Huang Guochangs Speech on Power of the Times Party Chairmans Media: Encircled and Suppressed by the Party

 Huang Guochangs Speech on Power of the Times Party Chairmans Media: Encircled and Suppressed by the Party

Su Zhenchang and Huang Guochang (Tuyuan: Taiwan Media)

Overseas Network Jan. 21, Taiwans independent and power of the times Chairman Huang Guochang suddenly announced in the early morning of 21 in the social media that the discharge of Party affairs. A press conference was held on the morning of the 21st to officially announce the news, saying that he would not run for the leadership of 2020 authorities.

According to Lianhe News Network, Huang Guochang, the power of the times and legislator, suddenly announced in the morning of todays (21) Facebook that he had offloaded party affairs. As he is currently the power of the times to perform the post of Party chairman, the outside world interprets that he will resign to perform the post of Party chairman, and will not run for a new term of Party chairman.

According to Taiwanese media analysis, because of the constant attacks on Huang Guochang by the Internet forces of Lin Zhaozuo, the partys legislator, Huang Guochang, who attaches great importance to the volume of the network, is very dismayed, which is also the last straw to crush Huang Guochang. Huang Guochang decided to withdraw from the operation of Party affairs when he was frustrated by the encirclement and suppression within the Party.

In addition to the inadequate auxiliary election and forced resignation in the Nine-in-One election, Huang Guochang has been in constant trouble for more than three years since he became Chairman of the Time Forces Party in September 2015.

As chairman of the power of the times, Huang Guochang devoted the whole Partys efforts at the end of 2016 to promote the amendments to some provisions of the Election and Removal Law for Public Officials in Taiwan, which greatly lowered the threshold for the removal of public officials. Huang Guochang kept putting pressure on the Democratic Progressive Party and finally passed the amendment on the third reading on November 29, 2016. However, Huang Guochang himself almost became the first legislator to fall short after the amendment was passed.

The Stability Forces Alliance launched Huang Guochangs dismissal case on the grounds that Huang Guochang failed to fulfill his campaign promise before and after the election. On some issues, Huang Guochang even violated the mainstream public opinion on the island. The DPP was the only one who looked ahead, including opposing the development of nuclear power but not the import of food from Japans nuclear disaster areas, and not the criminalization of drugs.

According to Taiwanese newspaper Lianhe Bao, the reasons why many people support the dismissal of Huang Guochang include too arrogant Huang Guochang, Huang Guochangs tears in front of the camera, the wet back show of inspecting the disaster situation without an umbrella after the flood, which is disgusting, and so on. Even though he was disliked by the people on the island, Huang Guochang eventually survived the recall.

In addition, Huang Guochang also launched a double standard on the issue of Taiwanese businessmen going to Mainland China to conduct business, which aroused criticism from all walks of life. Since 2012, Huang Guochang has been hostile to Taiwanese businessmen who invest in the mainland. When he spoke, he tried his best to accuse Taiwanese businessmen who responded to the return of salmon with innuendo, not only for their purpose, but also for inciting young students to hate China.

Until Huang Guochangs father-in-law Gao Xizhis investment in Shandong was revealed, Huang Guochang repeatedly denied that the Taiwanese media Zhongshi Electronic Newspaper once published a vigorous criticism of Huang Guochangswhen you meet China, you will oppose it. How can his father-in-law of Taiwanese businessmen feel?

However, fire cannot be wrapped in paper. On March 29, 2018, Anfengshan, a spokesman for the National Taiwan Office, confirmed that Huang Guochangs father-in-law did indeed invest in the mainland. Gao Mou, Huang Guochangs father-in-law, registered in mainland China in March 2007 and March 2009 to set up Agricultural Research and Development Company and Automobile Parts Company. In this regard, Anfengshan emphasized that every walk must leave traces, where to invest is related to procedures, it is impossible not to leave records, nor can it be easily denied.

Source: Author of Overseas Network: Liang Yi, Editor in Responsibility: Xiao Qi_NN6799