel to help the man. On the evening of January 6, this scene was staged in front of the South Campus of Yangtze Vocational College.

A 53-year-old man fell down on the streets of Wuhan with a sudden serious illness

On January 21, Ms. Liu Guangling, who lives in Huainan City, Anhui Province, told reporters that her husband is Yao Shao, 53 years old.

In early January this year, Yao shook up to visit friends in Wuhan. After Yao Shao and his friends separated at 7 p.m. on January 6, he went for a walk on National Avenue by himself. Yao Shao drank a lot at noon that day. Walking along, Yao shook suddenly in the dark, fell to the ground, how can not stand up.

Yao Shan saw several college students passing in front of him and waved to them for help. These college students came forward to help Yao shake up, and helped Yao shake 110 and 120 police. Police and emergency personnel rushed to the scene and sent Yao Shao to Guanggu Branch of Wuhan Third Hospital for treatment.

Doctors found that Yao Shan suffered from severe intracranial hemorrhage. If he comes to the hospital a few minutes later, he may die.

After half a months treatment, her husband Yao Shans condition has stabilized and there is no life danger. She was very grateful to the college students for helping her husband in a crisis.

Fear of being blackmailed,

College students use mobile phones to photograph rescue scenes

On the afternoon of January 21, the reporter contacted Dai Yahang, one of the five college students. Dai Yahang, a 1701-class student majoring in theatre performance in Yangtze Vocational College, has returned to Xiantao for winter vacation.

Daiyahang said that at 7 p.m. on January 6, he and his classmates Zheng Dingwei, Wei Zhengyuan, Liu Aoqiang and Cao Zijing went to a printing shop outside the school to print materials.

When they came to the National Avenue outside the school gate, they saw a middle-aged man with glasses sitting on the ground. The man gasped and looked painful. The man waved weakly at them. It seems to signal us to help him up.

They immediately surrounded the man and smelled a strong smell of wine emanating from him. The man said he was from Anhui Province and had an acute illness. Worried that the man was touching porcelain, and that the man did not speak out the phone of his relatives, at first, they were afraid that the man got up and blackmailed himself, and they dared not help the man with their hands.

However, after careful observation, they found that the mans illness was not pretended. In case, Cao Zijing, one of them, was responsible for taking pictures of their rescue scenes with his mobile phone; Wei Zhengyuan immediately called 110 and 120 to alert the police; and the remaining three men jointly helped the man up. After the man was helped to the roadside safety, five of them took turns to persuade him not to be nervous.

In order to prevent being blackmailed, it is necessary to photograph the scene of helping people.

A few minutes later, 110 policemen and 120 emergency personnel rushed to the scene to learn about the situation, and registered their mobile phone numbers and identity information of five people.

Later, the man was evacuated by emergency personnel in an ambulance.

A few days later, Liu Guangling, the mans wife, rushed to Wuhan, called five of them to find out about the situation, and said a lot of thanks to them. Only then did they know that the man who fell to the ground that night was Yao Shao.

In order to prevent others from blackmailing themselves, the five college students took photos of the evidence on their mobile phones to prove that they were innocent before they went out to help the fallen people. Liu Guangling said she understood the practice of the five universities. She personally thinks it is reasonable for college students to do so.

Feng Guilin, a researcher and sociologist at the Hubei Academy of Social Sciences, said that in recent years, there have been incidents of being blackmailed by people who are kind enough to help others. In this way, many people are afraid to help others when they see them fall. In order to avoid causing unnecessary trouble, it is absolutely necessary for citizens to take a photo or video with their mobile phone as evidence to show that they did not knock down people when helping others.

Source: Writer of Wuhan Evening News: Responsible Editor of Chen Qixiong: Dai Lili_NN4994