Valentine wants 3 apartments or break up with 9 apartments. Married men are happy to give 3 certificates.

 Valentine wants 3 apartments or break up with 9 apartments. Married men are happy to give 3 certificates.

Only after 3 months of acquaintance, the lover will have three suites to open his mouth, otherwise he will break up! uuuuuuuuu Buy or not? Ding Mou, a 36-year-old man from Hanchuan, Hubei Province, can be said to be quite bold!

Working men change into rich and handsome in seconds

Ding Mou, a native of Xijiang Township, Hanchuan City, is a primary school culture. Since 2008, he has been working in a garment factory in General Road Street, Dongxihu District, Wuhan.

At the beginning of 2018, when Ding Mou chatted with the villagers who came to Hanchuan to work online, the villagers told Ding Mou that they had purchased houses in Wuhan and had a very comfortable life.

Ding Mou envied him very much. He dreamed that he would buy several apartments in Wuhan in the future, so he thought of a shortcut.

In early April 2018, Ding Mou spent 500 yuan to customize five fake real estate certificates through illegal advertising channels, all hanging under his name, to satisfy his vanity of having five real estate in Wuhan, and uploaded photos to the online dating platform to show that he was a big money.

Finding a Lover by Being a Big Money

In early September, Ding met a 31-year-old Hanchuan woman named Luhua (a pseudonym) on an online dating platform.

Ding Mou has a good feeling for the beauty of the reed flower, while Ding Mous rich is envied by the reed flower. As soon as the two sides hit it off, they exchanged with each other, and the relationship between the two sides developed into a lovers relationship.

In order to show his wealth, Ding Mou often invited Luhua to Wuhan for dinner. In early December last year, in order to make the performance more realistic, Ding Mou rented a new building with a rent of 8,500 yuan per year on the 4th and 7th floor of a residential quarter on General Road Street through a housing agency company.

On December 26, 2018, Ding Mou moved into the newly rented 7th floor house from the private rental land of Yuedong Village, and invited his lover Luhua to visit it. Both family members used this place as a private space for regular appointments.

The lover asked for three suites, and he promised

On December 31, last year, when Luhua came to Wuhan again for a date with Ding Mou, she asked Ding Mou to buy three houses for herself, otherwise she would break up.

Ding Mou, who was short of money, had the idea of purchasing four sets of false real estate certificates and retirement certificates for compulsory soldiers, in order to deceive Luhua and achieve the goal of not breaking up. Ding Mou spent 1000 yuan to process four sets of false real estate certificates and compulsory military retirement certificates through illegal channels, among which the 7th floor he rented also handled false real estate certificates, ready to send his lover Luhua.

On January 18 this year, Ding called Luhua, who was far away from his hometown in Hanchuan, to inform him that the three real estate certificates for his children and his mother had been completed.

Contingent encounter with a real landlord with a false certificate

At noon of that day, when Luhua rushed to Dingmous rented house to collect the real estate certificate, he met the landlords relatives who came home to collect the goods.

Relatives of the landlord inquired about the origin of the luhua, and the Luhua showed Ding Mous real estate certificate in his name, proving that the house was owned by the luhua.

The landlords relatives were shocked: the house was still built, only the house requisition and resettlement agreement, there was no real estate certificate at all, so they reported to the police.

The lie is exposed, facing the disaster of imprisonment

After receiving the report, the police in East and West Lake District immediately carried out an investigation and visit, and arrested Ding Mou suspected of purchasing a false real estate certificate. The police then seized 9 sets of false housing property rights certificates and compulsory military retirement certificates purchased through illegal channels by Ding Mou, and Ding Mous flower trick ended here.

On January 19, Ding Mou was detained criminally on suspicion of buying and selling documents of state organs.

Source: Author of Jingchu Net-Chutian Metropolitan Daily: Responsible Editor of Xiangqingshun: Li Hang_BJS4645