Wu Xiubos Hard Core Teaching: If you dont break up in love, you will be sentenced.

 Wu Xiubos Hard Core Teaching: If you dont break up in love, you will be sentenced.

A melon, from 2018 to 2019.

Last September, actress Chen Yulin exploded herself as a junior three and lived with married Wu Xiubo for seven years. She also said that Wu Xiubo had other junior four and junior five at the same time.

Updated in the two-day sequel, Chen Yulin was sued by Wu Xiubo for a scandal and has been taken away by the public security.

Wu Xiubo accused Gossip Girl Chen Yulin of extortion. His wife, Ke Zhenya, issued a statement saying that Chen Yulin had asked Wu Xiubo for money many times, and the amount was quite large.

Chen Yulins parents explained that Qian was Wu Xiubos voluntary break-up fee and signed an agreement to quell the scandal. Wu Xiubo only gave a small part of her bank account because it was frozen, and then called Chen Yulin to ask her to go back to China to discuss how to deal with it. As soon as she arrived at the airport, the other party was taken away by the public security bureau.


Its not yet clear what happened. But what is certain is that the point of entanglement is the break-up fee. Many people feel that:

Wu Xiubo has been with her for so many years. Whats wrong with giving her some compensation? Wu Xiubo is a real slag.

Women are no more than men. Seven years of youth have been spent on him. They must pay for the loss of youth.

Others believe that:

Why does the man have to pay for the breakup fee, the woman delayed the young man also delayed.

Girls dont take break-up fees as a way to earn money?

In fact, everyone misunderstood the cost of breaking up.

1. There is no legal basis for the breakup fee, and the breakup fee of illegal relationship is not protected by law.

Although in daily life, break-up fees often appear. But it has to be said that the breakup fee is a folk concept, which is not recognized in the law.

In a relationship, there may be many kinds of money entanglements between the two parties:

Common property; legal gift; debt and creditors rights.

All of these can resort to law to cut and protect the law after emotional breakdown. But the break-up fee cant. Generally speaking, the break-up fee refers to the compensation for the other party after the breakup of the relationship between men and women. It is also often called the youth loss fee, compensation fee and so on. There is no legal basis for such emotional compensation.

A famous chestnut is Su Feihu, a former Party Committee bookstore of Baosteel. Su Feihu and Cai Guoying lived together for 16 years, but they never got a marriage license. Later, Su Feihu married Cai Guoying under cover, and they broke up. In order to compensate Cai Guoying, Su Feihu gave her 1.33 million yuan and wrote an IOU.

Similar to Wu Xiubo, Su Feihu refused to give a small part (265,000), so Cai Guoying took him to court. The Peoples Court of Putuo District ruled in the first instance that Su Feihus debts were valid, but they did not have actual debts. They did not marry and cohabit without legal protection. The court would not force Su Feihus remaining money to give him.

The break-up fee of illegal relationship is not protected by law, and the break-up fee given may be returned.

Beijing, a man married and derailed, junior three asked to break up, the man gave 200,000 breakup fees. Later, the mans wife learned that the breakup fee was the joint property of the husband and wife, so the wife took Xiaosan to court and asked for the return of 200,000 breakup fees. The court held that the relationship between the man and the third child was illegal, and that the breakup compensation fee was contrary to social morality and did not give support. In the end, the court decided that 200,000 Xiaosan must be returned.

2. Dont assume that men dont have to break up. Its too much.

One of the biggest misunderstandings about break-up fees is that women and men want more break-up fees. Womens youth is delayed and should be compensated.

Wu Xiubo criticized this question in a TV play he once played: Is it true that mens youth is not youth?

In fact, men and women are the same in asking for money. In reality, there are more men to break up fees.

In the database of Peking University, the key words are break-up fee + extortion. A total of 9 cases were reported, of which 8 cases were boys and girls demanding break-up fee.

After replacing the key words with cohabitation + extortion, 13 cases were found. Except 2 cases involving minors, the others were money disputes and extortion caused by mens and womens feelings:

To find a young lady to open a room and be blackmailed (1)

Men and women ask for money (6)

Men and women elope and ask for money from their father (1)

Boys blackmail their boyfriends with their ex-girlfriendsprivacy (1)

That is to say, in legal cases concerning breakup fees, even if the vast majority of them are boys and girls asking for money, at least there are not a few examples of boys asking for money.

3. The cost of breaking up depends on naked photos and xxoo videos.

If you want money, you need money. Some people ask for money in a very low posture.

Nude photos and xxoo video threats are the main threats.

Among the 14 cases that men and women have to pay for breaking up, 8 of them are male threatening girls with nude photos and xxoo videos taken during their love affair.

Whats worse is to threaten your current boyfriend with nude photos of your ex-girlfriend and ask him for money.

So when it comes to naked photography, dont shoot it casually. Who knows with you, is it for the sake of breaking up the slag.

4. Breaking up fees is a real penalty.

It is not against the law to break up fees, after all, a thing without legal basis is not protected by law and will not be convicted. But if the way is wrong, you will be sentenced if you are not careful.

The crime of extortion is often associated with breakup fees.

The Criminal Law of our country stipulates that the crime of extortion refers to the act of forcibly demanding public and private property by threatening or coercing the victim for the purpose of illegal possession. Whoever extorts public or private property in a large amount or extorts it for many times shall be subject to criminal punishment.

The Interpretation of Several Questions Concerning the Application of Law in Handling Criminal Cases of Extortion stipulates the limitation of the amount of extortion and the criteria for sentencing:

Extortion of public and private property with a value of 2,000 to more than 5,000 yuan is relatively large.

From 30,000 yuan to more than 100,000 yuan, the amount is huge.

From 300,000 yuan to more than 500,000 yuan, the amount is especially huge.

The amount is particularly large and may be sentenced to more than 10 years.

If we use threats in the process of breaking up fees, we will really compensate ourselves, and the breakup fees are not free.

Jin Mou and Hong Mou (woman) had an extramarital affair for 9 years. Hongmou proposed to break up, Jinmou threatened Hongmou with evidence of their extramarital affairs, and asked Hongmou for 1.7 million yuan. Finally, Hongmou reported that Jinmou was sentenced to eight years and returned the 1.7 million yuan he had given before.

Therefore, if you do not move in love, you will have to break up fees, and you should never be a junior, because there are too many risks.

Its too difficult to wait for a formal divorce; its too risky to have a child, and its hard to get a household registration. Compensation fees are risky and may end up in jail.

Wu Xiubo, who once said that derailment is a natural phenomenon, finally appeared.

The evil of the human heart never has a bottom line. The first melon in 2019, I dont know what youre eating. Anyway, Huanhuan was shocked by this melon. The night before yesterday, Chen Yulin, an actress who had an extramarital affair with Wu Xiubo for seven years, published an open letter from her parents saying that her daughter had been arrested.