More than a full time mom was fooled to do micro million mask to smash hands, no one to buy.

 More than a full time mom was fooled to do micro million mask to smash hands, no one to buy.

Ms. Chen bought a mask from her home.

Young mothers with children at home hope to find a job that can make money without delay in taking care of their children. Doing micro-business has become the choice of many treasure mothers. However, they may fall into the trap set by cheaters if they are not careful.

A few days ago, many young mothers broke the news to the Beijing Youth Daily. When they were looking for jobs on the Internet such as Dou mi APP, they encountered the routines designed by the other side, resulting in thousands of yuan or even tens of thousands of dollars of mask being smashed in their hands and they could not be sold.

Bao Mas experience

Looking for a part-time job and being persuaded to be a microbusinessman

Bought a lot of mask by flickering.

Ms. Chen, a young Baoma in Fangshan, Beijing, told the Beijing Youth Daily that on December 31, 2018, she planned to find a part-time job and left her name, phone number and job intention after registering on an APP named Doumei.

Someone soon contacted me and said that they could sell their mask at home. Ms. Chen recalled that the other side in the telephone and micro-letter said that the job was simple and relaxed. No hoarding, just spend 168 yuan to apply for acting as an agent. Every day, all I have to do is send messages to friends in Wechat to attract customers. If someone wants the goods, say hello to the quantity, the company delivers the goods, and I earn the middle commission.

Ms. Chen said that there were several strangers who applied to add friends. One of them said it was to open a beauty salon, and needed a lot of facial mask.

The other party first said that he wanted 20 boxes of facial mask, but he had to see the goods through WeChat videos first. Ms. Chen said that in order to prove that she had the goods, she immediately spent more than 2,000 yuan to buy 20 boxes of goods home. Second days of goods are still on the road, and the buyers are adding 60 more boxes. I feel wrong, asking the other party to give me 20 boxes of mask money first, and then they are blacken.

Coincidentally, Ms. Jiang, who lives in Yibin, Sichuan, was registered in November 23, 2018 when she was looking for a part-time job. After that, she found the job of selling facial mask. Ms. Jiang said that after she paid 169 yuan to become an agent of Yizhichun, strangers asked for goods by Wechat. People in a beauty salon say they need 16 boxes first, and then add 32 boxes. The total value of these masks is 5990 yuan. I was blacken after entering the goods.

According to Beiqing Bao reporter, some of the victims were even bought by tens of thousands of mask. A victim told the Beiqing Bao reporter that he had to find a buyer on the second-hand platform because he had no place to sell the mask. When we chatted with each other, we found ourselves in the same trap. One victim disclosed that there are more than 10 victims who can be contacted now. Everyone has set up a Wechat group. Only then can we find that the person who claims to open a beauty salon needs a large number of purchases is actually the same Wechat avatar.

Journalist experience

Lack of Job Platform Review

Register by fabricating a name

For the feedback from the victims, the reporter of Beiqing Daily downloaded App Doumei to browse. Before looking for a job, the APP requires personal information such as name, telephone number, target position, etc.

Beijing Youth Daily reporters randomly compiled a nothing without name, leaving the mobile phone number receiving the authentication number, the same can be registered successfully.

We all leave a phone call on Doumi, and somebody adds a Wechat or calls to contact us and becomes an agent in a foolish way. One victim said. Beiqing Bao reporter tried to contact the one spring masks Micro dealer to act as agent, but because of many complaints and reports, the recruitment information before could not be found.

Manufacturer response

Unsolicited Agents in Doumei

Suggested victim reporting

In January 21st, the Beiqing newspaper reporter contacted the one spring mask manufacturer in Guangzhou, Guangdong. A person named Zeng surnamed said that they were another cosmetics company in Guangzhou, and authorized the foundry to produce one spring mask. Therefore, the one spring surface film circulated on the market has two production addresses.

According to the person, the company mainly uses online sales mode and sells on e-commerce platforms such as Taobao and Tianmao. However, no one used deception to sell Doumei APP, nor did he find a franchise agent on it. As for who did it, he was not clear. He suggested that the victims report it to the industry, commerce and public security departments.

APP statement

After the victims complaint has been verified

Will freeze the problem of business accounts

Beiqing Daily reporter learned through the Internet survey that the Spring Spring mask purchased by the victims is mostly 100 to 200 yuan per box, while on Taobao and other related e-commerce platforms, each box (10 pieces) sells for about 10 yuan to 50 yuan. Even on the wholesale website of the so-called Yizhichun product, the price is only a few cents.

Beijing Youth Daily reporters learned that many victims have made telephone complaints and online reports to Doumei APP. Staff said they would further verify and advise the victims to report to the police.

Doumei APP is responsible for receiving complaints. A duty worker tells Beiqing Daily that users who recruit or invite business publish information on the platform. The platform will require businesses to provide legal information such as business licenses. If the victims complaints are verified, the accounts of businesses will be frozen to wait for further processing.

Lawyer interpretation

If the platform fails to fulfill its Prudential obligations

Will bear the corresponding civil or administrative liability

According to Ren Zhanmin, a lawyer from Beijing Guanling Law Firm, if the buyer and seller are a group of people according to the victims description of the case, this behavior belongs to fictitious market demand, induces customers to purchase goods, and makes customers fall into the wrong understanding of the property disposed of, and the cumulative amount is large, which is suspected of constituting a crime of fraud. If the commodity is investigated as a three-nothing product, it violates the relevant provisions of the Product Quality Law, and sales of three-nothing products violate such legal provisions as the Contract Law and the Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Law. Therefore, it is necessary to assume corresponding legal responsibilities according to the specific circumstances of the violation.

With regard to this section of APP, its legal status is the operator of e-commerce platform, which undertakes the obligation of management and supervision, that is, whether it fulfills its reasonable obligations as the intermediate platform.

Lawyer Ren said that in this case, according to the relevant provisions of the Electronic Commerce Law which came into effect on January 1, 2019, if the platform fails to fulfill the relevant Prudential obligations, it will bear the corresponding civil or administrative responsibilities.

Finally, we remind you that fraud is the use of peoples desire for cheap or once-for-all psychology, so we must be vigilant. In addition, when the rights are infringed, timely alarm, find the subject of responsibility, and investigate its legal responsibility.

Doumei response

A refund has been requested from the establishment party.

The Advance Payment Mechanism will be launched

Last night, Ms. Wang, a staff member of Doumei, contacted a reporter from Beiqing Daily, saying that after investigation and verification, at least three users registered for jobs on the platform complained to the platform. For users claiming to be cheated, Dou Mi staff have contacted the micro dealer (one spring mask sales party). As long as the remaining products do not affect the two sale, the other party will refund the money to the victim before 6 oclock on the night of January 22nd.

If this incident is not properly resolved, Doumei will also initiate an advance payment mechanism to compensate the victims. Doumei will continue to strengthen auditing through technical means, stand in the position of users and safeguard their interests. I also hope that job seekers will shine their eyes and try to avoid being deceived. Ms. Wang said that after receiving complaints from users, the platform had frozen the accounts of the micro-business side for the first time.

Source: Beijing Youth Daily Responsible Editor: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331