Diamond painting fraud: dont cheat hundreds of people after receiving margin

 Diamond painting fraud: dont cheat hundreds of people after receiving margin

Contracts signed by the entrusted company with diamond painting processors. Respondents Map

The glue and granules used by diamond painters to stick diamond paintings can only be left idle at home. Respondents Map

I wanted to earn a little processing fee to subsidize my family, but I didnt expect to be cheated out of thousands of deposits. Recently, Beijing News reporters received reports from various parts of the country that many companies in Beijing had lost their connection after cheating the processors for their margins in the name of diamond painting instead of processing.

As a kind of handicraft, diamond painting can be finished by pasting flat-bottomed artificial crystals of different colors onto the designed patterns one by one, which is simpler and easier to handle than cross-stitch. These companies recruit processors nationwide in the name of diamond painting processing and promise to buy back their products. However, many processors found that they refused to buy back because their products were not qualified, and refused to return the margin. Some companies even lost contact immediately after receiving the margin paid by the processors.

Reporter survey found that there are dozens of such companies in Beijing, although the names are different, but the content of the contract signed by the processors is the same, many companies have long been unable to contact the industry and Commerce Department included in the list of business anomalies.

You can make a lot of money at home

In September last year, Chen Ping, who lives in Yunnan and just resigned from the company, took over the diamond painting processing business of Beijing Deshengrong Trading Co., Ltd. through Internet search in order to find something to do for herself, and entered handicraft products on Baidu and popped up their companys advertising links.

In advertising, the company claims to be a diamond painting design, research and development, production and sales of brand enterprises, and diamond painting generation processing described as zero threshold, high-profit emerging industries.

Li Mengjia, a salesman of the company, told Chen Ping that the company would send the raw materials needed for processing diamond paintings free of charge and buy back the finished products after they were made, and make a lot of money at home. Chen Pings contract shows that she has received 30 words and 10 four-character works from the company. After production, the company will buy back 128 yuan for each word and 298 yuan for each four-character. According to this calculation, Chen Ping can earn 6820 yuan after finishing the processing.

But in order to prevent losses to the company, users need to pay a deposit of 2600 yuan when they first cooperate. Li Mengjia also issued Chen Ping a business license and instructed Chen Ping to dial 114 for company information. After inquiring about the companys real existence according to the instructions, Chen Ping paid the deposit quickly.

Shortly after, Chen Ping received raw materials such as glue for diamond paintings and well-designed canvas. More than two months later, Chen Ping finally completed all her works, but at this time she was told that none of them was qualified. According to the contract, the price of the raw materials in Chen Pings hands is less than 100 yuan, but the penultimate article of the contract also stipulates that when the quality standard of the processed products is less than 30% of the total quantity of the goods, the deposit will not be refunded and the liability for breach of contract shall be borne.

Chen Ping asked why she was not qualified. Li, a self-proclaimed technical consultant of the company, told her, The sticking is not strong, maybe the local climate is too humid.

Similarly, there is no finished product qualified by Xia Yan from Fujian. How is it possible that none of them is qualified? They began to suspect that all this was a long-planned hoax.

Unable to Find a Film Subsidiary Company

In fact, its not only Xia Yan and Chen Ping who keep the deposit on account of their unqualified works. They have formed various groups to protect their rights and found that hundreds of diamond painters have the same experience. In a group of more than 160 defenders, reporters found that such a company in Beijing is not only De Sheng Rong. Among them, Beijing Taoyuan Chenxi Trading Co., Ltd., Beijing Tirui Sunshine Trading Co., Ltd., Beijing Tangyun Huacai International Trade Co., Ltd., and Beijing Maohong Guangyi International Trade Co., Ltd. have been complained many times.

The raw materials they sent were so inferior that they could not make the products they wanted. Lin Xi from Gansu said. After receiving the raw materials, she asked to return the raw materials and return the deposit, but the companys phone call never passed.

New Beijing News reporter inquired about industrial and commercial information and found that these companies registered early, but in 2018 changed the new legal representative and management. Besides Tang Yunhua Cai Company, all of them are listed in the list of abnormal operations because they can not be contacted.

The reporter called Li Mengjia, a salesman of Beijing Deshengrong Business and Trade Co., Ltd. to inquire about the quality of raw materials. The other side said that all raw materials are imported and the process is carried out according to the contract. Im just the Merchants Department, if you need to find a company. But she refused to provide the companys actual business address and other contact information, and immediately hung up the phone.

According to the mailing address provided by Chen Ping and others, their products were all mailed to the 5th building of Yueyang No. 1 Yuan, Chaoyang District. January 20, the reporter visited and found that the address is a residential area, the reporter dialed many times to receive phone calls, has been unanswered. The district property office staff told reporters that building 5 has no company registration records.

Reporters tried to contact the sales staff of several other companies. These calls were either empty or suspended. They could not get in touch.

Diamond painting scams are emerging in endlessly

New Beijing News reporters found that many diamond painting frauds had been investigated before. Last May, the police in Wanzhou, Chongqing, received numerous reports of fraudulent diamond paintings. After careful investigation, they finally captured 17 suspects from Chongqing Xinghongyao Trading Co., Ltd. and seized 28 mobile phones, 10 computers, speech templates, notebooks and other items on the spot.

According to the case handling police, the company has a professional organizational structure, divided into responsible persons, finance, technicians and salesmen. In the early days, the company issued information about processing diamond paintings and recycling through online bullet window advertisements, and collected customer telephone calls, etc. Then, each salesman calls the customer according to the words prepared by the company, and falsely claims that the company has sales channels abroad, and all processed diamond paintings are recycled uniformly, in order to lure the customer into being deceived. Then, through the way of WeChat and Alipay transfer, collect the deposit, and send the contract, raw materials, etc. to the customers.

When customers painstakingly make diamond paintings and mail them to the company, they claim that they are not qualified for acceptance for various reasons and do not refund the deposit.

According to the preliminary investigation of the police, since the company was registered and established, more than 100 people have been defrauded. The amount involved is about 500,000 yuan, and the victims are found in more than 20 provinces throughout the country.

Last February, Wuhan police seized a fraud case of diamond painting agent processing. After collecting a deposit, they decided that the diamond painting was unqualified and refused to refund the deposit for various reasons. The police caught 12 suspects on the spot, and the amount involved in the fraud amounted to more than 500,000 yuan.

Film Subsidiaries Suspected of Contract Fraud

Hundreds of stores can be retrieved by importing diamond paintings on Taobao, but most of these stores sell raw materials for diamond paintings. One of the better-selling shop owners told reporters that finished diamond paintings could not be sold at all. First, its more expensive. Second, its mainly a pleasure to make diamond paintings.

The shop owner also said that no glue is needed to make diamond paintings, because the canvas itself is sticky and can be pasted directly. Its very simple to do this. If the raw materials are available without any problems, there will be no sticking problems. We often receive information from victims.

Pan Xiang, partner of Guangdong Zhongan Law Firm and arbitrator of Shenzhen International Arbitration Court, said that although there have been many diamond painting frauds in China, the routines and patterns of the film subsidiaries involved in the case are basically the same. If it does not engage in the business of diamond painting itself, only under the guise of diamond painting, recruits processors, fabricates facts, conceals the truth, takes illegal possession as the purpose, defrauds processorsdeposits, and is suspected of contract fraud under the criminal law, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. (In this article, the aliases of Xia Yan, Chen Ping and Linxi System)

Source: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331, responsible editor of Beijing News