No year-end bonus was awarded. The company also deducted employeesfees for heat protection and cooling five years ago.

 No year-end bonus was awarded. The company also deducted employeesfees for heat protection and cooling five years ago.

In 2018, the market was bleak, and many financial practitioners had low expectations for the year-end bonus. Regardless of the number of year-end awards, its good to be able to award them.

However, in recent days, there have been brokerage year-end bonuses that have not yet been awarded, and employees have been informed to deduct from January salaries or bonuses the excessive heat-proof and cooling fees paid to employees four years ago.

Of course, although securities firms began to cut their wages by various means last year, the news of layoffs and salary cuts continued, but this time, China-Thailand Securities traces back hundreds of fees issued many years ago, it is not blamed for the companys stingy, but a small case of strengthening financial anti-corruption.

Sino-Thai Securities traces the cost of heat prevention and cooling in 2014

Today, a screenshot of a report circulates online. China-Thailand Securities retrospectively issued 520 yuan more heat prevention and cooling fees to employees in 2014:

According to the Notice on Adjusting the Standard of Summer Heat Prevention and Cooling Fees for Employees of Enterprises issued by the former Shandong Labor and Social Security Department and other provincial departments, the standard of summer heat prevention and cooling fees issued by the company for employees in 2014 should be 480 yuan, 1,000 yuan in practice and 520 yuan in excess of the standard. According to the companys research decision, the excess part will be deducted from the salary or bonus in January 2019.

A state-owned enterprise financial institution actually asked its employees for hundreds of benefits that had been overpaid many years ago, which is really long-lasting. However, China-Thailand Securities Relevant Personnel responded to the Chinese journalists of securities firms that this was the result of inspection and rectification by the provincial Commission of disciplines, not the companys stingy.

Beginning in the middle of last year, it belongs to routine inspection, covering all state-owned enterprises under provincial administration. The person said.

Reporters also learned that Shandong Expressway Group, which is also a state-owned enterprise in Shandong Province, has planted green vegetables in its own service area as welfare to its employees for several years. After being found out, all the vegetables are returned at high market prices.

Financial Anti-Corruption was included in the Anti-Corruption Task for 2019

Since last year, the curtain has been drawn on increasing anti-corruption efforts in the financial sector. In 2019, financial anti-corruption has become an important task of the Central Discipline Commission.

The Communiquy of the Third Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Disciplinary Inspection Committee of the Communist Party of China (hereinafter referred to as the Communiquy) adopted on January 13 makes it clear that the eight new tasks of the Central Disciplinary Commission in 2019 include strengthening anti-corruption efforts in the financial field.

After the second plenary session of the 19th Central Discipline Commission last year put forward the idea of focusing on solving corruption problems in key areas and key links such as personnel selection, examination and approval, supervision, resource development and financial credit, this is the first time that intensifying anti-corruption efforts in the financial field has been put forward separately and included in the anti-corruption task of the Bulletin.

Many financial institutions have also strengthened self-examination in this regard. Reporters learned that one of the four major asset management companies, since the accident of Lai Xiaomin, chairman of China Finance Asset Management Company, has begun to comb the resumes of all employees strictly. The past work experience mentioned in the resumes of employees in other units should be certified by the original unit and stamped with the official seal of the unit.

In addition, the China Discipline Inspection and Supervision Daily reported on January 14 that the State Supervision Committee of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission is orderly carrying out various tasks of dispatching a disciplinary inspection and supervision team to a central financial enterprise to improve the quality of dispatch and supervision. According to the reporters understanding, the head of the discipline inspection team of many medium-sized financial enterprises has been put in place one after another.

Taking Bank of Communications as an example, the bank recently held a meeting on Party conduct and clean government construction in 2019. Xu Min, the head of the discipline inspection team of the State Supervision Committee of the Central Discipline Commission, made a concrete plan for the supervision of the discipline inspection of the Commission in 2019 in the form of a report. He also introduced the central implementation of the reform of the discipline inspection team stationed in the central financial enterprises.

Source: Chi Xueying-NN6784, China Responsible Editor of Securities Dealers