The original author of the reading comprehension test scored 20 points and only 6 points. The propositioner was accused of hooliganism

 The original author of the reading comprehension test scored 20 points and only 6 points. The propositioner was accused of hooliganism

Modern Express News January 21, a high school reading comprehension original author 20 points only 6 points news on the Internet caused heated discussion. Modern Express reporter learned that this is just the end of the Sophomore Language Examination of Suzhou High School, there is a modern text reading comprehension topic, the article is selected from the author Wang Yas prose Qingming. After the exam, some students contacted Wang Ya directly through microblog and asked her to answer. Wang Ya also responded quickly. Unexpectedly, compared with the standard answer, Wang Ya could only get 6 points for a 20-point question.

The netizen contacted Mr. Wang Ya through Weibo and sent her a picture of the subject from the screenshot of the netizens Weibo.

Author: Language System with Examination

On the morning of January 21, a reporter from the Modern Express contacted Wang Ya. Wang Ya, a writer and educator, is currently working in Zhuzhou Education Bureau, Hunan Province. The article on reading comprehension in the second language unified examination of Suzhou Senior High School is excerpted from his collection of prose Sound and Shade Records - the Emotion and Temperature of the Most Beautiful Chinese Characters published in 2016.

Dialogue sent by the original author, Mr. Wang Ya, to the reporter of the Modern Express

Wang Ya told reporters that on the evening of January 16, a senior high school student who claimed to be Suzhou actively contacted her through micro-blog, and then sent her the reading comprehension questions of the days unified Chinese examination through private letters. After Wang Ya answered the question, he sent it back. Interestingly, after the standard answer was published, the student scored her answers one by one, and the final score was 6.

Reading and Understanding the Original Text

Delta Reading Comprehension Test

This is quite normal. There is a language system for examinations. Writers do not necessarily master this language system, so they do not necessarily get high marks. Wang Ya explained so.

Wang Ya said that only when a writer writes an article and the reader finishes recreating it on the basis of the text can it become a work. There are so many readers that the interpretation of the text is not necessarily or impossible to fully coincide with the writer, and so is the question-setting teacher. So its normal that the topic is different from the authors own intention.

Candidate: Understand that the author is not familiar with the answer routine

To Wang Yas surprise, he answered a question, which attracted the attention of many students. Most of them came from Suzhou. Some of the candidates teased themselves that one reading question caused personality splitting. Others said that the article was so touching that they almost cried when the examination room was finished, but they did not do it. More importantly, the candidates said that they liked reading an exam so much for the first time.

Even the parents of the candidates went to watch Wang Yas Weibo. Internet friend step by step mother said, The article is very beautiful, the parents of candidates came to watch, this parents 30 years ago when candidates, do reading questions hate to think: when the author wrote articles, really want so much, so many intentions? Does the author know so many ideas from the author?

Netizen Qian Qian and Lun Lun, an examinee from Changshu, told Modern Express that her grades had not yet come out. However, it is not surprising to see that the original author only answered 6 points, and he got 0 points. She also understands the author, The reason for answering 6 points may be that she is not familiar with the routine of answering questions.

Wang Yaze commented that the answer to the reading question in Suzhou was quite good. It did not make a rigid misinterpretation, but made a thorough analysis according to the answer system of Chinese reading. Examinations need to have a language system and a unified scoring standard, which I am afraid can not be changed in the current situation.

So, I hope you dont criticize the person who made the question. Wang Ya said, What I want to say most is that I have been a teacher for more than ten years. I know that teachers are not easy. I hope the society will give more understanding and support to teachers and education. Wang Ya said.

Wang Ya joked: All the disasters are not my intention. I apologize to all sophomores in Suzhou.

The picture of the answer to the reading comprehension test comes from the microblog @Arowana Fish

Viewpoint: Better propositions can be found with snacks

On the 21st, a reporter from the Modern Express interviewed Chen Xingcai, a senior Chinese teacher at Suzhou Secondary School attached to the Western Jiaotong University. He put forward, The exam questions are so weird that they are normal. They are hooligans in the name of exam academics!

Chen Xingcai said that such things emerge in endlessly and frequently, and it is time for propositioners to use refreshments. He cited Gong Gaofengs A Delicious Taste and a grass carp as examples in the modern reading of Zhejiang College Entrance Examination in 2017. The reason was that the fish jumped out of the pot still had a weird light in their eyes, and the examination question asked the examinee to interpret the meaning of a delicious and the wonderful point of weird light at the end. In addition to the ridicule of the most difficult question in history, Gong Gaofeng was interviewed and responded that he did not know how to interpret it. At that time, he wrote this sentence for the sake of laughter and did not understand the meaning of weird light. So the joke that the examinee lost to a grass carp in ten years appeared on the internet.

Chen Xingcai believes that how to read a work is the freedom of the reader, but it is not the freedom of the proposer who unifies tens of millions of heads into the answer. The reader and the proposer are two concepts, and they should not be changed by stealth. When the proposer defends that I have the right to ignore the author, he falsely uses reader identity. So theres a paradox: since you claim that readers can ignore what the author thinks, why do you want candidates to obey your answers? Arent you beating your mouth, or do you have double standards?

He believes that the root of this matter is not that the authors intention is different from the propositioners standpoint, nor is it that the reader can not read the proposition that the author is not aware of, but that the proposition is useless. Over the years, reading test methods have enabled students to go through the maze in the so-called literary appreciation knowledge. This function, that meaning, this method, that effect, let alone the original author can not answer, let the proposer try, if the title is not his own, or the answer is not his own, see how many points he can get.

Chen Xingcai said that the new curriculum standard repeatedly emphasized in the evaluation suggestions that the evaluation of Chinese curriculum should focus on studentsreading expression and communication based on social situation. In the proposals of college entrance examination proposals, it was clearly pointed out that the future examination questions should be specific situation as the carrier, design typical tasks, design representative value of language practice activities, in order to check learning. The diversity, comprehensiveness and holistic expression of studentscore literacy. To solve this problem is very simple. The propositioner reads the curriculum standard first, and the proposition should be changed, as the curriculum standard says.

You can find many good propositions with your heart. Chen Xingcai said.

Source: Responsible Editor of Modern Express: Ji Xueying_NN6784