Guangdong Provincial Initial Identification of Gene Editing Infant Incident: He Jiankuis Personal Behavior

 Guangdong Provincial Initial Identification of Gene Editing Infant Incident: He Jiankuis Personal Behavior

According to the investigation team, starting in June 2016, He Jiankui organized a project team including foreign personnel to deliberately evade supervision, use technology with inaccurate safety and effectiveness, and implement human embryo gene editing activities for reproductive purposes, which were explicitly prohibited by the state. From March 2017 to November 2018, He Jiankui recruited 8 couples of volunteers (male and female HIV antibody positive) to participate in the experiment through forging ethical examination papers. In order to circumvent the relevant regulations that HIV carriers are not allowed to carry out assisted reproduction, others are planned to take blood tests instead of volunteers. Individual practitioners are instructed to edit genes on human embryos and implant them into their mothers in violation of the regulations. Finally, two volunteers are pregnant. One of them has given birth to twin baby girls, Lulu and Nana, and the other one is pregnant. The remaining six pairs of volunteers dropped out of the experiment, and the other five pairs were not pregnant. This behavior seriously violates the ethics and scientific research integrity, violates the relevant provisions of the state, and causes adverse effects at home and abroad.

The responsible person of the investigation team said that he Jiankui and the personnel and institutions involved would be dealt with seriously according to the law, and the suspected crimes would be handed over to the public security organs for handling. Under the guidance of the relevant state departments, Guangdong Province will do a good job of medical observation and follow-up with the relevant parties for the born babies and pregnant volunteers.

On November 26, 2018, he Jiankuis team announced the birth of a pair of genetically edited babies. Immediately, Guangdong Province launched an investigation into the Gene Edited Infant Incident.

The Worlds First Gene Editor Infant Immunized with AIDS Born in China

On November 26, Hejiankui, a scientist from Shenzhen, China, announced the birth of a pair of gene editing babies named Lulu and Nana in China in November, the day before the Second International Human Genome Editorial Summit. A gene of the twins has been modified to make them naturally resistant to AIDS after birth. This is the worlds first genetic editing baby immunized against AIDS, which also means that China has made a historic breakthrough in the field of genetic editing technology for disease prevention.

Gene Edited Infant Consent: Experiments cost 280,000 and compensation cap 50,000

The controversy over Gene Edited Babies continues. Reporter 27 in the South University of Science and Technology He Jiankui Research Office official website found for the volunteers involved in the experiment informed consent. According to the informed consent, the project is funded by the Southern University of Science and Technology. The goal of the project is to produce HIV-immunized infants. The research team will follow up the infants for at least 18 years. In addition, the project team charged 280,000 yuan per couple for the experiment. Volunteers who withdraw from the project without reason need to repay all funds provided by the previous project team. In a supplementary note to the informed consent, the team developed an 18-year health follow-up plan for Gene Edited Infants. Informed consent notes that the reason for this is that there are uncertainties in gene editing technology, such as miss-target effect, efficacy and persistence.