Achievements pass, but can not change the Dormitory Senior three boys jump to death

 Achievements pass, but can not change the Dormitory Senior three boys jump to death

Modern Express News: The students are all out of school, no longer see my brother, want to take you home... On January 19, a netizen, Weiliangyi, wrote on his microblog that on January 15, Wang Dong, a senior three student in Puyang Oilfield No. 2 High School in Henan Province, who is also his brother, leaped out of the classroom and jumped down from the fifth floor. On January 21, Modern Express contacted Wang Dongs sister. She said that her brother jumped from the building because he had been rejected by his teacher for a change of dormitory.

Source of Event Finding Site: Sister Weibo

Since January 16, Wang Dongs sister has been posting on Weiliangyi Weibo for help in the name of Weiliangyi -- On the afternoon of January 15, 2019, before the first class started, class teacher Li Mou-mou talked alone at the studentsdesk for about two minutes. The students were in an unstable mood throughout the class and cried for a whole class. His seat was in front of the left of the lecture platform, and the teacher did not see him for a whole class. Eye. After class, the students go to the director of the life guidance department. After about five minutes of conversation, they go out and run directly to the teaching building and jump directly. The parents asked the two teachers concerned. The two teachers have been telling lies. They are looking forward to the help of the relevant departments.

The words student and he in this passage refer to Wang Dong.

On January 21, Wang Dongs sister was interviewed by a reporter from the Modern Express. She said that her brother chose to jump because of the change of dormitory, and the teacher did not comply with his request. Last summer, he said that the school said that as long as they got the top 30 grades, they could apply for a better dormitory. This time, he took the second place in his class and 24 in his grade.

Wang Dongs sister arrived at school the next day after the accident. She checked the classroom with other relatives. In the monitoring, Sister Wang Dong saw: Before the first class in the afternoon, the teacher went to Wang Dongs seat to find him, about two minutes, and did not know what to say. Later, he kept crying and his mood was unstable. The teacher didnt care about him in a class.

Wang Dongs sister told reporters that she listened to other parents who had seen the supervision of the office of the Life Guidance Department. After class, Wang Dong went to find a deputy director of the Life Guidance Department. After going in, she came out about five minutes later. Then she ran all the way back to the class on the fifth floor and chose to jump off the building.

In my sisters eyes, Wang Dong has always been a good student and has a good relationship with his dormitory classmates. Perhaps the dormitory people are not particularly fond of learning, they have always wanted to change the dormitory. She said.

It is understood that Wang Dongs parents have been in school these days, and want to ask the school for a comment. Wang Dongs sister said, When my mother saw the others leaving school, she stood in front of her brother and cried. Without crying, Dad sat on the stone pier and watched his brother jump down.

On January 21, a reporter from Modern Express called Li Moumou, Wang Dongs head teacher, but she did not answer the phone herself. The man who answered the phone said, You should contact the school about this kind of thing. Later, a staff member of the teaching office of Puyang Oilfield No. 2 Senior Middle School said to the reporter, Dont look for me to verify the matter. You look for the Puyang Public Security Bureau of the superior department. The schools statement should be based on other peoples characterization. We cant say anything about it. I cant tell you about the school attitude.

On the same day, the reporter called Puyang Oilfield Education Center, a higher management organization of the second highest oil field, and a staff member said that the matter was being dealt with.

Before the deadline, the reporter of Modern Express called Wang Dongs sister again to learn about the progress of the matter. She said that relatives had just reached an agreement with the school. Tomorrow well go to school and sign it.

Source: Modern Express Author: Yu Lu, Editor-in-Charge of Xu Mengyun: Dai Lili_NN4994