Twenty-year-old daughter was deceived and lost 250,000 old father angrily and alerted the police

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 Twenty-year-old daughter was deceived and lost 250,000 old father angrily and alerted the police

A few days ago, Mr. Yu, a resident of Gusu District of Suzhou City, called the police and said that his daughter had been cheated by her boyfriend of 250,000 yuan. It turned out that Miss Yu, 20 years old, had known the 30-year-old man surnamed Liu in her work and had been acquainted with him for more than a year. After the police investigation, it was found that the surname of Liu was not Liu at all, but Gong. Gong Mou has also been changing his identity, fabricating a circle of Liu Mou friends with ones strength, changing the law to ask Miss Yu for money. After being arrested, Gong Mou indicated that he had no feelings for Miss Yu, and that he only wanted to cheat money.

The picture shows Lily and her family.

Things have to start two months ago. On November 9, 2018, the Taohuawu Police Station of Gusu Public Security Bureau received the alarm from Mr. Yu, a resident of the area under its jurisdiction, saying that her daughter had been cheated by her boyfriend, totaling RMB 250,000.

It is understood that Mr. Yus surname is Liu, the son-in-law of Mao Zuo, whom his daughter Lili (a pseudonym) met at work a year ago. According to Mr. Yu, this young Liu is a gentle and talented person, and she is very popular with her daughter. Because he felt that his daughter was too young and would suffer a lot if she was not involved in the world, Mr. Yu didnt agree at first, but he accepted it slowly.

Who knows that Lili has always asked her family for money since she fell in love with Xiao Liu, and it is not a small sum every time. It seems that she is involved in something. She has taken 250,000 yuan from her family before and after. Mr. Yu felt more and more uncomfortable. After careful questioning, he found that all of them had something to do with Xiao Liu, her daughters boyfriend. Mr. Yu, who suspected that Lili had been cheated, rushed to the police for help.

The police quickly proceeded to investigate according to the clues provided by Mr. Yu, but found that what Mr. Yu called Xiao Liu was not Liu at all, but Gong. So why did Gong lie about his identity in front of his girlfriend Lili and his future father-in-law? Police immediately found Gong himself to know the verification situation. Seeing the paper can not wrap fire, Gong finally told the truth, the original love with Lili, not because of feelings, but to deceive Lilis family wealth!

After examination, Gong Mou had never been working properly. After meeting Lili, he learned that Lilis family conditions were good, so he started to have a bad idea and began to associate with Lili.

Gong first registered several Weichat accounts, pretended to be his classmates and contacted Lili. During the chat process, he kept looking for excuses to use Lilis certificates to handle credit cards. Lili trusted her boyfriend Xiao Liu, but she didnt want her boyfriend to lose face in front of her classmates, so she lent her ID card. Gong Mou spent crazily on overdraft after he got the credit card under Lilis name.

When the repayment arrived, Gong came up with a new trick - to lie that Lili had been falsely used identity information to handle bank cards, which must be solved through prosecution. Lili, who has not been involved in the world, is very confused when she hears that she is involved in the lawsuit for no reason. She can only seek the help of her boyfriend Xiao Liu.

Gong Mou took advantage of the situation to appease Lili, turned around and pretended to be court staff, bankers, money escorts and so on. He fabricated various links and stages of prosecution, in short, let Lili transfer money to pay.

After all, Lilis financial ability is limited, so she has to open her mouth to her father, Mr. Gong, and send her familys savings into Gongs pocket again and again. Until Gong Mou was captured by the police, Lili Fang knew that the pillow-side man had made up several deceptions to figure out herself, even her name was fabricated, and Lili regretted it.

Modern Express reporters learned that Gong Mou has been arrested by the Gusu police on suspicion of fraud, and the case is under further investigation.

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