After the man killed five families, the suicide family members claimed that all the adult dead were injured.

 After the man killed five families, the suicide family members claimed that all the adult dead were injured.

On January 18, a 35-year-old Bai Mocai jumped down from the sixth floor and died in a residential community in Tianqiao District of Jinan City. Police investigation revealed that before Bai Qings death, five families of his parents, wife and two sons were killed at his home on the sixth floor, and he jumped from the building after setting fire to the scene of the burning case.

According to the police investigation, Bai Qing frequently browsed the website for depression treatment during his lifetime, and found many kinds of drugs for psychiatric diseases in his office desk, as well as his words recording strong pessimism and worries about his familys future life.

On the afternoon of January 21, Bai Qings relatives returned to the scene of the incident, looking for the familys identity cards and dealing with the aftermath for them.

Return visit: Relatives return to the scene to search for the deceaseds documents and deal with the matter

On Monday, Jan. 21, the courtyard where Bai Qings family lived seemed to be calm before the accident. Young people left early for work. At ninety oclock in the morning, the old residents who came back from exercise and the neighbors who came back from shopping greeted each other. People came and went to the delivery room near the gate of the courtyard to take delivery, newspapers and milk.

Incident area

Occasionally, passers-by stopped at the gate of the community, took off their masks and looked inside, looking up at the location of the Baiqing family. What other relatives do Lao Bai have? Such a son... Only when a few old colleagues in the yard meet, can they talk a little about Bergjia. Bai Jia is located in the family building of a local bank, where most of the old colleagues who have worked with Bai Qings father live.

At about 5 p.m. on January 21, relatives from both sides of Baiqing and Jingjing returned to the house where the accident happened. Bai Qings father had four siblings, and his youngest brother, Mr. Bai, was 54 years old.

Mr. Bai said that this trip was to find the identity documents of several people in his brothers family. Tomorrow we have to deal with the aftermath and cremation procedures. We need identity certificates. But he said, because the house was burned, there is no electricity in the house, things are difficult to find, really can not find to go to the police station to write a certificate.

Referring to the elder brothers family, Mr. Bai blushed his eyes and choked his voice. My elder brother died a few years ago. Once my elder brother leaves, there will be my elder sister and me. Who will come if I dont deal with them? Mr. Bai said, asking the residents in the community where there is a burglar-proof door installed nearby. I want to reinstall a burglar-proof door for his house. The door was broken open. I have to install it for them. Its too late to clean up the house now. First, we should deal with the aftermath.

Bai Qings relatives revealed that the case was basically over. They learned from the police that on the day of the incident, Bai Qing told the unit that he had a headache and asked for leave from work. He picked up his eldest son around 1 p.m. and then called his wifes quiet unit to say that the old man in his family had something to do to go back to his hometown and give her Zhao back.

Laobai and the old households were playing cards and sitting at Mazars yard on the top of the cabinet.

Family members also revealed that other adults were injured by blunt weapons and sharp weapons, in addition to the fall of Baiqing. The bedroom in the house burns the most, the living room is not serious, and the kitchen is basically okay.

The female householder who is familiar with Baiqings mother said that on the 18th day around 12 oclock, she also met Baiqings mother from outside to buy things back. She bought some oranges, and some vegetables, and asked me,Sister-in-law, you did not buy vegetables today, very happy. On the day of the incident, seeing black smoke coming from the Baiqing family, the female household thought that the Baiqing family was empty. Calling her is shut down, so I sent her a text message saying,Your family is having a big accident, come back quickly...

Impression: In the eyes of relatives and classmates, Bai Qing is introverted and simple.

As for the suspected depression of Bai Qing, his relatives said that they did not know the situation before. Usually feeling strong (Bai Qing) is an introverted point, not much communication, but people are honest. But the family revealed that later (the police side of the investigation) Bai Qing bought (suspected to treat depression) drugs from the online shopping platform, there are drug residues in the stomach.

Bai Qings family said that they also asked Jing Jings family after the incident. Her family said Jing Jing probably didnt know about depression. She didnt mention it with her family. Not long ago, she told her family that she would take Bai Qing and her children back with her in the New Year. It was very happy.

The female household who is familiar with Baiqings mother said, Qiangqiang is really introverted. They live in Zhangqiu, and listen to his mothers saying that they want to go home to relatives for the New Year. Qiangqiang prefers to stay at home alone rather than go back home. But then again, Qiangqiang once saw me shout big aunt, very polite.

On January 21, a college student of Baiqing told the Beijing Youth Daily that when he went to school, Baiqing lived in the dormitory opposite him. In his impression, Bai Qings personality is good, people are more cheerful, and the relationship with his classmates are good, usually in addition to occasional play online games, the biggest hobby is playing football. After graduation, because they are not in a city, they have less contact, but they are still in the same Weixin group and QQ group, but they seldom speak in Qunli Baiqing.

Aftermath: Tenants living in the same building are planning to move

On the evening of January 21, a tenant who lived in a building with the Baiqing family hurried to pack things into the car. The tenant said that the family had children and was afraid of their children, so he planned to move.

The Baiqing family packed up some things and went downstairs.

More old households are still discussing the aftermath of the matter. The most talked about were unexpected, a family that loves so well and unfortunately two children.

In the eyes of old colleagues, Laobai family is friendly and friendly. His two grandsons, seven years old, are well-groomed and tiger-headed. Young three or four years old, very smart and clever, eat anything to bring a brother. Laobai likes to play poker, especially in summer, when a few people together, in the door of the communication room to set up a small table, put a few small Mazas, after dinner can play for two hours.

Baiqings fathers home is in Zhangqiu, about 50 kilometers away from Jinan. Old households recalled that there were relatives in their homes, so the two old people often went back to their homes, once in a week or two, take a bus to go back, sometimes Laobi himself, sometimes the old couple together. Old households said that the old Baijia family was discussing the preparation of a car.

On January 21, the damaged door of the house lock was held against the corner cabinet.

There are also households worried that, in such a case, Laobas house is afraid of not selling well, this area of the house, probably can sell 20,000 yuan a square. But everybody sighed and said, Old Bais family is no longer there. What do you think about the house?

Source: Ji Xueying_NN6784, responsible editor of Beijing Youth Daily