Debt-owed bosses were accurately blocked by illegal debt collectors and app developers were arrested

 Debt-owed bosses were accurately blocked by illegal debt collectors and app developers were arrested

According to the official micro-blog of Jiangsu Public Security Bureau, Chen Mou was eating a night snack when he was surrounded by debt collectors. He wondered how they found it. He immediately called the police because he suspected that his location had been located. After investigation, Nanjing Gulou Branch Network An Brigade will develop APP Detective positioning software Wu Mou, as well as the other nine people who illegally positioned with the software were captured. It is reported that this is the first case of illegal intrusion into mobile APP to obtain user location information, providing personnel tracking and technical positioning for investigating companies, debt collection companies and even criminal gangs involved in criminal cases of infringement of personal information of citizens. At present, Wu and other suspects have been prosecuted.


Debt-owning bosses are found at dinner

A software located his chat location.

On January 20, 2018, the Drum Tower Branch of Nanjing Public Security Bureau received an alarm. A man said that several illegal debt collectors positioned their chat accounts in real time by using a mobile app positioning system, the app detective. He is being blocked to collect debts, threatening his personal safety and asking for help.

The police officer was Chen Mou, who was doing business in Nanjing. He was in debt at the end of the year. This night, he was found at a restaurant near Yancangqiao and was surrounded by debt collectors at night. The police were present for investigation. Chen said he was willing to pay back the money, but he wanted to find out how the debt collector found him. Debt collectors are also very frank, saying that Chen usually likes to use a well-known mobile phone chat tool, they bought a positioning software for the chat tool from the Internet, and quickly located him eating in a restaurant in Yancangqiao, then rushed to block him.

Sure enough, the police found this location software called App Detective in one of the debt collectorsmobile phones, which can locate many mainstream chat tools in real time. This situation attracted the attention of Nanjing police network security department, and immediately launched investigations on its developers, sellers, users and so on.

Yang Guinian, deputy commander of the Gulou Branchs network security brigade, said that according to the preliminary investigation, this app software was developed for mobile instant messaging tools. By cracking the security protection system of chat applications, it intruded into and illegally obtained latitude and longitude information of the target, thus illegally obtained the specific location of a person, and was suspected of infringing on the personal information of citizens.

After investigation, on the afternoon of March 26, 2018, Nanjing Public Security Bureau Network Security Detachment, together with Gulou Branch Network Security Brigade, dispatched members to Haidong City, Qinghai Province. With the support of local police, Wu Mou, the developer and seller of APP, was captured from a shed, and computer, bank card and other crime tools were seized at the scene. In addition, nine other people were caught by Nanjing police because of frequent use of the software to illegally locate other people.

At present, Wu and others have been transferred to review and prosecute.


Real-time positioning error in the range of 20-50 meters

The minimum fee is 1 yuan. More than 4000 people buy it.

Wu Mou, a 30-year-old man from Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, became a technician after graduation from computer specialty. He likes hacker technology. He accidentally sees someone selling mobile chat tool positioning software on the internet, but the function is very general, so he wants to develop positioning software with higher accuracy. Shortly afterwards, he cracked a location information protection system for mobile chat programs, created a new positioning software, and named it APP Detective, which was sold through QQ group, Weixin group, chat room and other online channels.

Users should first register as members on the APP software, and then use the location function after recharging. If the other party is online, only 1 yuan is needed for one positioning; if the other party is not online, 10 yuan is needed for one positioning. He later developed a location function for several mainstream chat tools, positioning 100 yuan at a time. Yang Guinian said.

How high is the positioning accuracy of this APP? Nanjing Gulou Network An Brigade has done many investigation experiments: the police opened a chat tool in Carrefour supermarket near Yancangqiao, and colleagues several kilometers away used this software to locate, the exact location difference is only 20-50 meters.

Then, who is using the app? By the time of the incident, the positioning software had attracted more than 4000 registered users in the past two years, of which nearly 200 people had recharged more than 1,000 yuan and involved more than 400,000 yuan.

It is shocking that this positioning software is not only illegally used by individuals, but also becomes the accomplice of more than 80 domestic investigation companies and debt collection companies to help them locate their target characters in real time. More terrible is that many domestic gangs involved in criminal activities are also using this location software to locate the location information of the target persons they want to start, and then carry out illegal detention, intentional injury and other criminal acts.

Gulou Branch Network An Brigade combed more than 4,000 registered users and successfully colluded with another case of using this positioning software in Nanjing. This is a sinister debt collection company, which was destroyed by the Yuhuatai District police in Nanjing just half a month before the Gulou Police started.


The First Case of Illegally Intruding Mobile App to Get User Location Information

Sound the alarm bell for the safety of various mobile phone APP technologies

At present, all kinds of mobile apps are authorized to obtain personal communication, location and other information when they are used. Whether these personal information is protected by various platforms is questionable in many peoples minds.

Reporters searched Baidu for mobile app positioning software and got 4.28 million results. Obviously, there are a lot of people aiming at this cake. If this information is provided to gangs involved in criminal activities, it will pose a serious threat to the personal safety of citizens.

The appearance of this mobile app positioning software has brought huge risks to many mobile app software service providers. Yang Guinian pointed out that at present, most of the development principles of APP applications on mobile phones are value-added services based on usersgeographical location. Wu Mou developed this positioning software using positioning technology principles, can be used in many APP applications, the risk is great.

At present, Wu Mou has been transferred for examination and prosecution on suspicion of providing intrusive computer information systems and procedural tools; another two people have been transferred for examination and prosecution on suspicion of infringing on citizenspersonal information for frequent and illegal use of the software to locate other peoples location information. In the beginning of Chens case, three employees who used the software to locate and locate Chen illegally were also given critical education according to law.

Jiangsu police said that as a new type of crime, the emergence of the case on how to effectively prevent hacker attacks, how to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of each APP user, not only sounded the alarm bell, but also posed a new challenge, should arouse the attention of regulatory authorities, APP service providers and mobile phone users.

Source: Liable Editor of Beijing News: Li Hang_BJS 4645