Maotai Far Employee Gift Pack: Up 1500 yuan per person per month in advance of performance pay

 Maotai Far Employee Gift Pack: Up 1500 yuan per person per month in advance of performance pay

Guizhou Maotai Group held its first Party Committee in 2019, according to the official website of Guizhou Maotai Group on Sunday. After listening to some suggestions and reports on improving the treatment of employees, members of the Party Committee of the Group discussed and decided that in 2018, the companys post performance salary will increase by 6.27%, and the employees will be given birth allowance and supplementary medical insurance fund balance. Starting from 2019, each employee has increased his or her performance salary by 1500 yuan per month. This is a New Years gift package from the company for employees.

Last May, the State Council issued the Opinion on Reforming the Wage Decision Mechanism of State-owned Enterprises, which calls for the establishment and improvement of a wage decision and normal growth mechanism that is basically adapted to the labor market, linked to the economic benefits of enterprises and labor productivity. At the end of last year, the State Assets Management Commission of the State Council promulgated the Measures for the Administration of Total Wages of Central Enterprises, which clearly and comprehensively implements the budget management of total wages. In recent years, Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Guizhou and other places have also issued intensive suggestions on the reform of wage determination mechanism of local state-owned enterprises. The total wages after the reform will be determined according to multiple indicators.

Maotai, Guizhou Province, said that in recent years, the development of Maotai has continued to improve, and all indicators have maintained a high growth rate. These achievements are inseparable from the efforts and efforts of the staff. In the current situation in Maotai, there are conditions for employees to enjoy higher incomes.

Considering the current policy orientation and the reality of Maotai, Li Baofang pointed out that the first thing is to study new docking policies. Employeesinterests are nothing trivial, we must attach great importance to, genuinely care about, and earnestly maintain. The reform of wage determination mechanism in state-owned enterprises is an important content of improving modern enterprise system and an important task of deepening the reform of income distribution system. The comprehensive implementation of wage reform in state-owned enterprises will promote a more rational and orderly distribution of income, help fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of cadres and staff, further stimulate the creativity of enterprises, improve market competitiveness, and promote state-owned capital to become stronger, better and bigger.

Second, we should actively explore feasible ways. The Measures promulgated successively by the State Council and the Guizhou Provincial Government clearly stipulate that the total wages of commercial enterprises in fully competitive industries and fields shall be managed on the basis of the record system in principle. The annual total wage budget shall be decided by the board of directors of enterprises independently on the premise of abiding by the law and regulations. SASASASAC shall change from pre-examination to pre-guidance, in-event monitoring and after-event supervision. In this sense, Maotai is in line with industry and field conditions. In accordance with the principle of the growth rate of the total wage in that year should be determined within the economic growth rate of that year, we should actively explore feasible measures and methods that are warm, stable and popular under possible and permissible conditions so as to obtain more tangible benefits for employees as far as possible.

Thirdly, we should design and arrange the system scientifically. As a production and manufacturing entity enterprise, Maotai should adhere to the basic ideas and principles of respecting labor, creating and value, tilt to the front-line and key positions in production, and truly share the achievements of reform and development in Maotai.

Source: Dai Lili_NN4994, Responsible Editor of the First Finance and Economics Network