Men hit and run and let their wives pay for their wives: The reason why they run away without alcohol is fear.

 Men hit and run and let their wives pay for their wives: The reason why they run away without alcohol is fear.

On January 11, Shandong Linyi police reported a bizarre car accident.

According to police briefings and Shandong Satellite TV reports, at about 2:30 a.m. on January 10, 2019, a black BYD car crashed into a 56-year-old pedestrian at the intersection of Niushan Road and No Road in Linzi District, Zibo City, Shandong Province. Subsequently, the driver abandoned his car to escape and ordered his wife, who was still breastfeeding, to carry his bag. Surprisingly, the traffic police confirmed that the pedestrian who was killed was a suspect in a nearby homicide.

The next day, the driver surrendered himself.

Families of perpetrators

Villagers: Their family is really poor. Six of them live in the village.

On January 17, Red Star journalists saw Liu Meijuan, the wife of Li Jianguo, the driver of the accident, and Zhang Yulan, his mother.

Li Jianguo and his family live in Dujiazhuang, a village far from Linzi. Because of the cold weather, the ground in Dujiazhuang is frozen with a lot of warm condensate water. No one was seen in the village, and occasionally only the elderly cleaners who cleaned the village appeared.

A taxi driver told Red Star News that Dujiazhuang was basically a rural area in Linzi, and few people would go there on their own initiative.

An older villager in Dujiazhuang said that Li Jianguo and Liu Meijuan were both in their early 30s. Young people like them seldom lived in the village, because those with better conditions would go downtown to buy houses. So their families are really poor, they have no money, and all six of them live in the village together.

Many villagers confirmed to Red Star News that Zhang Yulan, Li Jianguos mother, was the village cleaner, responsible for road cleaning in a quarter of the village. One villager also stressed that the job of road cleaner was a special help given by the village committee to see the economic difficulties of Li Jianguos family.

Zhang Yulan was indifferent to her sons car accident some time ago. She told Red Star News that she did not know anything about it except that she knew it had happened. At my age, how can I have the energy to take care of the younger generations affairs? They dont say, and I dont ask.

Zhang Yulan told Red Star News that she did not have a harmonious relationship with her sons daughter-in-law and did not communicate much with her son except taking children. Therefore, she said she did not know anything about the details of the accident. She said she did not even know his sons work content, working hours and working place.

A villager in Dujiazhuang told Red Star News that at present, there are six people in Li Jianguos family. Zhang Yulan is the only one who has stable income source. She works as a village road cleaner, and her salary is about 600 yuan a month. Li Jianguos father has bad legs and cant work, so he has no income. Then Li Jianguos couple seem to have no fixed jobs. Liu Meijuan takes children full-time at home, Li The founding of the Peoples Republic is doing odd jobs.

Wife: Husband didnt drink. He ran away because he was afraid.

Ten days after the accident happened, a taxi driver in Linzi District told Red Star News that the incident is now in full swing in Linzi. He said that many people told him that Li Jianguo, the driver of the accident, was drunk driving at the time of the accident, but he was not sure whether the drunk driving rumors were true.

As for the rumors of drunk driving, Liu Meijuan told Red Star News that her husband had been driving according to traffic regulations all the time on his way home. At that intersection, he did not run a red light, nor did he drive drunk. Therefore, if he wanted to be judged, he should be the sole responsibility of Wang Mou, a pedestrian.

Liu Meijuan said that her husband fled simply because he was afraid. Who is not afraid of such a thing?

Liu Meijuan refused to talk about more details of the accident. She said she had been so upset that she had not slept well for several nights. After her husband surrendered, she never met him again. She was not sure how far the specific incident had progressed.

According to local villagers, Liu Meijuan and her husband still have two children. The eldest son is in the fourth grade of primary school, and the younger one is just over a month. Liu Meijuan told Red Star News that she had not yet told her eldest son about this matter, fearing that it would bring psychological shadow to the children.

According to Shandong Satellite TV, after the accident, the local traffic police detachment took Liu Meijuan, who was an impostor. When Liu Meijuan was interrogated by the local traffic police brigade, the foreword did not follow the hindsight and the details of the accident could not even be restored. Later, the local traffic police detachment checked the surveillance camera, and she explained the fact of replacing her husband.

On January 19, Red Star News contacted Yiyongshan, the head of accident handling section of Linzi traffic police brigade, who was responsible for handling the accident. Yiyongshan said that he did not accept any media interviews and could not disclose more details about the accident.

Homicide suspect family

Security guard: I heard that he suffered from mental illness and stubborn personality.

Red Star News reporters learned that local traffic police checked the surveillance video again after the accident, and found that the victims were abnormal. After a follow-up investigation, it turned out that the 56-year-old victim was the suspect of a homicide that day. The victim had a quarrel with his daughter-in-law around 0:30 a.m. on the 10th, and stabbed him. His daughter-in-law died of ineffective rescue.

It is reported that Wang Yonglin, who was killed in a car accident, originally lived in Kangping Commercial City. Kangping Business District is located next to the automobile city in Linzi District, and the surrounding shops are mostly made of building materials and auto parts. ?

On January 19, the Red Star journalist came to Wang Yonglins home. At present, there is no one living in his home. On the door, there is a notice of the gas companys safety inspection visit. The date of payment is January 12.

According to the neighbors, Wang Yonglins family has moved away, but they do not know when they moved.

A security guard at Kangping Business City told Red Star News that Wang Yonglin was suspected of suffering from mental illness and had a stubborn personality and refused to listen to dissuasion. The security guard said that he had seen Wang Yonglin walking downstairs in slippers in winter, and his daughter-in-law, Yu Fenghua, repeatedly called him upstairs, but he refused. When asked about Wang Yonglins usual performance, the security guard said that he did not have much contact with Wang Yonglin and that Wang Yonglin did not often go downstairs.

Neighbor: There is no perennial discord, daughter-in-law has a good personality

But Wang Yonglins neighbour told Red Star News that he had never heard of Wang Yonglins mental illness. Besides, he had never heard Wang Yonglins quarrel with his daughter-in-law on weekdays, so there was no so-called perennial discord: How can it be perennial discord? How can he (Wang Yonglin) tolerate living with his daughter-in-law if there is a long-term discord?

The neighbor also told Red Star News that Wang Yonglin had a grandson who was in the fourth grade of primary school and was studying in a primary school near the community.

A resident of Kangping Commercial and Trade City said that Wang Wei, Wang Yonglins son, is currently working in the factory. Because he needs three shifts, he often sees him working at night. Previously, Wang Wei had worked as a takeout distributor for a period of time. At that time, Wang Weis wife, Yu Fenghua, also worked with him as a takeout distributor. Speaking of Fenghua, the resident said he had a good personality and good neighborhood relations.

Regarding the progress of Wang Yonglins suspected murder case, the Red Star journalist contacted Xindian police station in Linzi District to investigate the case. Officer Jia of Xindian police station told Red Star News that at present, because the case is being investigated, it is inconvenient to disclose too much information.

Source: Red Star News Responsible Editor: Ji Xueying_NN6784