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In response to the 20-day fermentation Pingduo bug caused 20 billion yuan loss incident, Pingduo said that the coupon encounter black-and-grey production incident had fundamental differences with the previous low-cost airline ticket incident, the telephone fee points of an e-commerce platform and other incidents. The Pingduo coupon incident was a set of coupons fraud online fraud case. [Link to the original

Taoyun Capital: Willing to transfer all or part of the shares below the cost price

Taoyun Capital announced today that it is easy to recruit companies with a sense of social responsibility who are willing to lay out the online car industry to the society. Taoyun is willing to transfer all or part of the shares. The price can be lower than the cost obtained from Lexus/Jiayueting. [Link to the original

Initial Identification of Gene Edited Infant Incident in Guangdong Province

Xinhua News Agency reporter learned from the investigation team of Gene Editing Infant Incident in Guangdong Province that it has been preliminarily ascertained that He Jiankui, an associate professor of Southern University of Science and Technology, is carrying out human embryo gene editing activities for reproductive purposes, which are prohibited by the state, in pursuit of personal fame and wealth, raising funds by himself, deliberately evading supervision and organizing relevant personnel in private. (Xinhua Network) [Link to the original text

The Release of the Labor Contract between Southern University of Science and Technology and He Jiankui

According to the Southern University of Science and Technology, according to the results of the investigation team of Gene Editing Infant Incident in Guangdong Province, our university decided to terminate the labor contract relationship with He Jiankui and terminate all teaching and research activities on campus. (New Beijing News) [Link to the original text

Ren Zhengfei: I dont know who is Huaweis successor

On January 15, Ren Zhengfei was interviewed by foreign media at Huawei headquarters. Today, Huawei released a record in Xinsheng Community. During the interview, Ren responded to many questions. [Link to the original

Ren Zhengfei talked about the prohibition of Huawei from entering Europe and America: they must buy it.

Recently, Ren Zhengfei was interviewed by CCTV. When asked by the host about some countriesprohibition of Huaweis entry, Ren Zhengfei said that it was only some countries, which had little influence. (Fast Technology) [Link to the original

Apple accused Qualcomm of misleading the public by spreading false news and refusing to reconcile.

Noreen Krall, Apples chief litigation lawyer and vice president, criticized Qualcomm when he described the companys recent progress in the global patent dispute. But before that, the whole mobile phone industry and even the telecommunications industry should look up to Qualcomm, because the latters abundant patent reserves have affected the landscape of more than a decade. (New Beijing News) [Link to the original text

Malaysian Prime Minister: No ban on 5G infrastructure in China

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed said that although Western governments accused Huawei of spying, so far, Huawei has not violated Malaysian law. (New Straits Times) [Link

The Bureau of Statistics responded to Foxconns massive dismissal: there are some examples

Ning Jizhe, director of the National Bureau of Statistics, responded to the question of the unemployment rate at the end of last year was 4.9%, and there was a large-scale dismissal before Foxconn on the 21st, saying that the case is correct. (Sino-New Zealand longitude and latitude) [link to the original text

Tong Xianqiao responded to the dismissal of Zhou Guang: he violated the rules on the first day of the companys founding.

On the 21st, Roadstar. ai, a Chinese self-driving start-up company, announced that Zhou Guang, co-founder and chief scientist, would be dismissed from all positions in the company. Tong Xianqiao, CEO of Roadstar. ai, said that Zhou Guangs illegal work started on the first day of the companys establishment. The reason why he handled it today is that the long pain is worse than the short pain. [Link to the original