Video publishers of child abuse in Shenzhen have been fined for video sources and have been subjected to administrative review.

 Video publishers of child abuse in Shenzhen have been fined for video sources and have been subjected to administrative review.

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Shenzhen parents abuse girls exposed by neighbors (source: Netease video)

In December 2018, a video of an 18-year-old girl beaten by her parents in Baoan District of Shenzhen became popular online. Wang Huali was subjected to administrative penalties for publishing illegally acquired videos because he was trapped in a whirlpool of public opinion for publishing videos of child abuse in Shenzhen. On January 3, 2019, Wang Huali received the companys dismissal letter. Earlier, Wang Huali told the Beijing Youth Daily that he had never thought that he would be punished by the administration before he released the video. I thought I would be praised, but the result was totally different from what I expected. On January 21, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily was informed that Wang Huali had submitted to the legal office of the Baoan District Government of Shenzhen for administrative reconsideration because he did not agree with the administrative penalty.

The reason why Wang Huali disagreed with the administrative punishment was that the punishment decision declared that Wang Hualis behavior of publishing child abuse videos belonged to peeping and disseminating other peoples privacy. Wang Huali believes that the essence of privacy is not related to public interests and group interests, and the video he publishes involves safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of minors. It does not violate the prohibitive provisions of the law to publish all criminal acts and violations of public interests to the society.

In addition, Wang Huali believes that the act of peeping referred to in administrative punishment is not his act. The victims father, Liu Haohua, installed her home monitoring software on her private mobile phone and disclosed her login password to Ms. Zhong, which led to a dispute between them. In order to find out the whereabouts of Liu Haohua, Ms. Zhong logged into the monitoring software and found a video of child abuse incidentally. When Ms. Chung showed the relevant video to the applicant, the applicant, as a long-term public welfare person engaged in childrens education, asked Ms. Chung to collect more child abuse videos before editing and publishing them to the community in order to fully protect and successfully rescue the child victims.

Wang Huali told the Beijing Youth Daily that he had never thought of using Ms. Zhong to get videos to peep at other peoples lives, nor did he profit from publishing videos. He should be encouraged to publish videos and report crimes.

According to Wang Hualis Receiving Receipt, Shenzhen is the administrative reconsideration office of the Peoples Government of Baoan District, which has received Wang Hualis administrative reconsideration. According to the regulations, if the application does not conform to the provisions of the Administrative Reconsideration Law, it will make a written decision not to accept it within 5 days. The application that conforms to the provisions of the Administrative Reconsideration Law will be accepted as soon as it is received.

Reporters of child abuse in Shenzhen were dismissed: guilt for failing to really rescue children

In the incident, video providers and publishers were also subject to administrative penalties for illegally landing in other peoples homes to monitor and download videos. Subsequently, video publisher Wang Huali apologized online. Wang Huali said that accidentally, the original intention of landing on the other sides surveillance account was just to see if the girls father was at home, and the decision to release child abuse videos was also related to the return of a QQ number. Over the past 11 days, the family of the girl involved has gradually faded out of public view and moved away from their original residence. Wang Huali, the first publisher of child abuse videos, received the notice of termination of labor contract from the unit. In Wang Hualis mind, the story of rescuing girls from punishing evil and promoting good has lost control and become an accident.

Shenzhen notifies girls of long-term domestic violence: normal physical indicators will continue to go to school

Recently, the media reported that a little girl in Baoan, Shenzhen, was repeatedly beaten, kicked and slapped by her parents. On December 24, Sunshine Baoan again issued a circular, saying that the girlsphysical indicators are normal and will continue to go to school.