The procuratorate responded to the man was killed back: after falling down, the female mother still chopped off.

 The procuratorate responded to the man was killed back: after falling down, the female mother still chopped off.

Beijing News recently, after men confessed that female students were rejected, many times harassment was anti-homicide, causing concern. On January 21, the staff of Lianyuan County Procuratorate told reporters in Beijing News that the case was being examined by Baoding City Procuratorate. The main point of dispute in this case is whether it belongs to legitimate defense.

He also said that anti-murder cases have been mentioned frequently, and the Supreme Law has issued a number of guiding cases, but the case has its particularity: female studentsmothers still chop after men fall to the ground. This has also become a controversial issue of legitimate defense.

According to the Beijing News, the Peoples Procuratorate of Lianyuan County issued to the Lianyuan County Public Security Bureau a proposal to change coercive measures against criminal suspects and defendants, which said Zhao Yinzhi had no intentional killing subjectively and objectively caused Wang Leis death was a legitimate defensive nature under the criminal law. Xiaoyus family suffered long-term illegal violations, and their family could not live and produce normally. It is suggested that Zhao Yinzhi be changed the compulsory measures.

However, the proposal was not adopted by the Lianyuan County Public Security Bureau.

Lianyuan County Public Security Bureau said in its reply that after Wang Lei was injured and fell to the ground, Zhao Yinzhi cut Wang Leis neck with a kitchen knife for several times without confirming whether Wang Lei was dead. Subjectively, he was laissez-faire to his behavior of hurting other peoples body and had the intention of hurting others. He might be sentenced to more than a term of imprisonment. In another case, his means were cruel, regardless of the consequences. Zhao Yinzhi has been harassed by the victims for a long time, and his heart is full of hatred. Whether the sudden changes in his family will bring revenge on the society can not be ruled out, so it is impossible to guarantee that he will not suffer from social harmfulness after leaving custody.

The girl responded to the mans murder and was murdered: her family feared that she would wake up and kill

Wang Xiao, a female student involved, was detained on suspicion of intentional homicide and is now on bail pending trial. On the 19th, in a video interview with the Beijing News, she said that three members of her family were attacked by Wang Lei one after another on the night of the incident. Wang Lei was knocked down in the process of the attack, and her family could not calm down at that time. The reason why she kept fighting back was that she was afraid of waking up and killing the whole family.

Men confess that female college students were refused to break into each others home with weapons, wounded 3 people were killed.

At 11:00 p.m. on July 11, 2018, Wang Lei (alias) went to Xiaofeis house again. The reason why it is called Youyou is that Wang Lei has harassed Xiaofei, a sophomore girl, many times since May 2018. The harassment places include a park in Beijing, a campus in Zhangjiakou where Xiaofei is studying, and Xiaofei is located in the home of Dengzhuang Village, Wulonggou Township, Lianyuan County, Hebei Province.