Twenty-point reading comprehension questions and six-point reading comprehension questions. The author denies being over-interpreted.

 Twenty-point reading comprehension questions and six-point reading comprehension questions. The author denies being over-interpreted.

Wang Ya apologized to the candidates in the circle of friends on January 16. WeChat screenshots

A candidate in Suzhou believed in Wang Ya on Weibo. Respondents Map

Recently, Wang Ya, a staff member of Zhuzhou Education Bureau, created the prose Qingming which appeared on the test paper of the unified examination of Chinese for the sophomore year of senior high school in Suzhou. Unexpectedly, the original author scored only 6 points in this 20-point reading comprehension problem. Nevertheless, Wang Ya, who has been engaged in Chinese teaching, believes that the title is in line with Chinese teaching, and that the reason why he cant do it correctly is that he has not mastered the skills of answering questions.

Wang Ya also sent a apology letter in a ridiculous way in the circle of friends. All thedisastersare not my intention, apologizing to all sophomores in Suzhou.

In view of this matter, some educational experts believe that the phenomenon of the authors original intention being misinterpreted by the author is widespread and goes against the basic common sense. Some experts also believe that the standard answers to the questions are given through collective discussion and research. Writersworks are independent texts, and everyone can have different perspectives of interpretation.

Difficult to get the standard answer? Candidates turn to the original author for help.

Just after the end of the Sophomore Language Examination of Suzhou Senior High School, a modern text reading comprehension problem has been difficult for many candidates. The standard answer given by the local education department was said to be too difficult and totally unexpected.

The test papers confirmed by a staff member of the Suzhou Education Bureau show that this modern essay reading comprehension question uses an article entitled Qingming, which is of prose type. The author shows Wang Ya, and the article is excerpted from the collection of prose Phonology and Chronology - the Emotion and Temperature of the Most Beautiful Chinese Characters published in 2016.

After the examination, some candidates found the original author Wang Ya on Weibo and asked her to answer. The next day, Wang Ya, at the suggestion of the principal of No. 2 Middle School in Zhuzhou City, did the question with the students of the school. Unexpectedly, after the standard answer came out, I got 6 points for the 20-point question.

The matter has sparked discussion on the Internet. Some netizens said puzzled and Tucao Dao, I really dont know if the teacher did not understand the reading comprehension, or the reading comprehension did not understand the teacher.

The original author got only 6 points: he did not master the skills of answering questions well.

On the 20th, a reporter from the Beijing News contacted Wang Ya, the author of the article. She said that she was a staff member of Zhuzhou Education Bureau and a former Chinese teacher. From the point of view of the author, reading comprehension mainly examines studentslanguage sense, language thinking and language literacy, and does not stick to any article. She believes that for this article, the ultimate standard answer is not that the teacher overinterpreted and misinterpreted her meaning.

As for the situation that she can only get 6 points in the end, she said that the main problem is that she has not mastered the skills of answering questions well.

Teacher Yan Chaohui, head of the Chinese Teaching and Research Group of Zhuzhou No. 2 Middle School, said that in high school, Chinese learning mainly focuses on studentsthinking training and text interpretation, and according to such requirements, it is normal for the author himself to fail to get high marks.

All the disasters are not my intention. I apologize to all sophomores in Suzhou. Wang Ya recently published such a message in his circle of friends, which aroused praise and criticism from his friends. Now the number of microblog fans has increased by more than 200, almost all of them are students in Suzhou. Wang Ya said.


Wang Ya, Author of Qingming

There is nothing wrong with proposition from the standpoint of Chinese teaching

Reference answers are more comprehensive in Chinese teaching

Beijing News: How do you think your article is chosen as a reading topic?

Wang Ya: Actually, this kind of thing is normal, and there is nothing exciting about it. It is very common for other peoples articles to be selected as reading questions. There are also articles written by friends who have been selected as test papers.

Beijing News: In addition to Qingming, are there any other works selected as reading topics?

Wang Ya: Yes, there are, but only in individual schools and in small areas, such as test papers for normal mode training, classroom reading appreciation and so on.

Beijing News: 20 points for reading comprehension, you only got 6 points?

Wang Ya: To tell you the truth, I didnt want to do it at that time. On the second day, the principal of Zhuzhou No. 2 Middle School saw the paper online. He was very interested in it. He wanted me to try to do it. At the same time, he also asked the teachers and students of the school to do it. He wanted the Chinese teaching and research group to do a teaching and research activity. He wanted to discuss the topics of the writers and teachers, as well as the answers of the students. The teaching and answering questions behind are a teaching experiment to explore the reasons behind.

Beijing News: Is there a big difference between the answer analysis and the intention of your article?

Wang Ya: After I finished the question, I saw the answer. The reference answers given by the school are in fact comprehensive and in line with Chinese teaching. Because the teaching of Chinese reading is to train studentslanguage sense, language thinking and language literacy, etc. When a school comes up with a set of Chinese reading questions, it needs to involve a certain aspect of Chinese literacy, and it also needs to be taken into account when it is bigger, so they will be more thoughtful than I think in their questions and answers, which is also a very normal thing.

New Beijing News: What was your article intended to express?

Wang Ya: Its about the memory of my grandfather, his personality, temperament and his perseverance in facing hardships in life, and his influence on me.

More understanding and support should be given to this phenomenon.

Beijing News: After knowing the score, why do you want to apologize in the circle of friends?

Wang Ya: To tell you the truth, just like the children came to me, everyone regarded it as a very interesting thing, and so did I. Because this topic has caused trouble to them, because many students have not answered well, and cause trouble to them, not only me, but also Mr. Lu Xun, another reading topic for them is Lu Xuns article. So make fun of yourself and apologize to them.

Beijing News: Reading questions are said to be misinterpreted or over-interpreted. What do you think of this phenomenon?

Wang Ya: I havent studied the previous articles in particular, but for this article, I dont think the teacher overinterpreted and misinterpreted my meaning. I still think that as a language teacher, the author has done a very good job, because he is standing on the language teaching thinking, so I think, from this point of view, there is no need to say anything about others, no blame.

Beijing News: Do you think this kind of scene is normal?

Wang Ya: Yes. As an educator, parent or writer, I view education with a calm mind. A countrys education is the foundation of a country. If we want to criticize it all the time, we should give more understanding and support to make it develop more naturally.


The phenomenon of the author misinterprets the authors original intention is generally contrary to basic principles.

This is a typical and common phenomenon at the present stage of Chinese teaching in middle schools. On the afternoon of the 21st, there was a discrepancy between the proposers standard answer and the original authors intention. A reporter from the Beijing News called Chu Chaojun, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences.

Chu Chaojun believes that this is a reflection of imprecise practice and irresponsibility for students, and that there is a possibility of over-interpretation.

He pointed out that it was difficult for humanities to have standard answers. There are problems behind the examinations and they have not been solved in depth. These choice questions and questions seem objective, but in fact they violate basic common sense.

He adds that this phenomenon reflects that the propositioner does not understand the authors original intention at all, but uses his own ideas to interpret the authors original intention. According to public media reports, this kind of thing has not happened once or twice, if we want to further test, the problem will not happen.

Writersworks are independent texts. Everyone can have different perspectives of interpretation.

In view of the voice pointed out that the current middle school stage of language teaching and examination, there is a high article intentions, over-interpretation problem, said Li Junjunjunjunjunjunjunjunjun, associate professor of Humanities College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, but gave another voice.

Li Jun did not rule out the above-mentioned situation. He believed that the appearance of this phenomenon is very normal. He told the Beijing News that because the proposer read the meaning according to the raw materials, and the original author answered the questions according to his own ideas, not necessarily able to understand the propositioners ideas, it was normal to get 6 points.

Li Junjunjun explained that Chinese learning in senior high school mainly focuses on studentsthinking training and text interpretation. Standard answers also need to be studied through collective discussion. According to such requirements, it is normal for the author himself to fail to get high marks.

He further pointed out that the combination of literary appreciation and Chinese examination is not particularly close, but in this case, there is still a certain relationship with literary appreciation. There is a saying in literary appreciation that there are a thousand Hamlet in the hearts of a thousand readers, including Mr. Cao Yus Thunderstorm, after which some readers asked him what his intention was. He also said that everyone has a heart of Hamlet. Theres Thunderstorm for everyone.

Li Junjunjun has also discussed with other authors whether Thunderstorm has other connotations, and the answer is maybe, maybe not. He said that the works written by writers are independent texts, and different people have different perspectives and ideas of interpretation.

Source: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331, responsible editor of Beijing News