Does it work that candidates from the island compete to interview and play American card in the United States?

 Does it work that candidates from the island compete to interview and play American card in the United States?

There is still about a year to go before next years presidential election, but all the possible candidates who aspire to win the big position on the island are positively positioned. In addition to Cai Yingwens suggestion to win re-election, former Mayor Zhu Lilun of New North, Chairman Wu Dunyi of the Kuomintang and Mayor Ke Wenzhe of Taipei are also eager to try. They also plan to visit the United States this year, so that the American factor of next years elections can ferment ahead of time.

US Invites Blue Camp Political Novels

Wu Dunyi, chairman of the Kuomintang, has planned to visit the United States for a long time in order to lay out the presidential election in 2020, Taiwans Liberty Times reported Sunday. Guo Yunguang, who is also the director of the office of the Kuomintang Chairman, has been to the United States this month to arrange Wu Dunyis visit to the United States in March. When the by-election of the legislator is over, it will be roughly determined. Guo Yunguang revealed on the 20th that Wu Ruos overseas trip may take the form of a thank-you tea party on the island. He also said that Wu Dunyis exit control is not a consideration. Although the mainland, Hong Kong and Macao are relatively sensitive, there are not too many restrictions elsewhere. Wu visited the United States before he became party chairman after he left office. He also visited the Philippines, Thailand and other places after he became party chairman. There will be no big problems. According to the Freedom Times, whether Wu Dunyis visit to the United States meets with U.S. officials will be the focus of attention from the outside world.

As for Zhu Lilun, another KMT heavyweight in the race for general election, the former Mayor of Xinbei, it is rumored that he will visit Silicon Valley in mid-February to start a learning journey. In addition, the Pan-Blue Think Tank in the Eastern United States will hold a series of activities this year to enhance exchanges with the United States. Taiwans Lianhe Daily revealed on the 20th that the think tank Taiwan-US Relations Research Center plans to invite senior Kuomintang politicians to visit Washington. Chen Yixin, a senior researcher at the center, said that after the election of Nine in One, some Americans expressed their interest in the new local leaders of the Kuomintang, such as Kaohsiung Mayor Koreayo, and hoped to have more contacts and exchanges with the Kuomintang. According to a comment published in China Times on the 21st, the United States had estimated that the DPP would lose a small part of the county mayor in the nine-in-one election and the seat of county and municipal councillors would lose moderately. As a result, the DPP was defeated in an all-round way. Only then did the United States realize that it was unable to grasp the ecology of Taiwans political arena in an all-round way. Therefore, it was necessary to complete the relevant database, which was the consideration of the United States inviting Taiwans new political stars to visit the United

Cai Yingwens Transit Specification as an Observing Indicator

Green camp is also positively positioned, including the Democratic Progressive Party legislator Xiao Meiqin determined in late February to lead cross-party legislators first to the United States. Taiwans Foreign Ministry plans to visit Palau, Nauru and Kiribati in the first half of this year and Saint Lucia in the second half of this year. After that, only the Vatican in Europe has not left her footprint. Former Chief Executive Lai Qingde said that he would study abroad for a period of time. Whether the location is in the United States is still unknown. According to an analysis by the Lianhe Daily, Cai Yingwen is expected to transit through the United States during her trip this year. Whether she has made breakthroughs in transit cities and specifications in the United States after the adoption of the Taiwan Travel Law will become an observation indicator. A visit to Washington, a forbidden place, will help her re-election.

Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe has decided to visit the United States in March and has decided to visit four cities, including Boston, New York, Washington and Atlanta, because Atlanta will celebrate the 40th anniversary of its sister city with Taipei this year, and Boston is a high-tech center in the United States. United News further revealed that he did not rule out speaking in Washington. According to the analysis, Ko Wenzhes visit to the United States was considered to be related to the layout of the presidential election in 2020. Recently, he quietly set up an International Political and Economic Situation Room in the municipal government. His work is to analyze the situation inside and outside the island and collect public opinion. In an interview, Ke Wenzhe even criticized Cais English authorities for being too pro-American by saying that robbers robbed banks and only saw the money but did not see the police. Zhang Guangqiu, an associate professor at Zhili University of Science and Technology, wrote on the 21st that, starting with Chen Shuibian, blue and green candidates for the presidency will visit the United States for an interview before the election. If Ke Wenzhe wants to go up the stairs and visit the United States, it is inevitable that he will not give up this great opportunity to advance his status. But he should open the door and take the road to give full play to the real white power, otherwise he and Chuan Whats the difference between the blue and green politicians?

Does American really work?

The reason these candidates compete for the American card is that the American factor has never disappeared since the island was elected. The difference lies only in the way and extent of American intervention. During the Taiwanese crisis in 1996, the United States sent two aircraft carriers to the surrounding waters of the Taiwan Sea. In December 1999, the then president of the Taiwan Association of the United States, Bruce, came to Taiwan to meet the candidates, saying that no matter who is chosen as the next president or vice president, the United States will cooperate with the elected people. In September 2011, just after Cai Yingwen, a DPP presidential candidate, finished her visit to Washington, White House officials questioned her election through the Financial Times that it might raise tensions with mainland China. In June 2015, Cai Yingwen entered the White House and the State Council to meet with American officials, setting a precedent for candidates for the presidency.

According to the Associated Press, the US position seems to have an impact on the election, so that candidates will compete for an interview. As for the general election next year, Cai may win the support of the United States because she cooperates fully with the United States to play the Taiwan card. However, the Democratic Progressive Partys defeat in last years election will be a big variable. If the political atmosphere in the island continues to go in the direction of hating the Democratic Progressive Party, it is also impossible for the United States to express its no gesture. The article holds that the effect of American card is full of variables. Mojian, president of the Taiwan Association of the United States, came to the stage last year and said he was worried about external forces influencing the election. His remarks were deemed to be a bet and the result was a mistake, so the American licensing system will not work, and ultimately it will have to go back to whether the candidatesappeals can impress the voters.

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