The prosecutor was overthrown by a tape recording. Mayor: Take bribes for a penny and shoot him.

 The prosecutor was overthrown by a tape recording. Mayor: Take bribes for a penny and shoot him.

Lin Xiaohua organized the experience of contacting investigators into a record of more than 190,000 words. There are many abnormal words among the case handlers, which call Lin Xiaonans case water is big. To seek Lin Xiaohuas testimony is to perjure and make up stories.

Fuan is uneasy. In this county-level city in eastern Fujian, three mayors have fallen behind, and Lin Xiaonan, who was involved in the accident in 2016, is the third.

In 2017, Lin Xiaonan was prosecuted for accepting 13 bribery bribers totaling 7.33 million yuan in cash. In court, Lin Xiaonan said that he was no corrupt official. Even if a penny of my bribes is true, the court will not shout half a sentence of grievance even if it sentences me to death and shoots me.

In November 2018, the first instance of Ningde Intermediate Court in Fujian Province pronounced that all the charges of accepting bribes were established. Lin Xiaonan was convicted of accepting bribes and sentenced to 12 yearsimprisonment. On the return of the verdict, Lin Xiaonan wrote No! Disagree! Not convinced!!!! He appealed.

How the court of second instance will decide remains unclear. As early as December 2017, Ningde City Procuratorate handled four cases of Lin Xiaonan, one of whom was Lu Ningfu, deputy director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau. After his dismissal, he was ordered to resign and be dismissed from the Party. The reason for the punishment was that Lin Xiaonans younger brother, Lin Xiaohua, said that after being coerced, he had confessed against his will to help Lin Xiaonan deposit 6.7 million yuan of his bribery and stolen money. He submitted more than 2,000 minutes of recording and 19,000 words of recording to report that Lu Ningfu and others had dealt with cases illegally and made false evidence.

In the recording, Lu Ningfu and others said that Lin Xiaonans case was too wet, Xiaonan has no money, we all know it well, and Lin Xiaonans case touched the bottom line of my heart, my heart is very uncomfortable, and many times admitted that Lin Xiaohuas record was perjury, story-making - all these recordings were exposed to the Internet, all kinds of abnormal words, making Lin Xiaohua inside and outside officialdom. Nans bribery case is imaginative.

Lin Xiao Nan

The Mayor who Loans to Buy Houses

Lin Xiaonan was appointed Director of the Education, Culture and Health Commission of Ningde Peoples Congress.

Zhou Dongshengs memory is still fresh. At noon on September 5, 2016, when her daughter was going to school, Lin Xiaonan came to the door. He said, Children, embrace. Her daughter jumped up and tied herself in her fathers arms. On the first day, Lin Xiaonan and his wife took their daughter to school to register. Her daughter entered the fifth grade. She was glad that her father had time to accompany her. In the past, Lin Xiaonan was mayor of Fuan City. His family lived in the dormitory of the Municipal Committee. Zhou Dongsheng was responsible for all the housework.

Lin Xiaonan lives on the 10th floor in Yingfeng Jiayuan District, Dongqiao District, Ningde City. Standing by the window, you can see the office building of the Municipal Peoples Congress. On the afternoon of September 5, Lin Xiaonan walked to work and never returned.

Lin Xiaonan left Fuan at the end of June 2016. Originally, he could choose to go to the Municipal Economic and Credit Commission. Considering that he owed too much to his family, he finally went to the Peoples Congress. Compared with the mayors seat, it was a idle job. At that time, there was a rumor that the discipline inspection department took many bosses from Fuan and aimed directly at Lin Xiaonan, but he was calm in front of his wife.

Zhou Dongsheng said that at the time of the tightest wind, the couple told each other that they had absolutely confiscated any belongings of the outside employer, so they were open-minded. Lin Xiaonan also took advantage of the July gap to apply for driving test and study.

The appointment document of the National Peoples Congress was issued on August 10, and Lin Xiaonan was double-regulated within a month of working. September 19, boots landed, Ningde Disciplinary Commission reported: Lin Xiaonan suspected of serious violations of discipline, is currently being investigated by the organization. Shortly afterwards, rumors spread that he had taken bribes of millions shocked the Lin family.

In the eyes of Lin family, Lin Xiaonan is highly self-disciplined and can not be a corrupt official. Zhou Dongsheng also told the whole family that the couple could not take bribes for a penny.

Before Lin Xiaonan served as mayor of Fuan, Lan Ruchun and Xue Shiping, who had served as mayors, fell off successively. Zhou Dongsheng said that when Lin Xiaonan went to Fuan, he realized that the social situation in Fuan was complicated and warned people around him not to be greedy for money.

Zhou Dongsheng told Shenzhen reporters that she and Lin Xiaonan had been married for more than 20 years, and all the expenses in her family were under her control. Lin Xiaonan never let her do government work, only told her to look after her family and not accept unprofitable money, and Lin Xiaonan never gave her money other than salary and bonus. As of September 2016, she and Lin Xiaonan had a total loan of 1.09 million yuan and a bank account of 1.5 million yuan. All property income was legal.

Lin Xiaonan mainly works in Pingnan County, Fuding City and Fuan City of Ningde.

In Fuding and Fuan, Mr. and Mrs. Lin Xiaonan both live in the dormitory of the Municipal Committee and have no real estate. In 2002, the two men spent 70,000 yuan on a fund-raising building in Pingnan County. In 2006, they built a self-housing building with Lin Xiaonan and five other brothers and sisters in Pingnan County. In 2009, they spent 570,000 yuan on a Yingfeng Jiayuan commercial building in Ningde City. Among them, the loan accounted for 340,000 yuan. The only car in the family was bought by Lin Xiaonan in instalments with a bonus of more than 200,000 yuan issued by the province.

My husband comes from a poor family. He values honesty more than anything else. He once said to me, wife, we should be content, money is outside the body. The organization is good enough for me. The monthly salary is 7,800 yuan and more than 5,000 yuan. Living in the city committeesdormitory and eating in the canteen saves money. Zhou Dongsheng said.

Lin Xiaonan confessed that he had received a total of 76.44 million yuan in bribes, of which 6.7 million yuan was deposited with his brother Lin Xiaohua, and another 940,000 yuan was given to his wife. In response, Zhou Dongsheng was incredible. First of all, I did not receive the so-called 940,000 yuan. The Disciplinary Commission and the Procuratorate never asked me to verify the record. Secondly, the economic exchanges between my family and my little uncle are all through me, because he is more affluent, and I always borrow money from him for turnover or stock speculation.

Lin Xiaohuas report material is a thick, authentic record with more than 190,000 words.

Audio-recorded Deputy Director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau

Lin Xiaohua received a call from the Discipline Inspection Task Force to cooperate with the investigation on November 15, 2016.

Economically, Lin Xiaohua is not a bit better than Lin Xiaonanqiang. He has a pavement and two suites in Xiamen and a flat in Beijing. In 1999, he went to Xiamen as soon as he graduated from university. At first, he was working in a Japanese-funded enterprise which made distribution equipment. Three years later, he moved to his present company and became the sales director of Dabei District. He earned millions of dollars before tax. In addition, he also started a trading company with others in partnership.

Six days later (21 days), Lin Xiaohua arrived at Longfeng Hotel, Fuzhou, where he was appointed. He opened a room and waited for an interview. Before the investigator entered the door, Lin Xiaohua opened his cell phone, pressed the recording key and put it in his trousers pocket. The phone recorded nearly eight hours of conversation until the power went off.

The recordings showed that he had talked to the provincial Discipline Commission, Ningde Discipline Commission and Ningde Procuratorate. The case officer asked him to hand over the problem and told him that Lin Xiaonan had admitted to putting money in his place and hoped that he would cooperate in handling the case and make a truthful confession.

Lin Xiaohua denied that Lin Xiaonan had given him money. In such a big data environment, there must be something that has been done. What I want to express is that I have never done a business with Lin Xiaonan, nor made a penny through him, nor got a penny from Lin Xiaonan.

After Lin Xiaohua responded, the case handlers still asked Lin Xiaonan to confess around his confession.

Lin Xiaohua said that from his graduation from university to today, he relied on his own efforts. There were only three or five times to go to Fuan, because he had migraine headaches. Every time, he went to Fujian East Hospital to see a doctor. One time, he accompanied a professor to Fuan. Lin Xiaonan accompanied him to eat dinner, and I checked out the hotel accommodation fees myself. You cant take advantage of it, you cant.

Lin Xiaohua also said that if Lin Xiaonan did take bribes, he would bear the legal consequences. The court ruled that it was okay to ask his brothers and sisters to help him return the stolen goods and to collect money for him. But its not true. I didnt accept the money he gave me. These are two levels of problems.

Lin Xiaohua recalled that the conversation was conducted without audio and video recordings. Late at night, the investigators escalated their means, insulted him verbally, beat him and drowned him in the toilet. Although there was no audio recordings to prove it, I swear by the whole family that it was true.

The next day, Lin Xiaohua was taken to a case-handling site in Xiapu County. He said he suffered both physically and mentally. On the 24th, he was taken to Xiapu County Procuratorate. In an office on the first floor, curtains were pulled up. There were no recordings and videos. There were Lu Ningfu, deputy director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ningde City Procuratorate, and others present.

Its no use resisting. I get slapped if I dont cooperate. Finally, I sign the printed transcript. In my transcript, I admitted that Lin Xiaonan had collected 6.7 million yuan five times. All of the 6.7 million yuan was spent in cash. Some of them were used for house decoration, some for gold, some for Maotai liquor, and 1.5 million yuan was lent to a friend Bao Mouhua. Lin Xiaohua said.

On the 25th, Lin Xiaohua handed over 7.64 million yuan of stolen money to Ningde Discipline Commission for Lin Xiaonan through electronic transfer at the case handling point. On the same day, his friend Bao Mouhua took him away from Xiapu.

After Lin Xiaohua came out, he recorded every time he met with the investigators or made telephone calls.

As the previous record is not perfect, Lu Ningfu and others went to Xiamen many times in December 2016 to find Lin Xiaohua to revise the record, while the time and place of the record were registered as November 24, 2016 and Xiapu Procuratorate. Afterwards, they went to Pingnan County with Lin Xiaohua to find Bao Mouhuas perfect transcripts, and ultimately failed.

Recording materials show that Lu Ningfu and others talked about Lin Xiaohuas case, claiming that the water is too big, Xiaonan has no money, we all know very well, and running Lin Xiaonans case involves the bottom line of my heart, my heart is very uncomfortable. They have repeatedly admitted that letting Lin Xiaohua make a record is perjury and making up stories.

When discussing why Lin Xiaonan confessed to giving Lin Xiaohua the money for his purse, the investigator concluded that his wife had no money.

After the lawyer submitted Lin Xiaohuas recorded evidence to the court, the record was withdrawn by the prosecution. Lin Xiaohua said that the real time and place of the record was December 9, 2016, Xiamen.

Taking bribes for a penny and willing to shoot

After the case was transferred from the Anti-Corruption Bureau to the public prosecution department, Lin Xiaonan completely retracted her confession, saying that she had been extorted by torture before, and that all the contents of the confession and bribery were false.

On June 5, 2017, Ningde City Procuratorate filed a public prosecution with Ningde City Intermediate Court. Lin Xiaonan was accused of serving as vice mayor, acting mayor and mayor of Fuan City from 2010 to 2016. He took advantage of his position to help others in land application, land expropriation and demolition, fund subsidy, and received bribes from companies such as Fuan Jinhongyun Concrete Co., Ltd., Fan Ziming and others.

According to the indictment, there are 13 bribers, the largest is 2 million yuan and the smallest is 50,000 yuan. Because the briber can not obtain evidence to record in foreign countries, the final charge of Lin Xiaonan bribery is not 7.64 million yuan, but 7.33 million yuan.

In the file of Lin Xiaonans case, there was Lin Xiaohuas record. As Lin Xiaohua submitted audio-recording materials to the court through Lin Xiaonans defender, the prosecution withdrew Lin Xiaohuas transcripts and some of Lin Xiaonans confessions.

On February 1 and 2, 2018, Lin Xiaonans case was heard in the Ningde Intermediate Court. The collegial panel rejected the defenders application for exclusion, and none of the witnesses appeared in court.

In the court, Lin Xiaonan told the story of being tried by two rules for three months: in the first ten days and ten nights, he did not sleep for an hour, stood up for a long time, suffered abuse, beating and spitting on his face, made his body and mind extremely painful and collapsed. At last, he was forced to confess the false plot of accepting bribes from Fan Ziming and He Zhong, etc., at the prompt of the case handlers, and later fabricated it. Zhang Jinhua, You Changrong and others offered bribes.

In her final statement to the court, Lin Xiaonan said that since the beginning of her political career, especially during her tenure in Fuan, she has always adhered to the concept of loyalty, cleanliness and responsibility, adhered to the bottom line, not for personal gain, and was upright. Ask yourself, I am worthy of the organization, the people and my conscience. It is true that I have made such and such mistakes in my work, but I am not a corrupt official. Every day it becomes clear that if I am accused of bribery, even if a penny is true, the court will not shout a half sentence of grievance even if it sentences me to death and shoots me.

On November 13, 2018, the Ningde Intermediate Court opened a court and sentenced Lin Xiaonan to 7.33 million yuan for bribery, 12 yearsimprisonment and a fine of 700,000 yuan. Lin Xiaonans veins were broken and he asked loudly in court, Where is heaven? Where is justice? Where is conscience?

Three days later, Lin Xiaonan received the verdict. He signed on the receipt and wrote, No! Disagree! Not convinced!!!!

The Ningde Intermediate Court of Justice confirmed Lin Xiaonans acceptance of bribes of 7.33 million yuan at the first instance and sentenced him to 12 yearsimprisonment.

What happened to the witness

Lin Xiaonans wife Zhou Dongsheng could not accept the verdict of the first instance. She and her family found briber Zhang Jinhua (100,000 yuan), Youchangrong (100,000 yuan), He Zhong (2 million yuan), Fan Ziming (198,000 yuan) in Lin Xiaonans case and confronted them one by one.

Zhang Jinhua and others said that under the circumstances of forced confession, corporal punishment, abuse or coercion, they violated their will to admit to giving money.

Zhang Jinhua, the former chairman of Fujian Xintanyang Tea Group Co., Ltd., has registered capital of 60 million yuan. Zhang Jinhua said that he did not send Lin Xiaonan a penny. On the day of the first pre-trial meeting of Lin Xiaonans case, he went to the court specially to request that the real situation he wrote be handed over to the presiding judge.

You Changrong is the representative of Ningde Peoples Congress, the chairman of Fujian Changxing Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and the eighth generation man-made ship, but he does not have much literacy.

You Changrong recalls that Lin Xiaonan was called to Fuan Hotel by the special team on October 10, 2016 after being double-ruled. He was asked to explain the problem. Discipline inspectors took out Lin Xiaonans statement written on September 29 to show him that the content was that Yu Changrong asked him to do business and gave him 100,000 yuan. You Changrong said that there was no such thing, but he refused to let it go. Under pressure, he admitted against his will. But out of the door of the disciplined inspectors room, he was called into the next room of the prosecutors room, he immediately said that there was no such thing, but did not admit that bribery was not signed on the transcript and refused to leave, under pressure, he finally signed.

On December 18, 2017, the Ningde City Procuratorate again sought the verification of Youchangrong. You Changrong said that he once again told the truth that there was no bribery, but the other party did not record it. Because he was illiterate, he asked the driver to dictate it. After the driver wrote it down, he screwed it out and handed it to the procuratorate.

He Zhong is the legal representative of Jinhongyun Concrete Company in Fuan City. He Zhong is the first briber caught. Lin Xiaonan was accused of assisting the company in obtaining RMB 30 million yuan in infrastructure subsidies for the concrete mixing station project three links and one leveling at his request.

He Zhong said that he did not send money to Lin Xiaonan. The subsidy of 30 million yuan was decided in the red-headed document of the Fuan Municipal Government, including more than 20 officials, such as the executive vice mayor, who met to finalize the subsidy. Because the inspector group thought that there was a problem with the subsidy of 30 million yuan, the Finance Bureau asked him to submit the invoice. He had to pay more than 1 million yuan of tax to find a channel to invoice, and then all the subsidy of 30 million yuan was refunded. After being caught, he was also prosecuted for the criminal responsibility of the crime of false invoice, sentenced to one year and ten months, suspended for two years, currently receiving community corrections and restricted travel.

He Zhong recalled that he was taken away in the middle of the night, in which he was punished for a long time and held for five months. He was confident that he had practised martial arts and was able to carry it, but he was confined for four or five months and his endurance reached its limit. At this time, the caseworker showed him the contents of Lin Xiaonans account, and let him cooperate. He saw that it was meaningless to carry it down, so he confessed against his will.

Fan Ziming is the owner or shareholder of many companies and has done real estate projects in Fuan. He said that it was only after suffering that he saw the fragments of Lin Xiaonans confession material taken out by the investigators that he made a record and admitted to giving money. So far, I havent given him a bag of tea, including I cant give him a cigarette, which is firm, Fan Ziming said.

You Changrong accepted an in-depth interview and said that he never bribed Lin Xiaonan. Ask me a hundred times, a thousand times, I dont, really not.

At one time, reporters also contacted He Zhong, Fan Ziming and Zhang Jinhua. They said they were inconvenient to be interviewed, but declared that they had not sent money. They made positive comments on Lin Xiaonan and all three of them called him official and decent.

Briber You Changrong and Zhang Jinhua both wrote self-report materials to the procuratorate, declaring that there was no bribery.

The prosecutor was overturned by the recording

Lin Xiaonan appealed immediately after the first instance was pronounced and is currently awaiting the second trial.

According to the recording materials that Lin Xiaohua has mastered, in addition to saying many unusual words, Lu Ningfu and others paid Lin Xiaohua for the restaurants consumption in Xiamen many times. The total number of banquets was 11,145 yuan. Lu Ningfu also received two bottles of iron cap Maotai, many cigarettes, tea, crystal cups and other property.

During the trial of Lin Xiaonan case, Lin Xiaohua exposed all the above recordings to the Internet, and all kinds of abnormal words of the case handlers made people and officialdom in Ningde imaginative about Lin Xiaonans bribery case.

Lin Xiaohua also sent the report materials to Ningde City Procuratorate, reporting that Lu Ningfu, Wu Xuling, Wu Chengyi, Liu Jingbin and others extorted confessions by torture, dealt with cases illegally, and coerced them into perjury.

On December 28, 2017, Yang Li, Director of Cadre Supervision Department of Ningde Procuratorate, briefed Lin Xiaohua on the investigation results of his report.

Yang Li said that after investigation, no evidence of extorting confessions by torture was found by Lu Ningfu and others. At present, it has been found that Lu Ningfu and others violated political discipline, integrity discipline, handling discipline and working discipline in handling cases. According to the relevant provisions of the Regulations on Disciplinary Disposal of Procuratorial Personnel, Ningde City Procuratorate has given three people, Lu Ningfu, Wu Xuling and Wu Chengyi, disciplinary dismissal, withdrawal of income from violation of discipline and consumption expenses, and ordered Lu Ningfu and Wu Chengyi to resign. Liu Jingbin was warned and punished, and he withdrew from the expense of illegal consumption. Wu Xuling and Liu Jingbin were transferred from the case handling department. In addition, Lu Ningfu and Wu Chengbi were given the disciplinary action of expelling party membership and Liu Jingbin was given a warning within the party.

For the handling of Ningde City Procuratorate, Lin Xiaohua believes that it is understated and does not touch the essence of Lu Ningfus handling cases illegally, making perjury, knowing that the cases are problematic but also hard-working.

Lin Xiaohuas report continues. Earlier, he had sent the report materials to the main leaders of Fujian Provincial Committee and Ningde Municipal Committee, the Central Discipline Commission and the Supreme Inspection Commission through China Post EMS. The report materials include CD-ROMs engraved with more than 2000 minutes of recordings and recordings of more than 190,000 words.

From January 15 to 16, 2019, the Central Conference on Politics and Law was held in Beijing. Before and after the meeting, Lin Xiaohua sent the report materials to the Central Discipline Commission and the Supreme Inspection Commission again.

Source: Yang Yi_NBJ10647, Deep Editor of Beiqing