The 4187 sets of Qinling villas in Xian last year took detention measures for 31 people

 The 4187 sets of Qinling villas in Xian last year took detention measures for 31 people

On January 21, the Xian Discipline Inspection Commission issued a summary of its work in 2018. In the first year of the joint office of Xian Discipline Commission and Supervision Committee, under the strong leadership of the Provincial Discipline Commission and the Municipal Committee, we strengthened responsibility, strengthened political supervision, upheld integrity and discipline, and punished corruption with zero tolerance. New and obvious results were achieved in the discipline inspection and supervision of the whole city.

Yan Cha, First Director of Qinling Office of Xian City

Firmly win the Qinling Defense War! More than 1500 cadres from the discipline inspection and supervision system of the whole city visited 4187 villas, used supervision measures for more than 800 people and talked to more than 2700 people.

Cooperating with the Provincial Discipline Commission, we will seriously investigate and deal with serious violations of discipline and law, such as the first director of Qinling Office, the former director of Planning Bureau and Hongxing, the former director of Land Bureau, Tian Dangsheng, the former director of Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Luo Yamin, the former secretary-general of Municipal Government, Jiao Weifa, and Zhang Yongchao, the former head of the county. Thirty-one people, including Wang Conglin, deputy director of Qinling Office, were detained.

Insisting on the investigation of political discipline, the Municipal Discipline Commission has organized self-examination of political discipline along six districts, counties and 19 municipal departments. The reporting methods of illegal construction at the northern foot of Qinling Mountains have been widely publicized, reporting points have been set up in six districts and counties along the mountains, mass reporting has been accepted through various channels, and the whole society has been mobilized to participate in the renovation work. Comprehensively arrange villa information, and thoroughly carry out the housing declaration work of public officials holding the northern foot of Qinling Mountains. Zero-tolerance and no-forbidden zones should be strictly and promptly investigated and dealt with corruption problems such as interest transmission, power and money trading, collusion between government and business, and dereliction of duty such as irregularity examination and approval, weak supervision, inaction and misconduct. Strengthen the supervision and inspection of investigation, illegal demolition and revegetation, issue more than 20 letters of supervision and accountability of 29 people, and seriously investigate and deal with typical problems such as inadequate style of work and inadequate investigation of workers in Maeh Street and Luanzhen Street of Changan District. Efforts should be made to promote the establishment of a long-term mechanism, organize briefings and warning education meetings, supervise 27 units such as Changan District to hold special democratic life meetings, formulate the Accountability Measures for the Protection of the Ecological Environment of Qinling Mountains in Xian, carry out special warning education, consolidate and expand the achievements of regulation.

The Municipal Discipline Commissions Supervisory Committee has highlighted political supervision and is highly vigilant against the seven existing issues. It has seriously investigated and dealt with 60 cases of violations of political discipline, punished 60 persons and transferred 5 persons to the judicial organs. We will thoroughly eliminate the influence of drug abuse in Weiminzhou and other cities, hold effective exhibitions, and hold 111,000 people from 516 units to attend the exhibitions. We will sort out 85 clues and deal with 99 people concerning Weiminzhou and other issues, seriously investigate and deal with 7 leading cadres of municipal administration, and further restore the political ecology.

14176 letters and visits were received and 8267 clues were dealt with.

The discipline inspection and supervision organs of the whole city are closely following the three categories of people, the key minority and important departments and cadres in important positions, the bidding and bidding of projects, the procurement of materials, the selection and employment of personnel and other issues, so as to punish corruption accurately and effectively. In 2018, 14176 letters and visits were received, 8267 clues were dealt with, 4088 cases were filed (97 municipal cadres and 427 County cadres); 3697 people were punished (43 municipal cadres and 349 County cadres); 112 people were transferred to the judicial organs.

Actively respond to social concerns, seriously investigate and deal with South Changan Street No. 1 house purchase rocker, subway security gate, high-tech holding senior management appointment and other people strongly reflected outstanding problems.

During the year, 184 Party organizations were inspected by Party committees at the urban (county) level. 1823 problems were found, 799 clues were handed over, 152 cases were filed and 167 people were punished. Deepening the use of four forms of supervision and discipline, the citys discipline inspection and supervision organs dealt with a total of 11264 people, including 7390 people in the first form and 3414 people in the second form. While focusing on key minorities, supervision and discipline expanded to control the majority.

Investigate and deal with 1094 problems in the field of ecological environment protection, and deal with 1801 people.

Focusing on the ten manifestations of formalism and bureaucracy, the Municipal Discipline Commission sorted out 25 typical cases, investigated 99 cases and punished 199 people. In 2018, 324 cases of mental problems in violation of the Eight Provisions of the Central Committee were investigated and dealt with by 480 people and 76 typical cases were reported.

We will make solid efforts to tackle corruption and style of work in the field of poverty alleviation. 215 cases were investigated and dealt with 357 persons and 86 typical cases were reported.

In 2018, 390 clues, 152 cases, 253 persons were dealt with, 74 persons were organized and handled, and 44 persons were transferred to the judiciary. We should seriously investigate and punish Maanqiao criminal gangs in Gaoling District involved in criminal activities and Youzhanfeng, the former head of the police station, as a umbrella issue. We will seriously investigate and deal with the crimes committed by Cao Yonghui and Cao Liwei in Yanta District and by eight public officials.

We will resolutely shine the sword on the issue of violation of discipline and law in the ecological environment. In the whole year, 1094 problems in the field of ecological environment protection were investigated and dealt with 1801 people. Fifty-one people were held accountable for serious investigation and punishment of problems such as the covering of river black and odorous water, perfunctory treatment of sewage interception pipeline construction and falsification of report by the Central Environmental Protection Supervision Group. We will actively carry out special clean-up and renovation of greenhouses and seriously investigate the corruption and style of work exposed by non-agricultural conversion of agricultural land.

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