Foreign Ministry Response to Canadian Quebec Mayors Cancellation of Visit Plan to China

 Foreign Ministry Response to Canadian Quebec Mayors Cancellation of Visit Plan to China

Q: According to Canadian media reports, the mayor of Quebec, Rabom, has cancelled his planned visit to China in March because of the reminder from the Shanghai Office of the Quebec Provincial Government. The report quoted sources as saying that it would be difficult for Raru to meet with Chinese counterpart officials during his visit to China. Can China confirm that? It is also reported that the Canadian Chancellors Office issued a statement saying that Chancellor Trudeau spoke to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and thanked Germany for its open support for Canada. He also spoke with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong about the Canadian-Chinese dispute. What is Chinas comment on this?

A: On your first question, China is not aware of Canadas plans for visiting China. We have always supported normal exchanges between local governments and people from all walks of life between China and Canada.

On the second question, we have taken note of the relevant reports. The Canadian practice reminds us of a Chinese idiom - bluffing.

First of all, the Canadian side is engaged in microphone diplomacy to try to attract some countries to help themselves, which can not change the nature of the incident, nor help solve the problem. Secondly, the Canadian side thanks some so-called allies for their open support, but we note that the German side mentioned by the Canadian side has not released relevant information, so I do not know where the German open support comes from. In addition, the Canadian side also mentioned Singapore. We note the new media report that all countries should follow due process of law in dealing with cases involving foreign citizens. Thats quite true, because China upholds the spirit of the rule of law and handles relevant cases in strict accordance with legal procedures. We hope that the Canadian side will do the same. I would like to urge the Canadian side once again to rectify its erroneous practices immediately, respect the spirit of the rule of law, respect Chinas judicial sovereignty and stop making irresponsible statements.

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