Which big cafes and grass roots did the Prime Minister invite to make suggestions for the governments work report?

 Which big cafes and grass roots did the Prime Minister invite to make suggestions for the governments work report?

Widely listening to and absorbing opinions and suggestions from all walks of life and grassroots people, so as to make the government work report more in line with public opinion, this is the necessary procedure for the government to perform its duties and duties. Welcome to speak freely and frankly. Premier Li Keqiang came to the fore at a forum on January 18.

In the afternoon of the same day, Li Keqiang chaired a symposium to listen to the views and suggestions of people from education, science and technology, culture, health, sports and grass-roots mass representatives on the Report on the Work of the Government (Draft for Opinions). Seven delegates made suggestions on the government work report in light of the current situation in their respective fields of work.

Li Keqiang listened attentively and responded positively. He said that under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core, China made new achievements in economic and social development last year, which fully demonstrates the strength of the people. To do a good job in this years government work, we still need to rely on the common struggle of the people and stimulate market vitality to withstand the downward pressure of the economy.

We should adhere to the people-centered development idea and take the peoples expectations as the direction of governance. Your opinions reflect the expectations of all sectors of society and grassroots people. The government should focus on solving the key and difficult problems of peoples livelihood and promoting the coordinated development of economy and society. Li Keqiang stressed.

Education concerns the future of every family and country and is an important support for economic development.

Yang Fujia, president of Nottingham University in Ningbo, proposed that various types of institutions of higher learning should be developed to meet the needs of the country. In addition to vigorously supporting research universities, the state should also actively support general universities and higher vocational colleges, so as to make education more responsive to the needs of social development, and also make education more fair and quality. Yang Fujia said, The difference between students is not mainly in scores, but in the mind of the fire, once you find the fire in your mind, he takes off.

Li Keqiang agrees with President Yang Fujia. At the same time, the Prime Minister also held interactive discussions with him on how to develop vocational education and promote the development of various types of institutions of higher learning.

Li Keqiang said that education concerns the future of every family and country and is an important support for economic development. We should continue to improve the length of education per capita and the quality of the whole people. The average length of education of the working-age population in China has reached 1.05 years, with 900 million workers and 170 million highly educated or skilled personnel. This is the greatest advantage of Chinas labor force competition and the underpinning of Chinas development.

Xue Qikun, Vice President of Tsinghua University, made suggestions on high-quality scientific and technological innovation and integration of science and education. He said that the real hard technology is based on deep basic research. Basic research and applied research must be coordinated and promoted.

Li Keqiang said that scientific and technological innovation is the key to support Chinas economic development, and basic research determines the breadth and depth of scientific and technological innovation. We should better stimulate the creative potential of scientific researchers, strengthen basic research, break through the bottleneck technology that restricts development, enhance comprehensive national strength and benefit the people.

There are many courses in inheritance of craftsmanship and craftsmanship that need to be supplemented urgently.

Wang Shu, Dean of the Academy of Architectural Arts of China Academy of Fine Arts, spoke as a representative of the cultural circles. He put forward suggestions on protecting urban and rural characteristics and inheritance of craftsmanship: traditional craftsmanship is nearly lost, high-level craftsmen are the last batch, and the youngest are around 60 years old. At present, they mainly rely on teachers, hoping that the state will support the training of traditional craftsmanship.

Li Keqiang said: China, as a big construction country, has developed rapidly in recent decades in both architectural design and engineering construction, but there are many courses to be filled urgently in the inheritance of craftsmanship, craftsmanship spirit and so on.

He said that we should promote the development of Vocational Education in terms of system and mechanism, train a large number of craftsmen from all walks of life, and at the same time promote the spirit of craftsmen and cultivate the culture of craftsmen in manufacturing, service and other aspects, so as to better support high-quality development and meet peoples spiritual and cultural needs.

Feng Gong, head of the China Broadcasting Arts Troupe, made suggestions on improving social governance and promoting the healthy development of the film and television industry by relying on the construction of the rule of law. The Prime Minister responded that social governance should not only improve the rule of law, but also exert the power of cultural accomplishment and moral concepts.

The problem of expired vaccines must never recur

In his speech, Ni Xin, President of Beijing Childrens Hospital, put forward some suggestions, such as strengthening the prevention and control of childrens chronic diseases, supporting the social medical service, strengthening the management of vaccines, and improving the sense of price reduction of drugs.

Li Keqiang asked about the incidence of chronic childhood diseases in China and urged relevant departments to study the above problems.

This year, we should strive for a significant reduction in the price of drugs for key chronic diseases, so that patients can have a real feeling. Li Keqiang said, On the issue of vaccines, the people must be assured that strict supervision must be exercised so that the problem of expired vaccines can never happen again.

Wu Dajing, captain of Chinas short track speed skating team, made suggestions on the development of ice and snow sports. Li Keqiang said that we should seize the opportunity to organize the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and promote the level of ice and snow sports in China. Overall development of competitive sports and mass fitness, and constantly improve the health level of the whole people.

We should create more and wider access to wealth so that the peasants can earn money, have money and earn money.

As a grass-roots representative of the masses, Cai Xue, head of the Agricultural and Fung Rice Cooperative in Shulan, Jilin Province, is a new type of professional peasant after 90. After graduating from university, she returned home to start her own business. Today, there are 50 members in the cooperative. The rice planting area is 2800 mu. The average annual income of each member is more than 3000 yuan. In her speech, she suggested that the government should strengthen the supervision of organic green agricultural products market and further improve the incentive mechanism for rural rejuvenation talents.

The Premier said: There are mature international practices to protect the origin and brand identity. Relevant departments should actively study and draw lessons from them, and strengthen the protection through network technology positioning and providing testing equipment, so as to promote the healthy development of green and high-quality agricultural products in China.

We need to create more and wider access to wealth, so that the broad masses of farmers canearn money, have money to earn, earn money. Li Keqiang said, Encourage and support more aspiring young people to become new professional farmers. If the vast number of farmers are really rich, it will be a great fortune for the country.