TeachersInitial Voice on Student Shaving Event: Have agreed class rules with the whole class

 TeachersInitial Voice on Student Shaving Event: Have agreed class rules with the whole class

Event playback: 4. Students who are late for early reading are shaved.

A few days ago, several videos were circulated on the local social media in Handan, causing widespread concern. In the video, there are many people around a woman in a white down jacket to criticize, some people loudly questioned: Whats wrong with children? Just a little late and shave the babys hair. It is understood that the incident occurred in Yongnian District Yuying School, Handan City, which is a boarding private school integrating primary and junior high schools.

On January 18, Yuying School issued a circular saying that four students in class 16 of the eighth grade of Yuying School were late for early reading on the morning of January 14 and were called to the office by the head teacher Xu to criticize and educate them. In order to arouse studentsattention and not be late any more, Xu Mou, in the name of warning students to start from the head, punished the students with a haircut and shoved their heads, which aroused strong dissatisfaction from parents.

In view of the above situation, the school committee decided to dismiss the responsible teacher Xu Mou. At the same time, Yuying School made a public apology to the society and, as a warning, concentrated on rectifying the ideological style of teachers in the whole school and resolutely put an end to the recurrence of similar incidents.

Teachers response: Non-punishment is a class rule agreed with the students.

After the incident, Xu Mou, the head teacher, became the center of the whirlpool of public opinion. After several days of emotional calming, she contacted Yanzhao Metropolitan Daily reporters through friends to respond publicly to the shaving incident.

Xu Mous Wechat Friendship Circle

Xu said that as a teacher, she hoped that the children she taught would be healthy and mature, but no rules would not be square. In September 2018, Xu became a 16-class teacher in the eighth grade. At the beginning of the establishment of the new class, she agreed with the whole class on the class rules. If a classmate made a mistake, he would punish the boys with a haircut and the girls with a bang cut.

Xu said that after the class rules agreement, the punished students not only did not show abnormal performance such as impaired self-esteem, but took it as a precaution to be more positive.

For the video streaming on the Internet, Xu said that the video only intercepted the children saying late, and did not broadcast the part of the children immediately saying this is what we said in advance.

I sincerely apologize! Hope to give children a quiet learning environment

Xu Mou said that in recent days, she had been sleepless all night. She felt most sorry for her students. The shaving incident affected their happy and simple mood and caused them to bear the excessive attention they shouldnt have.

I apologize again to my students. Im really sorry for you. When you have seven days to go before the final exam, the teacher has to leave the platform and leave you. Its my regret that he didnt accompany you through this semester. Although we have left you, I will always cherish our happy time together, the honors we have won together in Class 16, the little growth of every student, and the recognition and encouragement of every parent.

Xu Mous Wechat Friendship Circle

In response, Xu said that he understood the schools practice (dismissal treatment), alleviated the pressure of public opinion, and built a quiet learning space for children. At one time, he was disappointed with the schools practice, but thought of so many students and parents who supported me, his heart was more comfortable and warm. I thank the school for protecting the students from further disturbance and for ensuring a quiet learning environment for the children. For the sake of children, I would rather suffer grievances alone, which is a little effort and effort that I can do for the children now.

Publishing an open letter with a clear mind

During the interview, the reporter expressed hope for face-to-face interviews several times, but unfortunately Xu never responded, only sent an open letter with a clear mind. Through the information released by Xus Wechat Friendship Circle, we can see that many contents record their daily teaching and getting along with students.

Xu Mous Wechat Friendship Circle

On September 30, 2018 (shortly after Xu Mou became the new class teacher), he published a circle of friends: 1. Call your name in class, not because you are not excellent, but to help you become better; 2. Strictly supervise you, not because the teacher is demanding, but because the society is demanding more and more; 3. Criticize you, not because your mistakes are unforgivable, is to remind you and everyone to pay attention to; 4. Openly say that you are not. Without giving you face, sunshine is transparent to protect everyone; 5. Ignore you, is really giving up you...

In Xu Mous To Students - You are the most beautiful scenery I have ever met! In the novel, she wrote: Some people say that education is a one-sided love. You try your best to love a group of people, but you can only move yourself in the end. But since I have chosen this profession, I have no regrets.

On January 20, the teacher responded to the shaving incident through his personal Wechat and issued an open letter.

Open letters from the teachers concerned_

Source: Ji Xueying_NN6784, responsible editor of Yanzhao Metropolitan Daily