Proud farmers share the companys claim to hide African swine plague.

 Proud farmers share the companys claim to hide African swine plague.

Beijing news bulletin January 21st, Ao agricultural biological bulletin said that its stake of 10% stake in the company Jiangsu and China, the incidence of African swine plague, the incidence of 2452, 1369 deaths, Jiangsu plus China needs open space for some time, temporarily unable to confirm the resumption of business hours. Jiangsu Jiahua also was named by the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas for concealing the situation of African swine plague.

Shareholding companies found 1369 African swine fever pigs dead

According to the announcement, in January 12th, the Information Office of the Ministry of agriculture and Rural Affairs issued a case of African swine plague in Siyang County of Jiangsu province. Jiangsu Jiahua Pig Breeding Co., Ltd., a 10% shareholding company of Fujian Ao Nong Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd., is the breeding enterprise of the epidemic of swine fever in Africa. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, as of January 12, 68 969 live pigs, 2 452 sick pigs and 1 369 dead pigs were kept in two farms under the jurisdiction of Jiahua, Jiangsu Province.

Ao Nong Biological Data shows that as of December 31, 2018, 15 pig companies have been put into operation under its control, and 18 companies are still in the stage of preparation or construction and have not yet been put into operation.* There were 304*000 sows in stock and 417*000 live pigs in 2018. At present, the newly constructed (expanded) pig farm has 12 thousand production capacity, and its own construction (expansion) and partners are under construction (after the completion of the project is operated by the company). The total output of the sows is about 60 thousand. Up to now, Ao Nong said that the production and operation of pig farms were normal, and there was no suspected African swine plague. The newly completed and built pig farms had no epidemic problems because they had not yet entered pigs.

Jiangsu Jiahua was criticized for failing to fulfil its duty of epidemic reporting

At the same time, on January 18, the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued a Circular of the Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on the Investigation of African Swine Fever Epidemic in Two Recent Large-scale Breeding Enterprises. It was reported that Jiahua, Jiangsu Province, was established in December 2011. After investigation, the enterprise had the situation of inadequate vehicle management, imperfect epidemic prevention system and tampering with breeding data.

At the same time, the enterprise fails to fulfill its duty of reporting epidemic situation in dealing with the epidemic situation. It was reported that the abnormal death of pigs occurred in Jiahua, Jiangsu Province, in early December 2018. Samples were collected privately and sent to a third-party testing agency for detection. After being told that the test results were positive for African swine fever virus nucleic acid, the local animal husbandry and veterinary department was still not reported. In addition, there are still some problems in Jiahua, Jiangsu Province, such as inaccurate provision of information related to animal epidemic prevention activities, intentional evasion of quarantine and so on.

In response, Ao Nong Biology said that the company is currently a shareholder in Jiahua, Jiangsu Province, with a 10% shareholding ratio. Zhejiang Jiahua Pig Breeding Co., Ltd. holds 90% of its shares. Jiahua, Jiangsu Province, is not included in the Ao Nong Biology Consolidated Statement. However, at the risk level, according to the epidemic investigation in Jiahua, Jiangsu Province, which is covered by the Circular of the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on January 18, there may be no compulsory killing subsidy in Jiahua, Jiangsu Province, and there are uncertainties as to whether the bio-asset losses caused by the epidemic can be compensated by insurance, and the follow-up needs to be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions and requirements of the state. Only after the empty space of time can the aquaculture production be resumed. At present, the time for the resumption of aquaculture operation can not be accurately estimated.

Source: Yang Yi_NBJ10647, Responsible Editor of Beijing Newspaper