Women involved in Hebei anti-homicide case: The prosecution suggested that the release of the mother should not be adopted by the police

 Women involved in Hebei anti-homicide case: The prosecution suggested that the release of the mother should not be adopted by the police

Following the Kunshan anti-homicide case in 2018, a recent anti-homicide case in Laiyuan, Hebei Province, has attracted renewed attention. Wang Lei, a young man, was rejected for pursuing Fei Xiaofei (a pseudonym) as a female undergraduate. He was repeatedly harassed and entangled in his school and home. On the evening of July 11, 2017, Wang Lei came to Xiaofeis home with a fruit knife and an electric baton, threatening to kill his family. Xiaofei and her parents fought with him, and Wang Lei died in chaos.

Afterwards, Xiao Fei and her parents were detained in prison and arrested on August 18 last year. On that day, Xiao Fei was released on bail pending trial. Since then, the local procuratorate has recommended that the police change the compulsory measures against Xiaofeis parents, but it has not been adopted. The procuratorate has also withdrawn the case for additional evidence. At present, the public security organs have submitted additional materials, and the case is in the stage of prosecution review.

Xiaofei said that the incident had a great impact on her family and life, and she was not in the mood to continue school. Towards the Spring Festival, she only hopes that the prosecution will make a decision not to prosecute, so that her parents can return home as soon as possible, and the family will be reunited for the New Year.

Men with knives and nighttime intrusions were killed

At 11 p.m. on July 11 last year, Wang Lei came to Xiaofeis house with a fruit knife and an electric baton, climbed over the wall and entered the hospital, and shouted, You all come out, I want to kill you. After that night, Xiaofeis family and life were changed. Wang Lei died. She and her parents were injured and involved in the murder.

After hearing the dog barking that night, Xiaofeis father, Wang Xinyuan, was too anxious to wear his clothes. He took a spade and went out. He told his daughter to call the police. Xiaofeis mother, Zhao Yinzhi, dressed herself and went out. After reporting to the police, Xiao Fei saw through the window that her parents were already at a disadvantage. In a panic, she took a kitchen knife and went out.

According to Xiaofei, Wang Leis family also called the police many times because of his harassment at home. In order to prevent his harassment at the door, she also kept a dog guard house. She also prepared some self-defense tools in her bedroom, including the kitchen knife she took out at the door that night. At that time, I didnt think much about it. When I saw my father fall down through the window, I picked up the self-defense tools and went out.

Xiaofei said that when she went out, she saw that her father had fallen to the ground, while her mother was begging Wang Lei to leave. Seeing me come out, he stopped beating my father, stabbed me in the stomach, tied my neck with his arm, and held me with a knife. When my mother was anxious to pull me, Wang Lei and I were both taken down. At this time, I saw him fall to the ground and hit him on the back with the knife back of the kitchen knife. I didnt want to hurt him either.

Afterwards, the parents let Xiaofei hurry into the house and hide. Xiao Fei said that she was very afraid at that time, so she entered the house and locked the door back. Later, when I went out again, I saw that Wang Lei had fallen to the ground and his parents were injured sitting on the balcony. At that time, we called the police again and asked them to come quickly. Father was seriously injured and had a lot of blood on his body. We went to find cloth strips to stop his bleeding. We didnt have time to take care of Wang Lei, nor did we know his condition.

That night, the police arrived at the scene and sent Wang Xinyuan, who was seriously injured, to the doctor, called an ambulance for Wang Lei, and protected the scene of the case. Xiaofei and her mother were taken away by the police. The next day I learned that Wang Lei was dead. My mother and I were also detained. On July 15, my father was also detained. On August 18, Xiao Fei and her parents were arrested. On that day, Xiao Fei was on bail pending trial.

The confession was refused to molest the woman and went to school and home.

Last winter vacation, Xiao Fei met Wang Lei, a waiter in a restaurant in Beijing, and became a friend. During the May Day holiday last year, Wang Lei admitted to Wang Xinyi that he had acted indecently after he was refused. Since then, he has been harassed by Wang Xinyis school and family for many times, even carrying fruit knives and electric batons to his door, turning over the wall and entering the room privately.

When Wang Lei confessed to him, Xiaofei said she had a boyfriend and refused. At that time, he also accepted my refusal and said,Yes, just be friends, and then we went home separately. The next day, Wang Lei asked Xiaofei to make it clear to him face to face. He said he would not leave until I did not go. Later, we went to the underground parking lot and park. He was probably angry, took my cell phone and did not let me go back to my dormitory.

According to Xiao Fei, Wang Lei acted indecently against him that night. For this reason, she reported to the police in Beijing and made a record. The restaurant knew about it and fired him. Thereafter, Xiao Fei asked for leave from school, rested at home for a period of time, and her mother resigned to accompany her at home. She also went to school to accompany her under the arrangement of the school. Later, Wang Lei followed Xiaofei to her school in Zhangjiakou to continue to entanglement.

On May 16, Wang Lei went to school for the first time to find Xiaofei. Xiaofei asked her friends for help and told her parents. When his parents took him home, they did not expect Wang Lei to catch up with them. He was going to hit people with fruit knives and electric batons. Just as my brother came and called the police, he left as soon as he heard the police.

Later, Wang Lei went to the school to find Xiao Fei. Xiao Fei said that she was afraid when she saw it from a distance. She rushed into the office of the school leader to ask for help. The leader called the security guard. Later, he dared not come to school. He phoned me and threatened me that I was protected in school and that I could not go home on vacation. When I was at school, he went to my home and told my parents that he raped me that night (during May Day), wanted to pester me for 20 years, and after the holidays he would come home and kill our family. My parents also called the police.

Men have stolen womens New Years money from their homes and family membersclothes are monitored and guarded against

Later, Wang Lei repeatedly appeared near Xiaofeis home with fruit knives and electric batons. In this regard, the local police, for security reasons, suggested that the Xiaofei family go to relativeshome to borrow. During this period, Wang Lei went to Xiaofeis home again, and turned over the wall, prying the door into the room, took Xiaofeis New Years money. The New Years money is about 600 to 800 yuan, which I saved from childhood. Its very new. Some of them are even serial numbers. I cant bear to spend them. On one occasion, my father wanted to have a good chat with him and asked him how he could stop harassing him. He said that he would not come back to my house for 600 yuan, but after giving him the money, he continued to harass him at home.

After the New Years money was stolen, Xiaofeis family also reported to the police, My brother worried that when Wang Lei came to the door again, we did not know, but also bought monitoring equipment to install at home. For Wang Leis behavior, Xiao Fei said that his father contacted Wang Leis family and asked them to persuade him not to harass him, but his family said that Wang Lei was big and they couldnt control what he did.

Xiaofei said that Wang Lei had lent her opponent 300 yuan before expressing herself to him. At the end of the month, he had no money. He asked me if I could lend him 500. I was still a student and had no money. He asked him whether 200 was OK or not. Then he gave him 300 yuan. His father said that my family was asking for money. Thats bullshit. I never owed him money.

Once a case has been withdrawn from investigation by the prosecution, it shall be prosecuted and examined.

Xiao Fei told Beijing Youth Daily that her family applied for legal aid from the local judicial bureau and submitted her parentsapplication for bail pending trial to the procuratorate. The Peoples Procuratorate of Lianyuan County also issued a proposal to the source police on the change of compulsory measures for criminal suspects and defendants (to be released). The procuratorate believes that Zhao Yinzhi does not need to be detained any longer because his behavior is justifiable and defensive, so that the change of compulsory measures will not cause social harm and personal danger.

In this regard, the Lianyuan County Public Security Bureau does not consider it appropriate to adopt the recommendations of the Procuratorate. After the victim Wang Lei was injured and fell to the ground, Zhao Yinzhi cut Wang Leis neck with a kitchen knife for several times without confirming whether Wang Lei was dead or not. Subjectively, he was laissez-faire about his behavior of hurting other peoples body. He had the intention of hurting others and could be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment or more. At the time of the case, Zhao Yinzhis means were cruel and reckless, which indicated that Zhao Yinzhi had been harassed by the victim for a long time. Whether the sudden change of his family would lead to revenge on the society could not be ruled out. Therefore, it was impossible to guarantee that Zhao Yinzhi would not be harmful to the society after he was detained.

In addition, the police are also concerned about Zhao Yinzhis change of compulsory measures, colluding with his daughter to obstruct investigation and lawsuit, and said that he was highly nervous and emotionally unstable due to major changes, so he could not rule out suicidal tendencies.

According to Zhao Peng, Zhao Yinzhis deputy lawyer, on October 17 last year, the public security organs handed over the evidence to the procuratorate, and submitted the indictment opinions to Wang Xinyuan, Zhao Yinzhi and Xiaofei on suspicion of intentional homicide. On November 14, the procuratorate returned the case to the public security organs for additional investigation. On December 13, the public security organs completed the supplementary investigation and subsequently submitted supplementary materials. At present, the case is at the stage of prosecution review.

Girls concerned: Hope to be reunited with their parents for the New Year

On January 21, Xiaofei told Beiqing Daily that after the incident last year, she continued to go back to school under the persuasion of her relatives and school teachers. She is a sophomore now, but the students and teachers have already known about it. She is under great psychological pressure. Im afraid of my parentssituation and misunderstanding. Because of this, my family and life have been changed and Im not in the mood to go to school.

In Xiao Feis eyes, her parents are simple farmers, honest, her mother is more acute, but if others do not hurt her family, she dare not hurt others. Wang Lei is a strong man with a head of more than one meter and eighty meters. He seems to have been a soldier and received special training. Before he went to my house in the daytime, and generally outside the gate, he was very emotional on the evening of the incident. He climbed over the wall and said he wanted to kill our whole family. If it wasnt for the barking of dogs that we found out, the consequences would be unimaginable, and he was afraid afterwards.

Xiao Fei said that she and her parents are legitimate defense, and will soon celebrate the New Year. She hopes that the procuratorate will make a decision not to prosecute, let her parents go home, family reunion as soon as possible, and have a good New Year. They are in detention, and our families are not allowed to visit. I havent seen my father since the 11 July incident last year. On the day of bail pending trial, the last time I saw my mother was just across the iron door of the detention house, I took a long look. I miss my parents very much. Im not in the mood to go to school at the beginning of school.

As for Wang Leis family, Xiao Fei said that he had not been contacted afterwards. Reporters of the Beiqing Daily called many times and did not reply for the time being.

Source: Ji Xueying_NN6784, responsible editor of Beijing Youth Daily