Zhang Shuai: Always walk on the road of yearning to live the way you want to look

 Zhang Shuai: Always walk on the road of yearning to live the way you want to look

Xinhua News Agency reporter Yue Dongxing Hao Yalin

On her 30th birthday, Zhang Shuai and Australian star Stoser successfully promoted to the top eight womens doubles of the Australian Open on the 21st, creating her best result in the Grand Slam.

On the same day, Zhang Shuai and the former first sister of Australia eliminated another pair of multinational portfolios, Frances Cornett and Croatian Martic by 7:5 and 6:3.

Now to 30 years old, I feel that I have been walking on the road I yearn for, I have been doing what I want to do, I like things, I have been working hard in accordance with my ideas, my dreams. So I think Im lucky. Zhang Shuai said.

Speaking of the progress of womens doubles, Zhang Shuai said that he hoped to continue to make breakthroughs. To be able to reach the top eight is my personal best result in Australia. I hope that the next round will play a good role and performance, and strive for continuous breakthroughs.

As one of the most powerful Chinese womens singles players since Li Na in recent years, Zhang Shuai reached the top eight of the Australian Open womens singles in 2016. Speaking of the attempt of doubles, Zhang Shuai said that in the past few years, she had focused on singles rather than doubles. Then, since last years French Open, she had focused on doubles and mixed doubles.

When it comes to specific career goals, Zhang Shuai, who ranks 42nd in the womens singles world, believes that some dreams should be buried in the bottom of his heart and shared with you on the day when they are realized. She likes to be the kind of person who can do what she says, not to say it in advance before she does.

I just do what I like to do. I hope that every day of my life I will live the way I want to be. Thats my goal. In his spare time, Zhang Shuai likes listening to music, such as Jay Chous songs.

When Zhang Shuai announced her dream, maybe it was time for her career to break through again. (end)

Source: Author of Xinhua News Agency New Media Line: responsible editor of Hao Yalin, Yuedong Xing: Cao Liyuan_NS1806