Three days after the baby was admitted to the nursery, the man suddenly died and smashed the door with 1600 eggs.

 Three days after the baby was admitted to the nursery, the man suddenly died and smashed the door with 1600 eggs.

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Four-month-old baby girl died suddenly three days after entering the nursery. Many men took 1600 eggs and smashed the door angrily in the middle of the night. (Source: ~)

A 4-month-old baby girl in Changhua County, Taiwan, was sent to a local nursery on January 9, but she turned purple three days later and died without breathing or heartbeat. Family members questioned the death of the baby girl and had other hidden information. The police would conduct an autopsy investigation.

However, late on January 19, at least four people drove to the nursery and prepared 1600 eggs to smash at the central gate.

One of the netizens suspected of throwing eggs also started live broadcasting on social networks. He drove to the nursery late on the 19th night, swearing and carrying boxes of eggs to the door, smashing at the pulled iron door.

The nursery staff arrived at the nursery for the first time, but did not comment or report. At present, the police have intervened in the investigation.

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