The 21-year-old girl with high education won Miss Bens online friend of 2019: both talent and color!

 The 21-year-old girl with high education won Miss Bens online friend of 2019: both talent and color!

Duhuiya Garments (Daily Beauty, Japan)

Overseas Network, Jan. 21, local time, 21, hosted by the Miss Japan Association, Miss Ben Contest 2019 finals were held in Tokyo, 21-year-old Akira won the crown, becoming the 51st generation of Miss Japan. Du Huiya is a sophomore at Tokyo University.

According to the website of Sports Japan News, Duhui Yazi is 166 in height, specializing in French and flute, and usually likes swimming, singing and going to art galleries. She says she wants to be a doctor in the future, and is now working hard to achieve this goal. A reporter asked her if she would enter the performing arts circle in the future, and she said, No consideration. I still want to study medicine.

Akira Duhuai (ORICON News, Japan)

In addition to winning the first prize, she also won Miss Sports, a total of two championship titles. When the champion was called by name, she stared in surprise and said aloud, I never dreamed of receiving such an excellent reward. In order not to discredit this honor, I will work harder in the future.

13 finalists (Daily Beauty, Japan)

The Miss Japan Competition has been held since 1950, and a large number of well-known actresses such as Fujiwara Fujimoto and Fujiko Yamamoto have been born. A total of 2354 people signed up for the competition. The theme of the competition is Healthy Beauty who works with selfishness and benefiting others. There were 13 finalists, aged 18 to 25. They need to pass through kimonos, dresses, swimsuits and other layers of censorship, from which to select the best.

Duhuiya Yizi (left) and Takahashi Lizi (Japans Daily Sports website)

Many of the winners of this competition are from well-known Japanese colleges and universities. Miss Japan-to-be is a junior in the Department of Comprehensive Cultural Policy of Qingshan University. Miss Kimono Gutao is a senior in the Law Department of Qingying University. Miss Japan-to-Sea Takahashi is also from Tokyo University. She is a freshman in the Department of Early Education.

Japanese Netizens Comment (Yahoo Japan Network Screenshot)

Once the news was reported, it triggered a heated discussion among Japanese netizens. Some netizens left a message saying, Science? Its a combination of talent and talent. Its amazing to be able to take both Miss Japan and her studies into consideration. But there are also negative voices that say, Not cute. Maybe its because of talent. Now there are so many highly educated athletes, does Miss Japan take an exam or look at her face?

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