Foreign media reports quote Uygur womens personal experience in response to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 Foreign media reports quote Uygur womens personal experience in response to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On January 21, 2019, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying presided over a regular press conference. Global Times-Global Network reporters asked that CNN had just published a report citing the personal experience of a Uygur woman named Mihrigul Tursun. He also told a similar story as a witness at a congressional - executive China Committee hearing on November 28, 2018. In addition, Senator Rubio of the United States and other members of Congress resubmitted the Uighur Human Rights Policy Act. What is Chinas comment on this?

Hua Chunying responded that CNN reporters are coming today? (no)

I also saw a report just published by CNN. On Friday, January 18, we received an email from CNN asking about a recent interview with a Uygur woman named Mizhguri Tulson who claimed that one of her sons died in Urumqi Childrens Hospital in Xinjiang in 2015 and that she had witnessed the death of nine Uygur women while in Urumqi prison. I hope we can respond to that. After we received this list, we attached great importance to it and asked the relevant departments of Xinjiang Autonomous Region for verification information at the first time. However, CNN apparently did not want to wait until we verified the results, and had published the report over the weekend.

Now that you mention this issue, I would like to take this opportunity to clarify the facts. Based on the feedback from the relevant departments in Xinjiang after careful verification, I would like to clarify a few points here:

First, the Uygur woman named Mizhguri Tulson, mentioned in CNN reports, was a resident of Qiemo County, Bazhou, Xinjiang. In August 2010, she registered to marry an Iranian in China. In January 2012, she registered to marry an Egyptian in Egypt. According to the materials provided by Mizhguri herself, in April 2015, Mizhguri gave birth to three children in Egypt, namely Mu Ozi, Elena, Mu Aizi, of whom Mu Ozi and Elena settled in China in October 2015. In March 2018, Mizhguris Egyptian husband informed the Qiemo County Public Security Bureau of Xinjiang that Mizhguri had become an Egyptian citizen. After inquiring about Mizhguris wish and submitting her application for cancellation of Chinese nationality, the last County Public Security Bureau cancelled Mizhguris residence registration with her two children, Mu Ozi and Elina, on April 2. On April 22, Mizhguri and her husband left the country with two children, Muko and Elena, on Egyptian passports.

Secondly, on April 21, 2017, Mizhguri was detained by the Qiemo County Public Security Bureau of Xinjiang on suspicion of inciting national hatred and discrimination. In the meantime, she was found to be suffering from infectious diseases. For humanitarian reasons, the County Public Security Bureau revoked its compulsory measures on May 10, 2017. In addition to the 20 days of criminal detention, Mizhguri was completely free during her stay in China. According to relevant records, Mizhguri has traveled 11 times between 2010 and 2017 to China, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Turkey and other countries.

In short, Mizhguri has never been detained by the Urumqi police, has never been imprisoned, and has never been taught in any vocational skills training center. I wonder where she came from claiming at CNN and congressional hearings that she had witnessed the deaths of nine women in custody and that the police had confined her to a cell with more than 50 women? !

Thirdly, it was verified that one of Mizhguris sons, Mu Ozi, had been hospitalized in Urumqi Childrens Hospital of Xinjiang from 14-19 January, 6-12 May and 4-8 November 2016 due to pneumonia, hydrocephalus and right indirect inguinal hernia. In April 2018, Mizhguri and her husband left China with an Egyptian passport.

As for her other son Muaizi, Mizhguri did not settle down for him in China. In January 2016, Muaizi was taken from China by Mizhguri to Turkey and fostered in his husbands cousin Samar. We did not know what happened afterwards. But she herself knows best.

Therefore, the CNN report about Mizhguris claim that her son died in Urumqi Childrens Hospital and that she was not informed of the reasons for her sons admission treatment is totally untrue and totally ulterior lies.

This is what I learned and verified from the relevant departments of Xinjiang Autonomous Region. This is the fact about Miri Guli. In addition, I would like to emphasize two points:

First, authenticity is the lifeline of news reporting. As you will recall, at the end of last year, a scandal broke out in the media about Relotius, a well-known journalist of Der Spiegel in Germany. The sources cited in his award-winning reports on Syria have proved to be fictional. Recently, some western media reports concerning Xinjiang quoted a number of seemingly named sources, which later proved to be untrue or untrue. CNNs latest report is just the latest example. We hope that the media concerned will strictly abide by the professional ethics of journalism, cherish the credibility of their own media, and refrain from invoking false or fabricated news.

Secondly, Mizhguri told her so-called experience at the hearing of the Chinese Committee of the US Congress-Administration on November 28 last year as a witness, which became an important basis for Senator Rubio and others to propose and promote the Uighur Human Rights Policy Act. It is totally unacceptable for US congressmen to make unjustified accusations and attacks against the Chinese government and Chinese national policy based on a false story invented by a liar. We call on the relevant members of the United States to respect the minimum facts, abandon ideological prejudice and cold war thinking, and stop maliciously smearing Chinas religious and territorial policies. Such absurd farces are enough once, otherwise they will only make themselves and the United States more credible.

Source: Global Times - Global Network. More exciting, please log on to the World Wide Web responsible editor: Yang Yi_NBJ10647