Foreign passengers asked the stewardess to help them take off their underwear and pull them directly in position.

 Foreign passengers asked the stewardess to help them take off their underwear and pull them directly in position.

The stewardess told the story on the 21st: a white man weighing about 200 kg took a flight from Los Angeles to Taipei on the 19th. After flying for two and a half hours, the guest rang the service bell to go to the toilet, and then asked the stewardess to help him to go to the toilet on the grounds that his right arm was injured and he could not take off his underwear by himself. As a flight attendant, my duty is not to help you take off your underwear, the stewardess said. But the other side threatened her with Otherwise Ill pull it out. The stewardess wrapped her arms around him, helped him take off his underwear, and was asked to help wipe his ass. Afterwards, she vomited and cried in the toilet, feeling deeply humiliated. Some Taiwanese media mentioned that during the whole process, the foreign man bared his genitals and even kept moaning.

The stewardess involved said on the 21st that the guests behavior had hurt her physically and mentally. Until she went to rest, she could smell the passengers excrement and feel dirty. She hopes that the company can protect its crew, start recruiting empty passengers in 2019, or refuse to take such passengers directly. The foreign man did not make such an unreasonable request for the first time, the United News Network disclosed Monday. He has been flying frequently since May last year. Once he asked the stewardess to help him take off his trousers and go to the toilet. When he was refused, he pulled directly in his seat, the whole cabin had to endure his stench for 10 to 12 hours. When a passenger filed a lawsuit, Changrong questioned why the crew members did not help him to go to the toilet and did not calm the mood of other passengers.

Taoyuan Air Service Trade Union questioned that it was Changrongs customer-oriented management culture that caused front-line employees to be constrained in the face of passengers and forced to find ways to solve problems on the plane, so that guests could advance inches and challenge the bottom line of stewardessservice time and again. Changrong Airlines said that the relevant manual clearly shows that the companys stewardess does not need to provide passengers toilet, feeding, medical services and other special care, and employees are the companys assets, protection of employees is the companys responsibility; the company will further investigate whether the passenger has sexual harassment. Senior prosecutors believe that it is difficult to establish a complaint of sexual harassment. He said that if the crime was established, it would mean that foreigners committed crimes against Taiwanese in Taiwan. Taiwan has jurisdiction and can prosecute them according to law. But the first question to be explored is whether the case goes beyond the scope of service required by airlines for flight attendants? The best way is for the airline to list the man as a non-travelling customer.

Hong Mengkai, Deputy committee member of the KMT Cultural Mission Committee, issued a letter on the 20th to support the stewardess and shouted aggressively, Any Austrian visitor who wants to bully laborers should be listed as a refusal to enter and leave the bureau. Former stewardess Elsa said that the service tenet of Asian stewardesses generally puts customer first in the first place, and they are very young. It is likely that this guest will have the above-mentioned arbitrary actions, even loud roaring. She said that in the United States, the man would never dare to do so, and the tough American stewardess would certainly not eat it. She believes that airlines in Asia should give priority to maintaining order and safety in their aircraft, followed by serving their customers.

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