Chen Yulins mother responded to her daughters extravagant life: they were all fakes of hundreds of dollars.

 Chen Yulins mother responded to her daughters extravagant life: they were all fakes of hundreds of dollars.

Since Chen Yulins mother sent an open letter saying that Wu Xiubo had taken her daughter to court for extortion and had been arrested by the prosecution, various public opinions and speculations have emerged. Some netizens scratched out Chen Yulins other social accounts. Some photos she had shared revealed her luxury in daily life. She had numerous famous brands, spent money like running water, and traveled by private air.

Many netizens marvel at Chen Yulins wealth. Before that, her mother wrote that her family was not rich enough to buy hot search. Chen Yulins father was a long-distance bus driver and a conductor himself. Therefore, people take it for granted that all the luxuries Chen Yulin bought were the money of Wu Xiubo. There are more rumors on the Internet that Wu Xiubo used to be called Chen Yulin in Beijing, Wuhan, Hawaii and Sanya. Many luxury houses have been purchased in other places. Together, its worth at least tens of millions of dollars.

On January 21, the media contacted Chen Yulins mother through Wechat to verify whether Chen Yulins luxury life was real or not. Mother Chen first responded in two words: false. Brand names are fake and news is fake.

Chens mother said that many of Chen Yulins luxuries were purchased online, not real brands, but hundreds of yuan. She also said that Chen Yulin had previously aired pictures of flying in a private jet by her friends boyfriend, and Chen Yulin had only taken one flight.

Chen Yulin inscribed that he hadnt worked for seven years and was covered with millions of famous brand photo-taking celebrities.

With the continuous fermentation of the incident, some netizens found Chen Yulins account on ins. From the photos on ins, Chen Yulin can be said to be traveling around the world in a private jet. He stays at the Four Seasons Versace Hotel in Amman and travels by private jet instead of Rolls-Royce. According to the analysis of netizens, part of Chen Yulins bag is Hermes Brikin wrapped in various colors of Hermes scarves. According to the current 1:1 distribution standard, the minimum take-off calculation, almost 160,000 people can buy one. Another striking part is that Chen Yulins watch is worth millions of dollars and more than one watch. Its amazing.