60,000 Greek protestors who were dissatisfied with Macedonias renaming agreement clashed with police

 60,000 Greek protestors who were dissatisfied with Macedonias renaming agreement clashed with police

Overseas Network, Jan. 21, local time, 20, because of dissatisfaction with the Greek government and Macedonia reached an agreement to change the name of the country, 60,000 protestors in Athens clashed with riot police, causing many injuries.

The Daily Mail reported that police estimated the number of demonstrators to be 60,000, with sticks in their hands and using incendiary bombs and smoke bombs. The organizers of the demonstration said that at least 100,000 people arrived at the scene to participate in the demonstration. During that time, about 30 masked youths tried to break into the parliament building, and riot police used tear gas to drive the demonstrators away.

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Police say at least 25 police officers have been injured, seven arrested and two demonstrators hospitalized for breathing difficulties.

Agence France-Presse reporters said masked protestors also attacked reporters and smashed the cameramans equipment. According to the local government, the protests were initiated by extremist members who rushed into the parliament building and attacked the police with wood and sticks, injuring several policemen.

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For many Greeks, the name Macedonia is very sensitive, because there is also a province of the same name in Greece called Macedonia. Greeks believe that the use of the name Macedonia by neighbouring countries is a usurpation of ancient Greek heritage and a manifestation of coveting Greek territory.

The deadlock between Macedonia and Greece over the name of Macedonia has lasted for more than 20 years. After many negotiations, Macedonia and Greece reached an agreement in June 2018 that Macedonia will be renamed the Northern Republic of Macedonia. But the Greeksanger did not subside, arguing that Alexis Tsipras, the Greek prime minister, had made too many concessions in drawing up the agreement.

On January 13, Greek Defense Minister Camenos resigned because of his opposition to Macedonias naming agreement. The Independent Greek Party led by him withdrew from the ruling coalition, losing the majority of seats in Parliament. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Chipras then asked parliament to hold a vote of confidence in his government. Analysts say Greece will hold parliamentary elections ahead of schedule if the Ziplos government fails to hold a confidence vote. Finally, the Greek Parliament voted 151 local time on the 16th to pass a vote of confidence in the government of Chiplas.

It is reported that the Greek Parliament will vote this week on whether to approve the Macedonian renaming agreement.

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