Honan: Being involved in youth training can make me happy to help children avoid detours.

 Honan: Being involved in youth training can make me happy to help children avoid detours.

Question: In addition to being a commentator, why do you want to join the youth training in your busy schedule?

Hornan: Because when I devote myself to this career, I feel a lot of happiness. I am passionate about basketball and sports. When I really devote myself to it, I see many childrens innocent smiles, including the eyes of many parents, which bring me a great sense of satisfaction and achievement. So I really hope that all the shortcomings in my career can make these children take less detours.

Honan: We started late, but in a relatively short period of time, we accumulated 200 fixed-level students. Moreover, in Taiyuan, Shanxi, our coaching team undertook the training of three school teams, which can be widely recognized by the outside world. I think this is the result of our participation, no matter the coaches and managers are very involved.

Question: How to evaluate the project of Spark Guide?

Hornan: I think the current youth training can be said to be a relatively chaotic situation. When the Spark Guide came in, it gave us a clear direction, which can help us to remove the dross, let us these people of insight who are really willing to participate in youth training, have a better platform to show themselves.

Honan: I think the current two stars are very proud and glorious. We hire coaches who are professional players. They are willing to participate in youth training. For them, they are willing to do such a thing. They are willing to see their children grow up. Of course, our goal is to get Samsung. We will strive to improve the teaching level of coaches, in addition, we will make great efforts in the formulation of teaching plans, and for children of all ages, different teaching methods, we still have a lot of ways to go, to learn from teaching experience.