Mother kowtows apologize for one death and five injuries caused by a sports car crash in Shenzhen

 Mother kowtows apologize for one death and five injuries caused by a sports car crash in Shenzhen

Chen Wencai, journalist of Nandu Shenzhen Event News, crashed a black sports car into a pedestrian on Lijia Road, Henggang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen at about 8 a.m., killing 1 person and injuring 5 people. Shenzhen traffic police are still investigating whether the driver involved in the accident is suspected of drunk driving. Family members of the injured revealed that after the incident, they saw an elderly woman at the scene, that is, the drivers mother, the old woman grieved family members, and knelt to apologize.

At noon, the official micro-blog of Shenzhen Traffic Police announced that the driver had been drinking in a bar in Henggang last night, from 3 a.m. to 8 a.m. this morning, and then came out to prepare to go home until there was a traffic accident on the accident section. In the afternoon, a blood test was arranged.

Mother of the driver who caused the accident knelt down and apologized

Shop surveillance near the accident site showed that women workers were walking in groups from south to north along the Lijia Road sidewalk. They were talking and laughing when they suddenly panicked. Then a black car crashed into them. Several people rushed onto the sidewalk and stopped in front of a shop.

Another video provided by eyewitnesses showed that after the accident, several women workers were lying in the chaotic scene and two people were pressed under the sports car.

According to factory security reports, after the accident, came from the factory, pulled a female worker out of the car, and then pushed the car back nearly a metre to rescue the last female worker, but the female worker was pressed by the bumper for too long, only to see out of breath, and soon after the rescue workers declared that the female worker was not cured.

Family members of the deceased revealed that after the incident, they saw an elderly woman at the scene, that is, the drivers mother, the old woman grieved the deceaseds family members, and knelt and kowtowed to apologize.

Accident driver

Accident scene. Nandu Shenzhen Event Reporter Chen Wencai Photographed

The uncle of the deceaseds husband, Mr. Fu, was the first family to arrive at the scene. Watching the traffic policeman catch the driver of the accident to leave, he wanted to go with him but was refused. He said that the driver was lost in his mind and said, Its over, its over and so on. He smelled the wine while talking to the driver. At present, traffic police are testing the drivers blood for drunk driving. At present, there is still no result.

Nandu reporters learned from Henggang Street that one person died and five were injured at the scene. Two of the injured had left the hospital and three still needed hospitalization.

Henggang Street Bulletin mentioned that after the accident, Gu Gengjun, Secretary of Henggang Street Party and Labor Committee of Longgang District Committee, Li Jian, member of the Party and Labor Committee, Lu Xiqun, deputy director of the office, Gao Ying and law enforcement team leader Liu Qidong led the street traffic safety office, emergency command center, Henggang community, Henggang police station, relevant leaders of Henggang traffic police squadron and duty cadres to rush to the scene for the first time.

Before the accident, the deceased husband made breakfast for his wife.

Before the accident, Xus husband, Mr. Fu, put his breakfast in the pot and warmed it up, ready to let his wife go home and eat it. In the morning, he had just chatted with his wife on Wechat, and she had not forgotten that the weather had cooled down these days. She told him in Henan: The weather is cold, you need to wear more clothes!

Before the incident, the couple were still chatting in the Wechat.

The couples three children are very angry. They all went to college in their hometown. The familys economy is also tense. In 2016, Mr. Fu and his wife Xu Mou came to Shenzhen, where he became a taxi driver and his wife entered Henggangs new Huikai factory and became a female worker. Mr. Fu said that both of them were busy at work and had little time to spend together. They had planned to go home on the 25th to spend the New Year with their three children. After Mr. Fu left work last night, his wife had cooked the meal. While they were eating, they talked about what gifts they would buy for their three children. They were going to go to the supermarket in these two days. After eating, his wife went to work. We sat for twenty minutes, but I didnt expect it to be the last side of my wife and me. After his wifes body was pulled away, Mr. Fu was still reluctant to leave. He crouched in front of the sports car, looking at the glass debris scattered on the ground and wiping his tears silently.

Ms. Hu, the Department Manager of his wife, said that Xu worked very hard and was an excellent employee. Knowing the accident, she came to the scene and watched the surveillance video of the scene. She couldnt help but ah a cry. Tears rolled in her eyes. Its so pitiful, and she no longer dared to look down. She said that the factory is actively recovering to alleviate the suffering of family members.

Source: Xiao Qi_N6799, Responsible Editor of Southern Metropolitan Daily