Gansu bullied girl head teacher has social background? Official: Rural Origin

 Gansu bullied girl head teacher has social background? Official: Rural Origin

On December 14, 2018, Jinfeng, an 8-year-old girl in Ningxian County, Qingyang, Gansu Province, came home from school and was found to have lower body hemorrhage by her parents. Then she was sent to hospital for treatment. Ningxian Public Security Bureau and Ningxian Education and Sports Bureau issued a circular on January 15 that the girl was injured by two boys in the school, but the parents of the girls were skeptical about this statement. Jinfengs family believed that the incident was related to the loss of a lipstick by the girls head teacher on the morning of the incident, and suspected that it was taken away by the girl, which plunged the incident into Rashomon.

School involving others

The government of Qingyang City, Gansu Province, issued the latest bulletin on the afternoon of January 21, explaining in detail the injuries of 8-year-old girls in school. According to the report, Jinfengs injury was caused by two male classmates. There was no direct connection between the injury and Xiao Qinqins loss of lipstick. Xiao Qinqin did not instigate the two boys and was not present at the time of the incident.

According to the official bulletin, Jinfengs wound has healed and will not affect her future life, according to provincial experts.

At the same time, the report said that although Xiao Qinqin, the head teacher, had no direct relationship with Jinfengs injuries, the school had decided to dismiss him because of his serious mistake of negligence. In this regard, Xiao Qinqin said that the incident has been investigated clearly, the pressure they are under these days will also be gradually released, whether they will continue to engage in education in the future, will consider it carefully.

Jinfengs aunt said that the children had been transferred from Ningxian and Shengsheng hospitals to Lanzhou hospitals in Gansu Province under local coordination. They had not looked carefully at the results of the new announcement. At present, they just hope that the childrens health will not leave too many problems in the future.

Question 1: Is the cause of the incident due to the teachers loss of lipstick?

Journalists investigation: Family members once thought it was caused by lipstick loss

Jinfengs family has always had their own opinions about the incident. They insisted that the cause of the incident was a lipstick lost by Xiao Qinqin, the teacher in charge of the class.

Headteachers Home

Jin Fengs grandfather Zhao Yuhai (pseudonym) told the Beijing Youth Daily that on December 14, 2018, when Jin Feng came back from school at noon, she cried all the time. Jin Feng said that Xiao Qinqins lipstick had been lost and that Jin Feng had stolen it. I was anxious to ask Jin Feng if she had taken the teachers lipstick. Jin Feng said No. I poured her schoolbag. Come on, pour out everything in it, and look through her pocket. I really cant find it. Zhao Yuhai said, Later, I took Jinfeng to school. The teacher decided that the lipstick was taken by Jinfeng. Later, I decided that the school would not come, so I took Jinfeng home.

Subsequently, the school teacher called Zhao Yuhais wife and said that there were still classes in the afternoon. How could we take the children away? Zhao Yuhais wife came to the school again with Jinfeng. Zhao Yuhais wife said, The teacher still mentioned to me about the childrens lipstick, and I asked the teacher how much lipstick was, whether it was Jinfeng or not, we paid for it or not, but we didnt understand later. Decide, just keep Jinfeng in school, and when the child comes back in the afternoon, we find that the lower body bleeds.

Xiao Qinqin, Jinfengs head teacher, said there was no connection between the lipstick incident in the morning and the injury to Jinfeng in the afternoon.

Xiao Qinqin said that on December 14, 2018, she did have contact with Jinfengs grandparents at noon because of the loss of lipstick, but then Jinfengs grandparents left school one after another, leaving Jinfeng to continue to attend school. After the accident, I never thought about it until I received a phone call from my parents that evening, I didnt know that Jinfeng was injured. When I know, I just want to know about my children, not to lose lipstick. ?

Official Bulletin: Teachers were criticized for questioning studentslipstick use

According to investigation, on the morning of December 14, 2018, Xiao Qinqin, Jinfengs head teacher, found that the lipstick on the dormitory table had disappeared. Xiao Qinqin asked Jinfeng if she had seen her lipstick. Jinfeng began to say yes, and then said no. Xiao Qinqin said that if you take it, it will be brought to school in the afternoon. Jinfeng then returned to the classroom.

The home of 8-year-old girl Jin Feng

After school at noon, Jinfeng told Grandpa about Xiao Qinqin, the head teacher, asking her about lipstick. Grandpa listened and led Jinfeng to the school and then argued with Xiao Qinqin and Yang that his granddaughter Jinfeng did not go to school and left the school with her schoolbag. When Xiao Qinqin saw it, she called Grandma Jinfeng to send her granddaughter to school. At about 13 oclock, Grandma led Jinfeng into the classroom. Then, Principal Yang found Xiao Qinqin and criticized him for questioning the studentsuse of lipstick.

After investigation, at 2:00 p.m. on December 14, 2018, Ningxian and Shengzhen Yangzhuang Primary School, in the first grade physical education class period, because the teachers were not on duty and the students were in an unmanaged state, the student Ma Mou-mou (male, 8 years old) said that his rubber was taken away by Jinfeng, tore Jinfeng up and pushed it to the ground. Zhao Mou-mou (male, 7 years old) said that Jinfeng had not returned his one yuan. Participate. During the fight, Ma Mou took off Jinfengs trousers and picked up the broom in the classroom to poke at Jinfeng.

Evidence obtained from the investigation confirmed that Jinfengs injury was caused by the beating of his classmates Ma Mou-mou and Zhao Mou-mou.

Question 2: Is the girl hurt by the teacher?

Journalists investigation: The teacher concerned said that he was not present at the time of the accident.

Before the coma, the child intermittently told us about the school, saying that he was bullied by his classmates, we naturally thought of the day when the teacher said that the child took the lipstick, feeling that the teacher may have sought revenge from other classmates on the child. Jinfengs second aunt said, Before the children went to Xian, we found the principal of the school. The principal gave us 500 yuan and said nothing. Later, the children were hospitalized in Xian. The school sent someone to see them.

Jin Fengs family said that in addition to the injuries to the lower body of the child, they also found bruises on the thighs of the child, We think that such a heavy bruises, children are generally unable to go down. Jin Fengs second aunt said.

But the reporter of Beiqing Daily did not confirm from the doctor that Jinfeng had bruises on her body.

One of the male students involved

The first grade usually has four classes in the afternoon, but the day of the accident is Friday, so the afternoon will end early. There are only three classes. The first class of the first grade is physical education, the second is music, and the third is my Chinese class. Xiao Qinqin, Jinfengs head teacher, said in an interview with a reporter from the Beiqing Daily, When Jinfeng first had PE class, I didnt have any lessons. I prepared for lessons and read books in the dormitory. The dormitory building and the teaching building are two buildings, so I couldnt see the situation in the teaching building when preparing lessons.

Xiao Qinqin said that her last lesson was to teach Chinese to Jin Fengs first grade, but in class, she did not find anything unusual about Jin Feng, and Jin Feng did not talk to her about bullying by boys in sports class.

Official Bulletin: When the girl was beaten, the head teacher was not present and not abetted.

Jinfeng stated to the case handlers that she was beaten with a broom by Ma Mou-mou and Zhao Mou-mou, but Xiao Qinqin was not present; Aunt Jinfeng Meng Mou stated that when he inquired about Jinfengs injury process in Xian Childrens Hospital, Jinfeng said that she was injured by Ma Mou-mou and other students, and did not mention that the teacher had beaten herself.

In the investigation, Jinfeng and other students all said that during the physical education class on the day of the accident, Ma Mou-mou and Zhao Mou-mou beat Jinfeng with a broom in the classroom, while Xiao Qinqin was not in the classroom. Under the designation of Ma Mou-mou, the police extracted broomsticks with loose branches from the scene; in the synchronous video of the broomstick evidence preservation, Ma Mou-mou and Zhao Mou-mou stated that they beat Jinfeng, Ma Mou-mou also demonstrated the situation of holding broomsticks and beating Jinfeng.

At noon on December 14, 2018, when Grandpa Jinfeng and Grandma came to school to find Principal Xiao Qinqin and Yang, they did not mention Xiao Qinqins beating Jinfeng when they reasoned about whether Jinfeng took lipstick or not. That night, Grandpa Jinfeng reported to the public security organ that Jinfeng had been beaten by his classmates and asked to be investigated and dealt with. On December 15, investigators asked Grandma Jinfeng Zhang Moumou again. Zhang said that Jinfeng told herself that she had been beaten by her classmates Ma Moumou and Zhao Moumou, but did not mention that her teacher had beaten herself. Ma Mou-mou and Zhao Mou-mou said Xiao Qinqin did not instigate them to play Jinfeng.

Question 3: Does Xiao Qinqin, the head teacher, have a certain social background?

Journalists survey: villagers said they had not heard that the head teacher had relatives who were officials.

Because the distance is very close, Xiao Qinqin and his second uncle Xiao Zhi are very close, and his second uncle is also very familiar with Xiao Qinqin.

Shu Xiao Zhi said that Xiao Qinqin, 20 years old, chose a vocational school in Baoji, Shaanxi Province, because he did not enter high school after graduation. After graduation, Xiao Qinqin once interned in a kindergarten in Baoji, and then went to a kindergarten in Shandong Province. Last year, he returned to Gansu Province and began to work in a catering enterprise. Later, he found another one. My local kindergarten is a teacher.

Last September, my niece saw in the circle of Weixin friends of a distant relative that Yangzhuang Primary School recruited a substitute teacher. Her income in kindergarten was about 800 yuan a month. The income of primary school teachers was slightly higher. In order to increase some income, she went to Yangzhuang Primary School. Xiao Zhi said, The teacher of the original school took maternity leave, and her niece did not have a teachers certificate, so she could only take temporary substitute classes.

According to some people on the internet, Xiao Qinqin said, Uncle Er is a director of the county education bureau, Gong Gong is the county magistrate who retires to work in the Peoples Congress at the second line. In our village, the village chief is a big cadre. If someone is an official in the town or county, no one will know. One villager said that Xiao Qinqins familys main income originally depended on farming. Later, Xiao Qiang and his wifes children were studying. When the pressure was high, they went out to work. A few years ago, the family borrowed money to build a house, and now tens of thousands of yuan have not been paid off.

According to the reporter of Beiqing Daily, Xiao Qinqin, 20, is not married now. She says she has no boyfriend, so there is no Gong Gong, while Xiao Qinqins mother has only one brother, who works in agriculture on weekdays.

Official Bulletin: Headteachers Rural Family Origin Without Social Background

Netizens questioned the reasons why Xiao Qinqin, a teacher involved, had not been dealt with because of the complex social background. According to the survey, Xiao Qinqin, female, rural family background, unmarried. Grandma, biological father, biological mother, adoptive father, adoptive mother and uncle are all farmers; brother and sister are now in primary school.

Netizens questioned the dismissal of the principals and vice-principals of the schools concerned, but did not investigate the responsibility of Xiao Qin, the head teacher, and believed that there was another secret. In the autumn of 2018, a teacher of the school took maternity leave. The school affairs meeting decided to temporarily hire Xiao Qinqin as a substitute for class for one semester. According to the investigation, although Xiao Qinqin, the head teacher, had no direct relationship with Jinfengs injuries, the school had decided to dismiss him because of his serious mistake of negligence.

Source: Ji Xueying_NN6784, responsible editor of Beijing Youth Daily