The 53rd Super Bowl will be at its peak on New Years Eve

 The 53rd Super Bowl will be at its peak on New Years Eve

In the first half of the game, Patriots first attack took 8 minutes, Mitchell made many dashes, Brady kept looking for Gronkowski, pushed steadily to the Red Zone, Mitchell made a final decision, Patriot 7:0. The Chieftains offensive team was a bit slow, and Maholmes was captured one after another. But the chieftains defence team succeeded in intercepting Bradys short biography of Lugronkowski in the middle of the scoring line at a critical moment when the Patriots arrived at the first yard of the scoring line. Maholmes regained some form and the two teams exchanged but abandoned each other alternately. Since then, Patriots have taken the first attack through running guard White, Brady suddenly connected the long-pass line to Dorset, Patriots 14:0 in the first half.

After the second half, Chief quarterback Patrick Maholms connected Watkins to find Kelsida, and the Chief quickly chased the score at 7:14. After several short passes by Brady, Guskosky hit a free kick with a patriot of 17:7. At the turn of the 3rd and 4th quarter, Maholmes found William Stadt in front of the scoring line in a series of passes under the pressure of impulse passes. The Chief approached the score at 14:17. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Patriots chose four strokes at about 25 places in the Chieftains half. The Chieftains defensive team withstood the strokes and regained the balls right. Unfortunately, the chieftain failed to seize the opportunity and abandoned it. Edelman and his patriots, who escaped the robbery, were immediately hit hard. Edelman took the ball off and the ball was intercepted by the Chief. The chieftain arrived at the battle quickly and overtook it at 21:17. Brady then guided a wave of 75 yards forward, reasonably allocated the ball to different teammates, and eventually arrived by Mitchells midway dash, the Patriots regained the lead, 24:21.

In the middle and back of the fourth quarter, the two teams launched a frantic confrontation, which allowed the two teams to take the lead four times in succession, together with fouls and slow mirror replays, all the fanshearts mentioned their voices. With only two minutes left in the game, the Patriots pushed forward quickly. First, Hogan was found to have failed to catch the ball after playback, and then the Chief offside made the interception invalid. After the twists and turns of Bradys successful connection to Gronkowski, Burkhead rush to the battlefield, patriots regain the advantage, 31:28. With 39 seconds to go, Maholmes hit a consecutive pass. With 16 seconds to go to the top 20 yards of the scoring line, the Chiefs free kick hit a steady 31:31 draw. Maholmes of the Big Heart came to the free kick area in a limited time, and the Chiefs free kick hit and dragged the game into overtime.

In overtime, patriots guessed that the coin got the right to attack first. Brady connected Edelman several times to push forward, and looked for Gronkowski to take the first attack. Burkhead rushed to the battlefield, Patriots to the battlefield, and the game ended. Brady, 41, the legend goes on, Maholmes, 23, the new king is yet to be crowned. The intensity of the American League Final and the reversal of the plot involved in it are even more amazing.