More than 100 students in Jincheng, Shanxi Province are unable to take the college entrance examination: near the third year of senior high school missing

 More than 100 students in Jincheng, Shanxi Province are unable to take the college entrance examination: near the third year of senior high school missing

According to Voice of China News, parents of students recently reported to the CCTV news hotline that their children were enrolled in a boarding private school called Fenglan School in Jincheng, Shanxi Province, but only when they reached the second year of senior high school did they find that they had no academic status and could not get their diploma to take the College entrance examination in the future. It is understood that Fenglan School has more than 100 students who are not enrolled in the second year of senior high school. At present, the school has not given a solution, the local education department said that the problem of student status can not be solved, students can participate in the college entrance examination through social registration in the future. Why did a year and a half before the students knew they had no status? Whats wrong with this Fenglan school?

Hundreds of students are not enrolled in the school, but many of them are still unknown.

From November 2018, the students in Senior Three of Fenglan School in Jincheng said that they had registered for the pre-graduation examination and were asked to fill in their registration number before they found that they had no status. Mr. Liu, a students parent, told China Voice that his child is currently a sophomore at Fenglan School in Jincheng, Shanxi Province. After hearing the news that there are no students in Senior Three, he rushed to the Bureau of Education to inquire. The inquiry results showed that there is no information about his childrens status in the system of Jincheng Bureau of Education. Mr. Liu told reporters: Listening to what others have said, we immediately inquired to see if our son has (school status). As soon as we inquired, we went to the Education Bureau to check the files, and also to the school to ask, (only then found) hundreds of students did not have school status. There is no sons status in the education system, and by the end of the third year of senior high school next year, he will not be able to get his diploma.

Tian Eye Check Data Platform shows that the legal representative of Fenglan School in Jincheng is Wang Fenglan. The registration date is May 2010 and the registered capital is 50,000 yuan. Mr. Liu introduced that local schools with better teaching conditions in Jincheng include Jincheng No. 1 Middle School and No. 2 Middle School, and Fenglan School scored relatively low. At the beginning, when enrolling, he mainly considered that he wanted his son to attend a high school instead of a vocational high school or a technical secondary school to apply for Fenglan School. The school also promised to do not worry about school roll and other issues, but after one and a half years of reading, students and parents found that because they did not have school roll, they could not even get their diploma, or they might not be able to participate in the college entrance examination through regular channels.

Mr. Liu: Because his school (Fenglan School) does not say the score line, as long as you come, I will accept it. At the time of enrollment, the school meant that your son could do anything for you, so he went to this school to study. Like good teaching, these schools in Jincheng No. 1 Middle School and No. 2 Middle School can not enter because of their sons low score. Later, Fenglan School said it could enroll students. At that time, my son could also go to vocational school. Later, he said it was Pugao. He didnt want to go to vocational school. Lets say Pugao. Now that we are a sophomore in senior high school, we know that our son has no academic status.

Another parent, Ms. Zhou, who is a sophomore at Fenglan Middle School, said that the current exposure of students without school status is in grades 2016 and 2017, which are now the third and second grades of senior high school. Ms. Zhou said that in the second year of senior high school, for example, there were more than 700 students in 12 classes and about 300 students in the schools general enrollment plan. That is to say, nearly 400 students in the second year of senior high school alone may not have their academic status. Because many students are still unknown, the number still needs to be confirmed by the school and the education bureau.

Ms. Zhou: The school enrollment is about 300, our children have 12 classes this year, enrolled more than 700 people.

Reporter: It means that the remaining 400 people may not have a school record?

Ms. Zhou: Yes, there is no school record, but most parents still do not know. I was also asked by another parent a week ago that your child is studying in Fenglan School. Does your child have a school status? I was stunned by the question. How do I feel that I may not be a student? Then I took my ID card, the childs registered permanent residence book, I went to the Municipal Bureau of Education to check, he (staff) said that you are not enrolled, so there is no school registration, this matter you can only go to the school, is the school to recruit more (students).

Schools say that every year there is a willingness to provide solutions to the shortcomings, but school status is still beyond remedy.

Is the situation of over-enrollment true? Fenglan School officials said that, like the situation of students without school status before each year, every year also properly solved the problem, the school is communicating with parents to find solutions.

In fact, some parents in senior three of this year said that this situation must be solved immediately. In fact, some parents did not understand this situation. Now it is a good thing to solve this problem, not to say that we will not solve this problem. Now Jincheng Education Bureau has developed a plan. To solve this problem, parents are being consulted about the immaturity of this scheme.

Some parents revealed that the so-called solution is that there is no way to remedy studentsstatus. Students either choose to transfer to higher education or register for the college entrance examination in the form of social examinees. It is generally difficult for parents to accept such a scheme. In response, the parents explained to reporters: They (Fenglan School) said that there are two plans, one is to transfer to a higher level, but he did not say that transfer to a higher level has a school status or how. Another one is to sign an agreement, which means that there is no high school diploma without a student number, but he (school) can give a proof that the same academic ability can participate in the college entrance examination.

The Education Bureau is looking for appropriate solutions and will hold schools accountable.

Jincheng Education Bureau, the relevant person in charge, is currently looking for appropriate solutions to the problem, but on the Fenglan school should be enrolled in the scale and the scale of excess students, etc., did not make a detailed description.

Now accountability must be pursued, schools must be held accountable, we (Jincheng Education Bureau) should be held accountable, higher authorities should be held accountable for our responsibilities, we should also be held accountable for the responsibility of schools, but this fact has already happened.

So who should be held accountable? How to solve the problem of childrens status? Voice of China will continue to pay attention to the progress of the incident.

Source: Voice of China Responsible Editor: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331